Black Friday Is The New Thanksgiving

Ciao Tutti,
I know you probably thought this blog post was going to be about Black Friday shopping and, deals however, it is not. I have been hearing commercials about stores open on Thanksgiving and, to come in early to avoid the crowds. I must say these ads have thoroughly disappointed me. I understand opening the stores at 9 or 10 p.m. because people who are on there way home from Thanksgiving dinner can stop off at a store if they want something but, why is it so important to be open during the day? It makes me sad that we can’t just focus on hanging out with our loved ones, chatting, catching up and, just enjoying each others company. Instead, stores have taken it a step up and, decided they are going to interrupt one day that we get to relax with one another. It begs the question has black Friday become more important than Thanksgiving? Please let me know what you think in the comments. Thank you for all the lovely comments I have been receiving on my posts, I am truly grateful to have all of you on here. Please let me know if there is a topic you want me talk about in the comments below.
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I joined a gym?


Hello loves, I have joined a gym but, not because of the gym equipment but, mainly because of the pool!! I will be starting my training to try to get my swimming back to where it should be. Today on my vlog I talked about moving my channel toward fitness and, ethical fashion. On my new YouTube Channel “Forever Seeking Wanderlust” I will be posting travel vlogs and ethical fashion videos. If you are a follower of allie vLuv don’t worry I will still be posting vlogs, hauls, makeup, and vegan videos. Back to the gym, well, I had enough with not being physically fit. I have a few knee problems and, Reflex Nerve dystrophy so, I want to ease back into really getting in shape. I used to be on the swim team when I was younger and, just swim a lot in general. I will start with getting back into swimmer shape and, work on my technic. Once I have been able to get myself to a solid 20-30 minute swim I will start to incorporate a challenge that I would to put on the YouTube Channel. I was watching a YouTube Channel I will link a video down below, and, he was doing 40 hours of working for the week. It gave me he idea of pushing myself to do 3 hour challenge and 1 hour every other week to build up resistance. I will have to be careful of running because of my knees I will have to build up fast walking/jog to a run. Once I have established a jog, longer swim I can start the 3 hour 2 week challenge and keep building that up until I reach my 40 hour goal. I realize that it will take me about a month to get myself back in semi-swimming ready. I also, want to be able to bike to the gym over this summer which will be amazing when that happens. The visual of riding my bike to the gym is inspirational in my mind and, I can not wait for that vision to come to life. What we manifest, we put out to the universe what we want and, in return the universe usually gives us what we would like. We have to want it, think about, pray about it (if you are religious), write about it, and act on it. Your positive acts, thoughts, and feeling will be contagious; it is the kind of contagion that I wish would spread throughout the world. I am very excited to peacefully transition into a healthier/fitter lifestyle. As I start to lose weight it will be captured on all of my videos. I plan on eating vegan, of course, but, I will either be fruitarian or rawtill4. I will be learning what my body fuels on best when working out more and, how much I will need to bring with me. I am thinking i will be incorporating more medjol dates, smoothies, bananas, and of course my favorites melons!! I just bought a cap for my hair so I can swim with ease, I already own a one piece bathing suit, and goggles. I know that bathing suit isn’t going to be so flattering but, in my mind I have gotten over myself and, focus on where I need to get my body in order to be healthier and, have a happier life. Are you all excited to follow me on my journey, what are some post you would like to see, do you want me to do a weekly diary of how I am doing what I eat and, how I am coping with this new workout schedule. I am a little nervous, determined, excited, and motivated lets get it! This journey is amazing….

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Trending: Vagabond Lifestyle

So, in today’s world you work in the corporate world, 9-5 job, and 90% of the people working are burnt out, stressed and, zoned out of life. That is not completely accurate because there are many people selling everything and, traveling the world. To me this is the best idea and, what I strive to do in life. So, why is living a vagabond lifestyle popular? People actually sell their cars, houses, and most everything they own just to travel and, live out of their backpacks? Yes, and I am beginning to see the draw and, passion for just living. Why not drop everything and travel around the world that has a much greater appeal then working hard long hours to eventually hate life. So, what happens if you are like me and you don’t have a house or car to sell? Well, I am working to establish a nomad kind of lifestyle. I just started a travel YouTube Channel called Forever Seeing Wanderlust and, I hope that my journey’s on there and, on my regular YouTube Channel allie vLuv will help me to create an income for myself. I have my blog, selling books on Amazon and, I am looking into selling fair trade t-shirts on etsy etc.. I also, sell on Poshmark. I am hoping with this large combination of jobs that I will be able to provide a great income for myself to travel. I would also, like to have the means to purchase a better bike and, car. How do you think you would be able to provide a nomad lifestyle for yourself and, where would your first trip be to?

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How To Manifest What You Want In Life

Manifestation: clear of obvious to the eye or mind

display or show (quality or feeling) by one’s acts or appearance

Yesterday, I made my manifestation list and put it out to the universe where I want to be in life. I made my list pretty specific and, had lots of positive energy while creating the list. Sending light and positive energy toward this with a reminder that you want these to be peaceful transitions. Keeping a positive outlook on life defiantly helps the universe to receive what you want to manifest in life. As I said in yesterday’s days post ask and you shall receive. You are in charge of your destiny so, do something about and, create a positive surrounding. Any negativity get rid of it, it is only you dragging you done from where you want to be in life. This goes for the way that you are holding yourself as well. Channel positivity and light and, you will start to receive it from others around you. I will post some music and, YouTubers to follow to start fueling yourself with positvity! Tomorrow I will talk about my Morning Routine and, how I make sure it is packed with an abundance of light and, motivation. Wednesday will be the topic of the lymphatic system and, how I never realized how important it is.

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@lonijane  Her ebook is life changing her ebook is in Australian dollars so, it is actually a lot cheaper in USD

@ellenfisher Has a great YouTube Channel that focuses on being raw vegan and a natural mom. Her YouTube, Insta, and ebook  are inspiring and, very helpful. If you are an expecting mom/dad, a parent, or just want to learn about the raw/vegan lifestyle this is perfect. It is also, super uplifting to watch her video in the morning they really eminent positivity!

@itsallwaysbeautiful Has an amazing YouTube Channel where she talks about the struggles of life and, transitioning into the Maui life. Her YouTube Channel is extremely heartfelt and, she really thinks about her daughter Kaia when it comes to the YouTube community. Loving Kaia was Sara’s YouTube Channel name until recently and, I linked the video for why she changed the name to Its All Ways Beautiful. I can not wait for her ebook to be complete about there move to Maui. I just read on her website she wrote, published etc. a children’s book about her daughter Kaia. What an amazing life journey Sara is having!

@rawnourishment A truly enlightening channel as you watch Mel struggle on her journey and, finally receive what she manifested. Mel, is a vegan and is a great breath of fresh air to the vegan community. Her videos are extremely heartfelt and, all about the positivity and, manifestations. Her journey has inspired my life journey. My YouTube Channel was actually feature in an intro to one of her videos!

@mantrasandmangoes Mary is such a jet setter with all her travels as a vegan. She is currently living in Thialand with her boyfriend Bo. They just finished traveling for quite a few months and, her vlogs were absolutely amazing. The journey to many destinations has its up and downs and, Mary shares it all with us. You’ll defiantly want to check all her travel vlogs they are well worth it and, will help you on your journey toward light & positvity.

Positive & enlightening YouTubers:

Mel From- Raw Nourishment

Mary From- Mantras and Mangoes

It’s All Ways Beautiful

Ellen From- Mango Island Mamma






Saras’s Book:

Ethical Thoughts

Ethical Thoughts,

As you all know I am transitioning into a more ethical way of living and, I thought I’d talk about my transition and how I came to discover the ethical side. I know it sounds like a scene from Star Wars and going to the dark side except this time I am moving to the bright loving side of life. My journey has brought me to such an understanding and peaceful way of viewing the world.  You can say I have come to terms with life but, I am refusing to follow the everyday trend of not caring about others, the planet, or the animals. To often we disregard what is happening and make life like a gift wrapped up with a pretty little bow but, there are things happening that we need to acknowledge. The drinkable water around the world is at a rapid decrease everyday, the landfills are constantly filling, animals are dying, people are getting very little in wages working in factories. Yet, we still are shopping, shopping, shopping away without a care in the world. We have yet, to put ourselves in the place of others and, wonder how we change to help them. That is why I am vegan, and, am starting to live a more ethical life. So, what are you going to do the change the planet or do something you love. I have curated a manifestation list of what I want in life and I am putting it out to the universe. Ask and you shall receive and, that is exactly what I am doing.  One of my top “goals” is to do lots and, lots of traveling. If you have been reading my blog from the being you will know that travel has meant so much to me I love the people and, being immersed in the culture. How will I get to travel, by achieving my first goal to continue to boost my business. I do what I do because I love it so much. I love writing to you all and, talking to you on YouTube. It is amazing that one video or one blog post can make a difference in someone’s day. I know that instead of watching the news in the morning I watch YouTube videos because they inspire me to get moving and, work throughout the day. Almost every morning there is a video that I connect with and, I know that I am meant to watch YouTube. The news is important but, the access nonsense that they have on there isn’t. I try to stay updated and, out of the extra drama. My passion towards fashion has not changed only my view toward the industry has. That is why I am going to be featuring alternative ethical fashion that is perfect for your everyday and fashionable life. Tune in every week for a new post on ethical fashion or living and, stay updated on the topic. Remember to be the change that you want to be in the world and live with no regrets. Do what makes you happy and, be at peace with yourself.

As always,

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Maintenance-Make The Time

Hello Loves,

For the past two days I have been doing a little body maintenance. Yesterday I was waxing my legs and, today I will be doing my nails. This may seem like a regular thing on your schedule but, for me these things always take the back burner because I will always put work first. After being really annoyed that my legs had hair on them ( as I am not a fan of hair on my legs at all) I decided I was going to wax my legs. If you have waxed yourself before you know that it is super time consuming so, you must commit at least 3 hours to have available to wax. And now after I am done typing this I will be doing my nails. If you read my previous posts you will know I am looking at getting some shampoos and vegan maintenance items. I decided that I needed to take the time to take care of myself and, to adjust the way I was taking care of my body. I am going to be working on fitting in yoga twice a day and doing something for myself once or twice a week. It is so important to take time to pamper and, nourish our bodies. I had been putting this all off for about 3 weeks and, not realizing that I need to make time for me. The whole point of this post is to realize that you too are important and, need to take the time to do maintenance on yourself. If you are interested in hearing about what vegan products I am using now to how I would like to become more natural please let me know in the comments below. I’d love to chat with you all.

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,

allie vLuv

Society Is Holding Us Back People Who Are Breaking The Mold

Recently I have been watching YouTube Channels instead of regular T.V. Most pre-teens to thirty year olds are watching Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube much more than they are watching Cable Television. I think the number one reason is because it is convenient. Most of us use have smart phones/Tablets where we can watch shows or YouTubers during classes, or on your way home from work if you take the bus or the ferry. It is easy to throw on a pair of headphones and tune the rest of the people out until class starts or you are back from work. Why do we watch these shows/channels; are we bored, want to tune out, enjoy the characters, or want to live their lives. Anyway it is a way to escape and turn your brain off for a little bit. Now we have so many choices that we have control over what we watch. Lately I have been watching some more positive and enlightening YouTube Channels. This week it has be been the YouTube Channel Sailing La Vagabonde. I get to watch Riley and, Elayna with minimal sailing experience sail all around the world. I journey with them on La Vagabonde and go through the ups and downs with them. It is so interested to see all the spots that end up in where almost no ones heard of or the mistakes they make and, learn from on the boat. They have been sailing for awhile and, it has been a year seen they started their sailing videos on YouTube. I am currently on episode 14 and, I’m going to be sad when it ends. I do hope that they continue to upload to their channel because I enjoy watching their adventures. They do fish a lot so, if you are vegan just a disclaimer, I obviously have my reasons for not eating animals including fish but, it is not going to stop me from watching their journey. I hope you all check out their channel the link will be below.

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La Vagabonde’s YouTube Channel:

Travelers And Why Society Is Holding Us Back

By now I’m sure you know that I view life in a very different way then others. I have no intention of settling down any time soon and am not settling for a life of grief, burden, stress, and worry. Actually, you could take away all electronics and, I would be perfectly fine although, I would miss writing my blog posts and, filming for my YouTube Channel. I miss finding everyday of life an adventure and, that is were I am headed with my life. I want excitement, adventure, and most importantly fun! I don’t want to bored by everyday conversation but, actually talk to people who are filled with life. You have been probably told, “get serious and, figure out where you want you life to be.” Yes, in fact that is probably why you went to college and are most likely in a shit-ton of debt… I went to a community college and was lucky enough to get financial aid, scholarship money, and have my parents pay the leftover expenses. I did well and maintained a 3.9-3.75 GPA at Brookdale which is why I was able to get some scholarship money. I was not the smartest student in the room but, I was one of the most determined. When one professor asked who wanted to be a (a word relating to global sensation right now I am having word block) I was one of two students to raise my hand. I thought wow we have the opportunity to one day become a global sensation and, I was one of two people who wanted that. I have always wanted to have the freedom of owning my own business but, it also becomes a great responsibility if you are the boss of others. I don’t know if I will end up owning a company or creating my own products but, I sure hope I am. Well, I have since graduated with an associate’s degree in fashion merchandising. Now, I am blogging, making YouTube videos editing them, have my Poshmark closet, an FBA seller on Amazon, and a freelancer. Now, you think that would be enough jobs for society but, nope. I either get an expression simulating ” you are going to go nowhere with this and, eventually will need to get a “real” job or you get the, ” that sounds like a really cool job and, a million questions.” I guess the only way to be taken serious is to start making a boat load of money and, then just travel when I want. I mean wouldn’t that be the logical choice or would me buying a large mansion prove that I have “made it” in society’s eyes. Guess what, I am not looking for “society’s” approval for how I have chosen to live my life. I am no longer looking through a glass window as an observer, I no longer want to stand aside, I want to live. I am looking to live. Most of us are looking to live and experience life but, are too afraid to do what is necessary to get there. This year I am looking to make $1,000/month save $500 and the rest for traveling! I want to live as many places as possible to see if I actually like it! No, I don’t want to randomly move somewhere permanently and decide I hate where I am living. I do know that I am not a fan of winter but, I want to continue Amazon so, I will have to be in NJ from January-October. Yes, that only gives me three months to live somewhere else and, I will not avoid all the NJ cold weather; I’m ok with that as long as I have the experience of living different places three months out of the year. It is similar to a vacation but, it is also, important to me so, I end up living somewhere I love and thrive in. Right now I have nothing tying me down except, not having enough money… When I think about it, it’s not a problem because if I work harder on my Blog, YouTube Channel, Poshmark, and Amazon I have no doubt that I can make it happen! My first goal is Italy, I have talked about Italy for years but, this time I am serious. My brother is going back in November and, I want to go and, travel for two weeks. That is the first place to save up for the plane ticket, food, some extra travel costs and, to stay somewhere. He volunteers at a Place called Casa Cares’ so, as long as I volunteer there I can get food and, a room for free! I think it is the perfect place to set my eyes on. So, why do we let society hold us back from what we truly want to do?

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,