My NightTime Routine When Pet Sitting

If you have been reading my blog from the beginning you will know that on occasion I pet sit. I love the furry animals that I watch and, thought you’d all like to know my usually standard routine for night time because why not…

Around 5-6 p.m. most animals get fed and, if they are dogs they get walked after

After that I will start to cook my dinner. Which is usually some delicious veggie dish!


(Recipe will be in my next post)

After dinner I usually go straight back into working on my blog posts and, spend time playing catch etc.. with the animals

I will plan my next day and, fit in some kind of workout in-between

Drink a tea and, have a snack or dessert it depends on the mood I’m in

Shower and get ready for bed

Using this awesome new brush to clean my face!
 I’ll do a review after using it for a month and let you know how well it work so far I am loving it!

When I get into bed I do some more work before popping on a T.V. show or movie and finally falling asleep
Let me know if you guys liked this because normally I would vlog this and, not write it so, I am testing this out…

Have an enlightening and, adventurous day,





5 Do’s & Don’ts To Saving Money

Money, ma, ma, Money ooo I want that ma, ma, money…

If you don’t know that song I can’t find it so, I will link it below for you if I can find it but, this is the general jist; in life you need money. Money is frustrating it comes and goes. Most of the time it goes… It’s almost like watching every hour you spend working get wasted. Might as well take your weeks wages and toss them overboard right?


Umm… not exactly. It’s called saving and spending wisely. Yes, money is so fucking annoying but, unfortunately it’s needed so, we must be smart. I am by no means an expert when it comes to saving but, I do have some steps that will hopefully help you.

  1.    Do                         

You may need more than one job which, means you will have a side hustle. I am all to familiar with side hustles. Unless you are on salary like, making big bucks side hustle will be where you are racking in a few extra bucks . It’s just way the cookie crumbles. We are in the age of the internet which is lucky for us. Use it to find something you are interested in such as, freelance work, pet sitting, house sitting( if you can work online and house sit you won’t have any rent expenses etc.. bonus!!). The possibilities are literally endless. If you aren’t currently working I don’t know how you are paying for anything but, you need to get on it!


2.    Do                           


Loves save your money! I know that new top or new gaming system looks awesome but, you currently can’t afford extras! After your expenses like rent, car etc save 75% of the rest of the money you have left over. 25% you can use to save up to go out to eat or, just for a fun night. I would say 50% in the savings account if you can. That is when the side hustle comes in… if your regular job only covers your bills your side hustle will go into savings. If you don’t have a savings account make sure you open one!

3.     Do                     


Bitch you’re on a budget! It’s not time to spend frivolously… Build your budget and stick to it! Your budget should include everything you need to survive. Don’t go over your budget!




4.       Don’t               



Shopping for items like clothing etc.. should either be built into your budget or, you need a new plan. If you are addicted to fashion I’m gonna need you to take a deep breath. Did you take one? Okay, you can not go shopping for clothing, shoes, accessories etc. Here is why, constant spending, not in the budget! Instead, go with a capsule wardrobe with 37 pieces of clothing for three months, basically a mini wardrobe for each season. It will prevent you from over shopping and, you should have a nice amount of cash at the end of each three months to buy a new piece for your wardrobe. Consider shopping at a thrift store it’s inexpensive and, can give your wardrobe a nice vintage feel.



5.     Don’t                

Oh the credit card. It’s not even the credit card itself it’s the obnoxious interest rate that literally makes you want to get in a ball and, cry haha. Okay I’ve been there especially with my business and, my rule now is do not swipe unless you have the money in the account. If your limit is higher than what you make in a month or two and it’s going to take you a year or more to pay it, abort!! Yes, you have to build up your credit but, do it in a smart way. Make sure you have the money to pay it over the course of a couple months. Otherwise interest rates are super high and, you will just get hit with that every month, trust me it’s horrible and, don’t do it!



I hope these do’s and don’ts have helped you learn to save some of your cash money. If you have a specific topic you’d like me to cover please let me know in the comments. I will do my best to post about it in the upcoming weeks.

Have an enlightening and, adventurous day,




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My Morning routine For Positivity & Light

When the sound of your alarm wakes you buzzz buzzz buzzz most people want to throw it across the room because they haven’t gotten enough sleep. Well, for me this could not be farther from the truth because I do not use an alarm to get up unless I know I need to be somewhere at a certain time. If you have an unfortunate 9 to 5 job and, you need an alarm set something soothing that will wake you up. I have a few songs such as Moon River, Summertime on my mind, something from Golden Lights but, I chose it so that it will be an easy transition to wake up. I always hear my alarm go off so, to those that never hear theirs I guess just set it louder and on vibrate.

Once you are awake turn on your favorite chilled out vibes song or a YouTube video. If you have roommate pop on those headphones so, you don’t disturb them. Head into the kitchen fill a very large mason jar or glass of water and sip on it while you listen to music or video. If you are oil pulling leave yourself 20 minutes before you have the water. While oil pulling I will watch YouTube videos or check emails etc. I check all my social media, Poshmark, and emails and of course reply. This may take awhile for me so, if you have work earlier in the morning and commute you may want to do this on the bus. My commute is very short downstairs to my office. I will lie in bed for about an hour waking up when my body feels it should get up. This morning I am pet sitting and I woke naturally at about 7:20 a.m. to feed the dogs. Then, I sat outside in the sunroom and, started my morning routine of looking through everything and, starting to work. My morning can vary quite drastically depending on if I am pet sitting, on a business trip, or just at home.

While watching YouTube videos I will have my fruit breakfast of a mono meal like mangoes or a smoothie. After eating my breakfast I will brush my teeth and, get my day started. I am usually not in a rush but, if I am I pick out my outfit the night before and, have it ready to go. If I am going somewhere special or feel like dressing up I will have saved hairstyles I want to do and a youtube makeup video. If I am filming a makeup video that is how my makeup gets done for the day. I always allot myself enough time in the morning to get ready so I am not rushed. Whether I need to wake up 30 minutes before or three hours before I need to be somewhere I am up and, ready to go. I never se my alarm to snooze and, that goes for my body alarm as well, if my body wants me up and moving I am up and moving.

Once I am all ready which most of the time is still in my pajamas I start working. Usually I will film or edit a video. While the video is rendering I will write a blog post, film, share my Poshmark closet, aor list on Poshmark. If I had been to a book sale I will continue to list books and get them ready to ship out.

That is what my morning usually consists of positive intent for the day and, a great breakfast! Throughout my day I make sure to move and I try to walk around the park at least three times a week. I forgot to mention I take Vitamin D3 an B-12. Share your morning routine or something you liked,enjoyed from my morning routine. See you all bright and early tomorrow where I discuss the lymphatic system and, how important it is for your health.

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,