Grocery Bill Hacks

When asked, what did you spend your money on in Hawaii, you may think crazy things like jet skiing, or a helicopter ride over a volcano; and I wish I could say that was the case. One month in, and where has most of my money gone? You’ll never guess, food. Holy moley, food here is expensive! While I was staying near Sunset Beach in O’ahu there were three grocery stores that were closer to us by bus. We get around by taking the bus here because one, we don’t have a car, and it’s the cheapest form of transportation. With the bus it would probably take 3-4 hours to go there get groceries, and come back. My bill was never under $45 and I would have maybe a bags worth of groceries. I can not believe the expense of groceries for two people! Instead of trying to cope with the expensive groceries we tried a different approach.

This is a hack to saying money on groceries in Haleiwa, O’ahu. Okay, so you still need fresh produce, what I suggest is making friends with farms and buying in bulk. Unfortunately, we weren’t there long enough to make that happen, nor did we have the connections. What we didn’t go do was check out the farmers markets, but we were told they weren’t very good… I think it is worth checking it out just to see if you can hook yourself with a produce man, or women that you can get a discount if you buy it in bulk. There is also an option to grow some of your own food, like bananas, lettuce, avocados, etc.. After all, if you live here and have property, why not use it! Maybe you can grow enough to sell, and help supplement your grocery bill income.

There are also a few other ways, that many people have at there finger tips, but never think to use. It is to buy groceries online, and there are two stores I highly recommend using! One is Amazon, of course, I’m sure you knew it was coming… Amazon has a Prime membership, which means you can get free shipping on everything you purchased! What now?! Yes, in the long run you end up saving yourself time, as well as money by ordering from Amazon. You can buy items in bulk, which means you can create a list for the month search find the best prices, and check out. No driving, catching a bus, and it gets delivered right to your door. Can I get a hell yeah! Now, it can take one to two weeks to get to you, because the shipping is a little slower to Hawaii, as I have experienced. It is still well worth the wait, we saved so much money getting coffee, pasta, pasta sauce, tea etc. all on Amazon.

Then there is Thrive Market. I have been writing about this online store a lot recently, because its so good. The products are of the highest quality, for the lowest prices. There is a reason that Thrive is beginning to become my favorite online grocery store; their ethics are outstanding. If you are a lower income family, student etc. they will gift you a free membership, as well as a grocery stipend. This company just speaks to my heart, it is one I whole heartly believe in. The program is called ThriveGives, if this is a program you think you fit the bill for click ThriveGives. If you want to sign up for the membership, and help support Thrives’ mission, and save money on your grocery bill.

I will create a little guide to help you all build a menu to save some money using Amazon, as well as Thrive Market. Stay tuned for those posts coming to you soon.




The Saving Game

Welcome to “The Saving Game,” here we like to have you spend money so, it is impossible for you to save up. I wouldn’t be lying if we didn’t love to put you in debt and then make the money off of the interest. In fact that is the name of our game!!

Haha I hope you enjoyed my little joke at the top. If you are not new to this blog you will have known about 1-2 years ago I did a series on How Get Rid Debt Or Stay Debt free. No, I do not claim to know every single way or the tricks to saving but, I did and, do have some tips. If you haven’t read my blog about how I earn money you might want to find in the description below. So, for years I have been saving money and investing it into my businesses similar to the Character on 7th Heaven “Simon,” I too, was like a bank. I do not once remember not having money all throughout high school because I was always working and, save wisely. I went to the movies very little and, selectively went out to eat. My expenses were my phone $15 (at the time), birthday/Christmas presents, clothing, and any extras like going out to eat, movies, bowling etc. I was not a frivolous spender because I knew the value of a dollar and, how much work went into making that money. Today, I am no longer like a bank but, that is because I have invested money in my future. I decided to start a few businesses and, of course needed to purchase things, like any other business. I needed a laptop for blogging, a camera/lighting for YouTube, and inventory as an FBA seller on Amazon. Of course, Amazon has been my largest investment. I am now in-charge of my businesses and of course my finances. I actually love it and, of course it is thrilling to try and launch a business however, it burns a pig hole in my bank account. Having my blog, YouTube Channel, Poshmark/Vinted/Mercari, and Freelance work in my head would pay for my phone, clothing, some food, toiletry products etc.. It has been quite a struggle because none of those jobs are guaranteed money.  But, instead of being hard on myself I work even harder everyday in hopes that I will have a larger amount of followers, jobs on Freelance websites, and more sales on Poshmark. I just listing a lot of new items on my Poshmark closet and, have invested in a faux fur piece of fabric to make the pictures more appealing to my customers; I also, teamed up with Bear’s Beauty to give my Poshers sample products from her beauty store. If you want to learn more about that you can visit my Poshmark Instagram @eyeheartedu. I applied to a freelance job( I have to get going on that a bit more but, this week has truly been all about Poshamark). I have been trying to edit as much as possible and, upload. I admit I can not do it all so, my blog did suffer a bit this week. I am hoping to sit down this weekend and, pre-write a few posts for the next couple of weeks. I absolutely love writing to you all and, I think you should have something written for you everyday of the week and, trust me, I have been coming up with ideas galore. I even have a few series that I will be kicking off! So, in order to achieve saving, and buying I intend to continue to work extremely hard and, hope my Poshmark closet sells out, that my YouTube Channel & Blog Flourish and, that I get more Freelance work. I do have to say that working hard this week payed off because I sold an item on Poshmark, gained a follower on YouTube, and sold three items on Amazon in the last three days. So, you may wonder what I want to make a month, what I want to make, and what I want to spend because everyone likes knowing everything about everyone, I guess its just the curiosity of Human Beings. So, has always I am an open book…

What I want to make well for now I would like to make from Poshmark, Freelance, YouTube, and Blogging about $200/month

I have made $5 between YouTube & Blogging

$400 Freelance Around

from 2013-2016 $1,724

It is really not the most amount of money but, it was something. Now in 2016 I would like to and, need to, step it up!

Amazon we have invested a lot in so, so far we have not seen a profit but, did break even at the end of 2015. Of course, you have to invest money to earn it… We will need to build up quite a bit of inventory before the sales start pouring in… Of Goal for Amazon this year is $10,000 Net Profit , we shall see if the goal is realistic

Now What I want To Spend Money On In The Next Couple Of Years:

I’d like to buy my own house or property having saved around $500,000 to feel comfortable enough to purchase an furnish the house and, leave enough for accidentals etc. My dream would be to buy the house/property in cash

My own car having $5,000-$10,000 to feel I am able to purchase a used car and have enough for gas/maintenance.

And of course have savings and money to travel

For Right Now there are a few Immediate purchases that I would like to make and, am looking to save up to get. I do not believe in using my credit card unless I have the money in my account ready to pay it right away which, would help me build up my credit.

So how much will I need to earn in order to pay for all these things:

Normal bill: $40/month for my phone

$40-$60 to put toward groceries

I will be needed some things for maintenance on myself:

My Cart


Tropical Hair Treatment


Tropical Body Treatment


Tropical Super Serum



Trip To Italy!

So, this stuff above is also, great because I make YouTube videos about my hair care routine if the product is working etc.. The same thing applies to my blog. I also, would like to do a few months of traveling and, make a travel vlog/blog. So, lets get out of the saving game and, actually make saving happen!! Hopefully I can meet my goals! I will give you an up a month from now! 3/18/2016


Comment below and, let me know what you are saving for and, if you have a minute follow my blog I would greatly appreciate it!


Have an enlightening and adventurous day,

allie vLuv


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