REI Used Gear

I just logged onto REI, I have the app as I bought a few things from there for my Hawaiian adventures. I have been sheeding clothing from the last two places that we stayed. One, I left behind a top and bathing suit top, and the other shorts and a tank top. It’s awesome to be loosing weight, but since I have been moving around so much I couldn’t give them to anyone, or resell them. It killed me as I placed a tank top, and shorts into my Victoria’s Secret bag, and threw them away at the airport. I could’ve brought them with me, but I am traveling with one backpack, and a very small backpack; space is limited! Usually, I would resell on Poshmark, but since I didn’t have that option this time, I tossed them, or left them behind. While it felt amazing to let them go I wish there was somewhere I could’ve sent them, so that another person could benefit from having a new shirt, or shorts. REI now lets you return the item you bought, gently used, and they resell it. This is in attempt for the clothing to not go into a landslide, and a genius idea on their end, because they are making money from used clothing. It’s kind of awesome, because not only can you get used clothing and shoes, but you can also get used gear! This is the first time I have seen a company take an ethical stand, and want to actually resell used stuff from their store, so major props to them! If you purchase from REI you can send your items back to the store gently used, or you can resell them yourself. Either way you are helping in keeping clothing out of the landfills, good on you, and good on REI!