Forever Seeking Wanderlust

” Today I seek all I sought.

Mountain chuckles are not so distant as I grow closer to my vision.

Repelling off of the hardened surface, longing for a undiscovered purpose.

I unexpectedly become unaware of the thin air.

Stop breath in, run your feet down the stone until your feet are but, inches from the ground.

Thoughts travel, mind in a scramble.

Upper lip drips while my concentration thickens.

Stop breath in, run your feet down the stone until your feet are but, inches from the ground.

Don’t withhold, clear your mind, take in the scene you were so eager to unfold.

Deep, Deep, Deepening, my breath.

My eyes are surely not deceiving, can it be a moment meant for me, its so tiny looking down sparkling blues, deep greens, the shining. Take in the minute never spared.

For we dream of days like these.

With adventures in our reach.

Our presence goes unseen, clouded by the days spent wondering about what is to come.

Never to become what was.

When the sun smiles back you, the ocean whispers a tune and, the mountains chuckle awaiting  your silly joke.

Listen, open your eyes and, send this message back to them;  I long to seek you from a far, as I seek you I am far but, now my eyes truly see no more deceit . It is exquisite once mind lets me be me. “

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,


Forever Seeking Wanderlust

My enlightenment has brought me here and you with me lets explore my accounts on what has taken place in my life and, mind. My ears are filled with the all too happy lyrical creation ” Feeling Groovy,” by Simon and Garfunkel.
” Slow down, you move too fast, you’ve got to make the morning last… lookin’ for fun and feeling groovy… Hello lamppost what you knowing… Let the morning time drop all its petals on me, life I love you, all is groovy…” ~Lyrics of “Feeling Groovy”
Of course, decoding this “Utopianistic” ( of or relating to Utopianism) lyrics may appear different to the listener. The meaning appearing to me is that, we should be living a simpler life such as, enjoying our company filled with laughter and love. Stuck in modern day we stray from life and, strive to be buried deep in the sorrow of entertainment to calm our troubles and, dismiss our craving for not only adventure but, greatness. Suppressed, by the burdens, feelings, and judgment of others, we have yet to dip our toes in the great waters or sands of time. Only when we have reached an understanding with how we want to live, then can we start living; no longer are we worried by others but, see the clear path we have placed ahead of ourselves. Now I understand the need to live and explore my wanderlust. I must, slow down and, learn with a great embrace & determination. For, I seek the truth I wish to find.
forever seeking wanderlust