Grocery Bill Hacks

When asked, what did you spend your money on in Hawaii, you may think crazy things like jet skiing, or a helicopter ride over a volcano; and I wish I could say that was the case. One month in, and where has most of my money gone? You’ll never guess, food. Holy moley, food here is expensive! While I was staying near Sunset Beach in O’ahu there were three grocery stores that were closer to us by bus. We get around by taking the bus here because one, we don’t have a car, and it’s the cheapest form of transportation. With the bus it would probably take 3-4 hours to go there get groceries, and come back. My bill was never under $45 and I would have maybe a bags worth of groceries. I can not believe the expense of groceries for two people! Instead of trying to cope with the expensive groceries we tried a different approach.

This is a hack to saying money on groceries in Haleiwa, O’ahu. Okay, so you still need fresh produce, what I suggest is making friends with farms and buying in bulk. Unfortunately, we weren’t there long enough to make that happen, nor did we have the connections. What we didn’t go do was check out the farmers markets, but we were told they weren’t very good… I think it is worth checking it out just to see if you can hook yourself with a produce man, or women that you can get a discount if you buy it in bulk. There is also an option to grow some of your own food, like bananas, lettuce, avocados, etc.. After all, if you live here and have property, why not use it! Maybe you can grow enough to sell, and help supplement your grocery bill income.

There are also a few other ways, that many people have at there finger tips, but never think to use. It is to buy groceries online, and there are two stores I highly recommend using! One is Amazon, of course, I’m sure you knew it was coming… Amazon has a Prime membership, which means you can get free shipping on everything you purchased! What now?! Yes, in the long run you end up saving yourself time, as well as money by ordering from Amazon. You can buy items in bulk, which means you can create a list for the month search find the best prices, and check out. No driving, catching a bus, and it gets delivered right to your door. Can I get a hell yeah! Now, it can take one to two weeks to get to you, because the shipping is a little slower to Hawaii, as I have experienced. It is still well worth the wait, we saved so much money getting coffee, pasta, pasta sauce, tea etc. all on Amazon.

Then there is Thrive Market. I have been writing about this online store a lot recently, because its so good. The products are of the highest quality, for the lowest prices. There is a reason that Thrive is beginning to become my favorite online grocery store; their ethics are outstanding. If you are a lower income family, student etc. they will gift you a free membership, as well as a grocery stipend. This company just speaks to my heart, it is one I whole heartly believe in. The program is called ThriveGives, if this is a program you think you fit the bill for click ThriveGives. If you want to sign up for the membership, and help support Thrives’ mission, and save money on your grocery bill.

I will create a little guide to help you all build a menu to save some money using Amazon, as well as Thrive Market. Stay tuned for those posts coming to you soon.