5 Do’s & Don’ts To Saving Money

Money, ma, ma, Money ooo I want that ma, ma, money…

If you don’t know that song I can’t find it so, I will link it below for you if I can find it but, this is the general jist; in life you need money. Money is frustrating it comes and goes. Most of the time it goes… It’s almost like watching every hour you spend working get wasted. Might as well take your weeks wages and toss them overboard right?


Umm… not exactly. It’s called saving and spending wisely. Yes, money is so fucking annoying but, unfortunately it’s needed so, we must be smart. I am by no means an expert when it comes to saving but, I do have some steps that will hopefully help you.

  1.    Do                         

You may need more than one job which, means you will have a side hustle. I am all to familiar with side hustles. Unless you are on salary like, making big bucks side hustle will be where you are racking in a few extra bucks . It’s just way the cookie crumbles. We are in the age of the internet which is lucky for us. Use it to find something you are interested in such as, freelance work, pet sitting, house sitting( if you can work online and house sit you won’t have any rent expenses etc.. bonus!!). The possibilities are literally endless. If you aren’t currently working I don’t know how you are paying for anything but, you need to get on it!


2.    Do                           


Loves save your money! I know that new top or new gaming system looks awesome but, you currently can’t afford extras! After your expenses like rent, car etc save 75% of the rest of the money you have left over. 25% you can use to save up to go out to eat or, just for a fun night. I would say 50% in the savings account if you can. That is when the side hustle comes in… if your regular job only covers your bills your side hustle will go into savings. If you don’t have a savings account make sure you open one!

3.     Do                     


Bitch you’re on a budget! It’s not time to spend frivolously… Build your budget and stick to it! Your budget should include everything you need to survive. Don’t go over your budget!


4.       Don’t               



Shopping for items like clothing etc.. should either be built into your budget or, you need a new plan. If you are addicted to fashion I’m gonna need you to take a deep breath. Did you take one? Okay, you can not go shopping for clothing, shoes, accessories etc. Here is why, constant spending, not in the budget! Instead, go with a capsule wardrobe with 37 pieces of clothing for three months, basically a mini wardrobe for each season. It will prevent you from over shopping and, you should have a nice amount of cash at the end of each three months to buy a new piece for your wardrobe. Consider shopping at a thrift store it’s inexpensive and, can give your wardrobe a nice vintage feel.



5.     Don’t                

Oh the credit card. It’s not even the credit card itself it’s the obnoxious interest rate that literally makes you want to get in a ball and, cry haha. Okay I’ve been there especially with my business and, my rule now is do not swipe unless you have the money in the account. If your limit is higher than what you make in a month or two and it’s going to take you a year or more to pay it, abort!! Yes, you have to build up your credit but, do it in a smart way. Make sure you have the money to pay it over the course of a couple months. Otherwise interest rates are super high and, you will just get hit with that every month, trust me it’s horrible and, don’t do it!



I hope these do’s and don’ts have helped you learn to save some of your cash money. If you have a specific topic you’d like me to cover please let me know in the comments. I will do my best to post about it in the upcoming weeks.

Have an enlightening and, adventurous day,




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10 Ways To Stay Motivated To Get Fit

Hello Loves,

I will be beginning my meal prep and, workout journey this Sunday and, I am beyond excited. As you know from my previous post I will be going to Arizona in 48 days which is about five weeks away! I am so excited and, I have come up with ten ways to keep myself and you motivated! Of course, I will be continuing my weight loss journey after Arizona but, if I could drop 15-30 pounds in five weeks I am going to give it my all! I have tried something similar before but, never with this intense of a meal prep and, workout plan. When I’m all in, I am all in!

  1. Have a place where you check in and, hold yourself accountable

I use my YouTube Channel, Blog and, instagram @thatsabangsfitme to check in and, hold myself accountable. Try using your social media to keep you in check.

2. Plan all your food and, workouts ahead of time

Planning is super important to me especially because I have so many different jobs that I actually don’t have spare time to rummage through the pantry to see what I will be eating, this is a bad habit for me. I never plan for my food and, am always in a pickle about what to eat. As a vegan it is important for me to prep my meals ahead of time so, I know how many calories I will be getting a day as well as, nutrients. Workouts are important to schedule out as well because you can work on different parts of your body to help you gain strength as well as, lose fat. It took me two days to plan out all of my meals and, workout for the next 45 days. It is well worth it and, less time consuming in the long run.

3. Get New Workout Gear That Fits

No, do not buy clothes that you think you are eventually going to get into, been there done that and, it is a bit depressing especially if you haven’t actually taken the time to meal and workout prep. Don’t leave yourself in a disappointed state get something that fits. Workout gear needs to be tighter so, it is not falling down, getting caught etc. while you are working out. A few new workout outfits can help inspire you to keep at it. I have bought workout clothing from Prana an ethical clothing site or, from thrift stores/Poshmark if you are on a very tight budget like myself. Also, buy proper footwear for what you are going to be doing do not wear walking shoes to a zumba class and, vice versa. Do not set yourself up for failure.

4. Pop On Those Tunes

Create a playlist on Spotify, Pandora or, YouTube for the morning. When I wake up I like to listen to energetic music that will put me in a positive mindset.   Create a few playlist for different workouts and, switch out your music. Listen to music that inspires you, brings you joy and, keeps you motivated. So, pop on your headphones hit play and, have a five-ten minute jam session before work/school/or at home stuff.

5. Create A goal & Journal

Some of the ways I stay motivated is setting goals for the week. I will set a certain amount of steps or, to smash a certain yoga move. I will also, journal about my day or, how I am feeling which, I usually do on my blog or YouTube. Writing is always a motivation for me. What kind of goals do you want to accomplish for the week write out a list and, check it off when you accomplish your goals. If you don’t want to write on any social media including a blog or make videos on a YouTube get a journal and, write it down. If you take 10 minutes out of your day when you need to release some emotions make sure you write it down.

6. Set a morning workout

When I mean morning I mean something like yoga that will stimulate the mind and, muscles while also, giving you a sense of calm. You can try meditation or a stretching workout that won’t be overwhelming to your morning while still waking up your body.

7. Your Phone Is Probably Attached To Your Hand

If you love quotes like me then, this should really move you to get working. Set an uplifting and, motivational quote as your lock screen or home screen. You can also, write a quote and, set an alarm 30 minutes to an hour before your workout. This will motivate you to continue and, complete your workout.

8. Make Your Workouts Fun

This is something I have learned for myself I will push myself to complete a workout I hate but, I won’t repeat it to often. If you are already having trouble getting yourself to do a workout you do not want to do anything else to discourage yourself. Pre watch workouts and, see if you would actually enjoy doing it. Toss in 3 workouts that you love into your routine because why should you do a workout you simply hate. If you are a beginner to working out try simpler workouts for beginners. It also, helps to go to the gym and, workout in classes with other people. Once, I hear the music I get so pumped and, always have a great group workout. Make sure you mix up your workouts so your body doesn’t get used to it and, you don’t get bored. Every now and, then throw in a workout you might not like and, make it your goal to be able to do the whole workout by the end of the month. You have to build up your body strength do not get upset if you can’t do a push-up eventually you will be able to but, you must work at it. I am in the process of working on my upper body strength so, I will be able to do more than one push-up.

9. Eat Creatively

The worst mistake you can make is having the same two meals every week. Your body will eventually have a bunch of cravings and, you will have trouble eating it after awhile. I always recommend eating vegan and, I have found some great and, adventurous meal preps from this YouTuber:

10. After a month or two buy yourself a new outfit

Show off your amazing bod to all your friends and, family in a new outfit. Praise for what we have accomplished is always inspiring and, keeps us going. Once the compliments start coming make that your inspiration to push that much harder! 70% Of your work starts in the kitchen with what you are eating and, 20% is work you put into those workouts. Remember you are in charge of yourself and, you can do it! I will be here to hopefully inspire you all through this amazing transformation and, journey. It is not only physical but, a mental transition. You can, you will!

21 Day Meal Prep

Hello Loves,

Well starting Monday I will be meal prepping and, I already planned out all of my workouts. As some of you may know, I have been really preparing to lose a good amount of weight from 30-40 pounds and, I took two days to sit down and meal prep as well as, write out a full fitness schedule. Yes, that is a long time but, I have a feeling that it will be well worth the time that it took me. I will be going to Arizona in the beginning of March and I was hoping to go anywhere from fifteen to twenty pounds lighter. I am so excited to see family friends, my friend and, the Grand Canyon! I love traveling and, being able to buy a ticket was super exciting. Now with even more motivation to shed those pounds I sat down and, worked out a schedule. I have one rest and, everyday I have two workouts and, always have either yoga or stretching as part of the two workouts. I think I balanced out everything well when it came to the workout schedule. I also, planned my meals with the help of Pinterest the meals for the first 21 days are around 1,500 calories. Yes, I know there is this whole debate about getting 2,000 calories a day which most of the time I have trouble consuming. I am still getting used to getting all the right nutrients and, protein after three years of being vegan and, meal prepping was a way to ensure that I would be having very healthy food that would sustain me. If I am feeling hungrier I can always eat something this is not to starve myself just so, I can gauge the calories and, see what works best for me. My job is very sedentary requiring me to sit a lot which is why my calorie intact is going to be a bit smaller. If I was riding a bike around town all day then yes, I would probably need over 2,500 calories but, since I’m not I am going to test this out and, see if it works well. I have my shopping list ready to go for Sunday and, will be meal prepping Sunday for 21 days. I have never made food for this amount of days but, I am really excited to see where this brings me. I will keep you updated throughout this series with one to two posts a week possibly on how the food is tasting, if I needed to alter the diet,  how the exercising is going, emotions of the process etc… Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,

allie vLuv



Nothing Fits Why….

Hello Loves,

So, the other day I was searching and, searching for affordable ethical clothing that will fit me and, honestly there is not much. I think I chatted with you all about not really finding to much at thrift stores that fit my size and, that 90% of my wardrobe is from Poshmark; I was not joking if you ask my friends and, family whenever anyone asks, “where did you get that,” I always respond, “Poshmark.” I absolutely love Poshmark but, sometimes I get really frustrated and, just want clothing that fits well on me. I don’t think it is to much to ask for clothes that fit, especially my chest. I’m sure most of you can relate when it comes to romper, jumpsuits, suits etc. There is always something wrong with a piece of clothing that just doesn’t fit quite right. Now, I am not an expert at sewing, in fact, you could call me a beginner but, I am determined to make myself some clothes that fit really well. I took pictures of items I liked that I want in my wardrobe fitted to my size. I know I’m not going to be able to whip up a dress right away; I do plan on practicing but, I am on a mission to get fabric I love that is ethical and, start sewing away. I do not know how long it will take me but, I’d like to have 10 summer outfits by June. It may be a bit presumptuous however, I would really like some clothing that fits to perfection. I have sewn before and, have made a few pieces but, nothing to this extent without the supervision of a fashion professor. This has been a long time coming especially now that I am a supporter of ethical fashion. I would like ten outfits that are casual/one’s I can wear out, 3 workout outfits and, 3 bathing suits. I will have to figure out how to make all of these things, where I can get fabric and, what time span I am looking at. I made a romper in a 2 hour and 45 minute class over about 13 weeks .  I was done early and, that is because I had an amazing lady next to me who sewed in high school and, she helped me figure out the pattern and, how to sew some of the pieces together. I was also, determined to get it done. That is less then 39 hours of work so, if I can get one piece done a week it will take 16 weeks to accomplish a ten piece summer collection. If I start at the end of January I should be done by end of second week of May. I have to purchase all fabric etc.. which can be very pricey but, it is custom made which could cost thousands of dollars and, I think it will be worth it as long as the pieces are wearable… I am also, on my way to losing weight and, I don’t want there to be a problem that all the clothing is too big so, I will have to see if a tailor or I will be able to take in the clothing. I am so excited/nervous to accomplish this. Please let me know if you would like a series about making clothing without really knowing everything about sewing. I am sure I will learn a lot. If you have any tips please let me know in the comments below. I think I will talk about this on my YouTube Channel as well so, if like to watch videos instead of reading I will leave my channel link below. If you want to follow my progress through instagram you can on @foreverseekingwanderlust and @allievluv.

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,



My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9lSYWyJqDEXe_-toxR7PvQ





Amazon Lending A Helping Hand

Ciao Tutti,

If you aren’t already sucked into the Facebook vortex of videos and, shopping on Amazon then you must not be on the internet that often. Today has been a day of a multitude of news and, just when you think you have writers block there is always something popping up in the hope you will write about it. This video deserves as much attention as it can get! Monika is a co-owner of a women’s shoe company that she develop in America. She came to America to concur her dream and, she did. While walking down the street she saw a homeless man with a sign saying, ” I need shoes.” When she went back he was no longer there and, that is when she came up with the give back box idea. She is now working with be companies such as, Amazon that are teaming up to send these boxes to charities. the great thing is that you do not have to pay anything you are merely donating clothing, shoes, items you no longer need! You get a free shipping label and, off they go. When you receive an Amazon box you usually chuck it in the trash, after taking out what your purchased. Well, that is not helping our landfills and, when you send your give back box to the charity of your choice, they will recycle all of there boxes. It is great that you will be giving back and, no longer be polluting our world! I would say, it is a win, win! This holiday season when you receive new items of clothing etc. take time to look through your wardrobe and, see if any older pieces could use a new home.


Have an enlightening and, adventurous day,


11 Tips To Start Your Fashion Blog on a Budget

11 Tips To Start Your Fashion Blog on a Budget


Getting Your Foot Through the Door:

It may take you a few years before you attempt to start a fashion blog or, you may already have one; either way you are wondering how do I stand out and, get ahead. Before even attempting to write you need to spend about $10 on a domain. Make sure your domain is going to be relatable to your website. Do not try and, go for the free spots to write on like BlogSpot they will not make your site professional looking. You want your site to have a focus and, your focus needs to be portrayed.



Find Your Niche:

Your blog will be competing against thousands of other blogs that are already established. What will make you stand out? What type of fashion will you be focused on? What labels/brands will you be wearing? This is all important to know from the very beginning. You will want to have many posts using the label/brand before approaching them with an offer to use their clothing in your blog. Once you find your niche, be bold, daring and, different. If you are focused on high-fashion make sure your pictures are editorial and, fit for a magazine. If you are going towards ethical fashion make statements and, keep up with ethical topics. You will need to be the writer, creator, photographer and, editor when it comes to your blog. To save on pictures, because most pictures need to be taken by someone else, find a family member or, friend interested in photography and, have them take the photos. Make sure to discuss what your image is and, what the theme for the photos are in advance; saving you time as well as, having the photographer understand your perspective will bring your image to life. Instead of paying cash, which,  you would not be able to afford, offer up an exchange. Give your photographer credit for each photo, leave a bio on the bottom of each of your blog posts along with a website or, way for someone else to contact the photographer if they enjoyed their work. You can also, offer up an interview post as well as, credit on all your social media posts. You should be able to find someone even if it is at a local art school who is pursuing photography and, needs photos for their portfolio. Not only, would you be making a new friend but, also, a great contact as they further their career in the industry.


Who Are You Writing For:

You have your website, an idea of what content you want to create and, a photographer but, what about your target market. Who are you writing for? What do they want to hear about? What makes your content interesting and, engaging? All the outfits you wear and, clothing you own is targeted, branded and, promoted in hopes that you will purchase it. Finding your target market could be challenge if you have no idea who you are writing to. When a buyer in the fashion industry is buying for their customers they have an idea of their demographic and, psychographic. You need to know what age, gender you would like to write to and, their finical income. Gathering all this information will help to form the type of content you can write. This content will appeal to that specific audience. An example would be, a female in her early thirties to early fifties with an income of $70,000 a year who lives in an urban area. Now you know who your customer is but, you need to break it down a bit further; she has $500 expendable money for clothing. Now you can understand what kind of labels/brands your target audience can afford and, that is what you will be promoting into all your pictures. The object of the blog in your mind isn’t to sell clothing but, if you have any chance with working with a fashion company they need to see your target market and, how well their items will sell if they give them to you to wear. If you are going for high-fashioned posts you better make sure your target market has the means to purchase this clothing otherwise your blog will not thrive.


Social Media Is Key:

If you are going to have a blog you better have every form of social media possible. Blogs have become less desirable than posting on Instagram, where your target audience doesn’t have to read a post and, gets to see cute outfits. Your followers may want to purchase the outfit you are wearing right off Instagram which is when a company will seek you out to work with. You will have a long way to go until that happens so, you need to have a photo ready for all your accounts; fashion photos, outfits of the day, occasion ideas. Use all the social media to your advantage it will not only promote your blog but, if done right you will start to be a well-known face on social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and, many other platforms will become your best friend; make sure you are easy to find with your handles all being the same. The handles need to relate back to your blog where your audience will start to build up. Do not under estimate the power of social media because it is important for companies to see you have a following and, it’s a free way to advertise your blog.



Build Your Content:

In blogging you will be putting all your creativity and, hard work for everyone to see so, make sure you are ready for the critics. Build up that tough skin and, flood your feed with amazing content. Chances are the first couple of posts won’t get any hits and, it may take you awhile to build up your audience, no matter what, keep posting. Your content should be posted every day for at least a year before you decide to get a schedule of when you are planning to upload content. Writing every day for three hundred and, sixty-five days may get to be a bit draining and, speaking from experience you will not have time to write one post a day. Instead, pick three days a week and, write a weeks’ worth of posts each day, yes, seven posts in one day. It will be much easier for you to continue to upload if you schedule your uploads. So, if you have picked Monday to write seven days’ worth of posts for next week and, you schedule them all out they will upload without you having to constantly check. You may need to have many pictures taken at once to be able to keep up with the uploading schedule. Twice a month gather your photographer , your ideas and, take two days to shoot all the content that is needed. You will, need pictures of all your social media so, don’t forget that. Each day you will need to post on your social media or, you can use a new platform that is free such as, HootSuite and, schedule the posts when you do all your writing. It is all about saving you time and, helping your content grow. Writers block is a real thing, I can vouch, even as a blogger so, take one day out of the month and, list all your topics for the month. If you are writing about celebrity fashion, you can just have that as one of your posting topics and, put a new celebrity in each week, be flexible but, be organized.



Personality Is key:

If you are not a model and, have decided to put yourself in front of the camera it may be intimidating. Do not fret, you will not be camera shy for long because you are your blog and, you better get used to your face and, body being on your blog every single day. That is part of what makes your blog so special, you are an individual with your own unique and, creative traits. Let your personality exude from the pages of your blog as if, your reader is sitting beside you listening to you read. Let them feel your emotion through your photos and, let your fashion style become your signature. Do not follow another blog and, do not compare yourself, it is all too easy to and, can be frustrating. This is your mind coming to shine through your blog and, that is what your readers want to see. Portray yourself, as if you are speaking to your best friend of course, your writing maybe a different and, the pictures maybe be a bit more professional but, your personality will forever remain the same. Sometimes your audience may want quirky pictures, sensual pictures, innovative pictures. It is up to you and, your photographer to help capture your true self through the lens and, up to you to do so, through the writing.


Set Up a Media Kit:

Now that your blog has flourished and, you have quite a following it is time to reach out to companies. I suggest starting with local clothing stores or, designers and, work your way up gathering experience. Before you start calling around, hold on, there is a protocol and, a way to go about asking to get sent clothing or, to be paid to wear the brands clothing. To collaborate with these brands, you need to send them a media kit which outlines key facts and, statistics about your blog. Your media kit is selling your blog and, you will need an impressive kit that gets your blog noticed. Putting together a media kit may be a process but, it is much easier than continuing to write emails to companies that are most likely not interested in working with you. Your Media Kit is designed to help you tell the company about your blog and, see if they are the right fit. It is a professional way of presenting your blog to the company. Make sure you do an extensive amount of research in putting together a media kit and, see if your blog is ready for that step. First impressions are important and, if you have a small following and, don’t have a large social media following wait until you know a brand will work with your blog.



Build A Team:

If you are working for companies and, the work load is getting to be too much you need to hire a team. Your team will constant of professionals that can help you grow and expand your business. Make sure you are hiring professionals that will take off the work load placed on you and, that you are prepared to pay employees. Before you go ahead and, hire employees you may want to hire a company that will help you with taxes, payroll, insurance etc. It is still a must that you abide by federal and, state taxes even when you are getting paid by these companies. The tasks that you are not able to accomplish should be given to your employees which, means you may need to hire a writer, social media expert and, someone to organize your business so, you can continue to grow your blog. Whatever you need help with do not be afraid to pass on work to your employees but, as I said be sure that you are in that stage and, that you have plenty of money to afford this luxury. A lot blogs hire a few freelancers to do regular posts for them which, maybe where you want to find your employees until you are ready for a few full-time employees.



How Am I Making Money:

It will take time to earn the kind of money that you would expect but, good things come to those that wait and, of course, put all their hard work into. If you know about blogs, you will know you get paid by google analytics, ads, affiliate links and, sponsorships. But, hold the phone, the sponsorships and, regular ads will come later, right now you are in the stages of proving yourself. You will set up your blog with google analytics; it pays you for ads that it generates on the blog. Once you have that set up it will be difficult to earn money since your traffic will be low at first but, that is why you never put your eggs in one basket and, divvy it up. Affiliate links are a large part of how bloggers make money; you will get a certain percentage when a reader clicks on the affiliate link that you placed on your blog and, purchases the item or, items. There are many companies with affiliate links and, you must do research to see what affiliate links will work best with your blog style. It is important that you do not saturate your blog with links but, find a balance that will work for you and, your reader. Once, your blog becomes sought after or, you gain enough of a following you will be asked by fashion companies to place ads on your blog. You can make quite a bit off these ads depending upon their size and, placement; basically, you are selling ad space on your site, that happens to be a blog. If you have your media kit put together start to send it out to companies and, then you should start to receive jobs. Before you get a yes, you may get a lot of no’s, keep your chin up and, continue to send out your media kits. After a while your kits may get noticed and, you will have a new collaboration with a brand you love.


Bonus Tips & Tricks That Are Budget Friendly:

Starting a fashion blog can be a bit stressful but, with this list you should be ready to go full steam ahead. Stay focused, know what you will be writing about and, have your target market in mind. You may want to create a little booklet of your goals and, maybe even come up with a business plan. Buy yourself a planner or just do it all digitally and, have it send reminders to you. Personally, I enjoy having an old-fashioned planner that I can write in but, this is the age of technology so, why not use it and, save yourself some money. Money that will be coming out of your pocket will be mostly for clothing so, hang in strong you might want to frequent thrift stores at first; you are still promoting the brands/labels you love and, no one will know the difference. Find designers who are in fashion school and, want to get their creations out. If you can reach out to fashion students make sure you give them the option of each photo having the designer name under it, bio at the bottom of your blog post and, credit when posted on social media. You just got a new outfit, helped a designer get their clothing known and, may have discovered the next CoCo Chanel. Another way for you to save some money is to, upcycle clothing, it has become the latest trend in fashion. If you aren’t aware, upcycling is turning a piece of clothing you have and, transforming it into another piece of clothing. This will help your wardrobe expand because having three hundred and, sixty-five outfits a year can be a bit tricky when you don’t have the money. Take a piece of clothing and, do not sew it but, tie it which, will turn it into an extra skirt or dress, voila, you have another article of clothing. Using an accessory to turn an outfit into a brand-new outfit is clever and, budget friendly. Scarves were a big trend with purses to make them look cute but, did you ever think a scarf could turn your purse into another piece in your wardrobe. Be sure to switch up your hair and, makeup never clashing with another photo already taken. Because, this can be tricky, I suggest you lay out your clothing and makeup inspiration for each photo shoot, then, take a picture of each outfit. You will have all the pictures printed and, available for your next photo shoot. Accessories are crucial to your outfits so, make sure to buy timeless pieces that will never fade out of style; this will stop you from having to keep spending money on new pieces. Do your own hair and makeup or, offer it up to a friend or up and, coming makeup/nail artist. You can offer the same deal as the one you offered the designer. Use nature as your background and, never pay for any kind of sets when you are in the beginning stages of blogging. There are plenty of cool graffiti, parks and, towns for you to borrow the background.

Credit Yourself:

Just like you are giving everyone else credit, give credit to yourself. You are the one who is a stylist, creative director, makeup artist, writer and, you need to make sure you put that at the end of every post. Even though, this is your blog, your readers do not know who you have hired and, you need to make it known that you have put in all this work. If your styling gets noticed, you may be asked to do a styling job for a company or, for a new brand that is launching. Make sure you credit yourself in your Instagram posts as well.


Now you are ready to launch your new fashion blog. Take these tips and, tricks to go do what you do best. Remember to take a breath, learn and, concur what you came to do. Articles with substance are important so, even if you are posting about your pictures make sure to include topics and, content people will read. Your blog is not Instagram and, if you can get your readers engaged in your content you will go far.

Credit Yourself:

Just like you are giving everyone else credit, give credit to yourself. You are the one who is a stylist, creative director, makeup artist, writer and, you need to make sure you put that at the end of every post. Even though, this is your blog, your readers do not know who you have hired and, you need to make it known that you have put in all this work. If your styling gets noticed, you may be asked to do a styling job for a company or, for a new brand that is launching. Make sure you credit yourself in your Instagram posts as well.


Now you are ready to launch your new fashion blog. Take these tips and, tricks to go do what you do best. Remember to take a breath, learn and, concur what you came to do. Articles with substance are important so, even if you are posting about your pictures make sure to include topics and, content people will read. Your blog is not Instagram and, if you can get your readers engaged in your content you will go far.

Free Piano Lessons


Ciao Loves,
There is a promotion that will be going on this Sunday for free piano lessons. I will provide the link below and, a clearer description of the promotion. If you leave a review please email me your review so, I can send it back to the company. They are thrilled to provide you all with free music lessons that will never expire.

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3. Are you struggling to follow online piano lessons that seem to jump all over the place without any sense of direction or consistency?

4. Would you like to expand your musical understanding and learn how to play the piano through an affordable, step-by-step book and video course?

If your answer to any of the these questions is yes, then this beginner piano classics book and video course is definitely for you!

Have an enlightening and, adventurous day,



Boss Lady

Hello Loves,

You all know I have been chatting with you about my many business ventures and, how to really make money blogging. I am still in the learning stages but, I am putting my heart and soul into every venture that I set out to take on. I have learned that I so need to make a calendar for myself and, schedule out posts throughout the month, when I’m shipping out products for Amazon; YouTube Videos to be shot, Freelance jobs, Pet Sitting… You’d think I’d be rolling in the dough from all these jobs.. I have invested quite a bit of my own money into my Amazon business and, in order for it to reach the amount of sales I want it to reach I need 600-1,000 books a month and, somehow only spend $300 a month. I mean, it is possibly but, that is an extra $300 a month I need to come up with. Yikes, so much money going out and, not much coming in. But, just as I had said in a previous post we need to invest in our” health” just like in this case I need to invest in my future. I am already thinking about my 401K, Investments, Retirement, and future projects to invest in. I take all of these things extremely seriously and, moving into my mid twenties I want to be in a comfortable position. At 25 years old I don’t want to be living pay check to pay check which is why I am putting the time in now. I was able to save enough money to invest in my first two businesses, learn from them and, then able to invest in my Amazon business today. Researching and, learning are super important when it comes to Amazon and, all of my other business ventures. Recently I was watching a YouTube video on a man my age who is making $10,000,000 a year with Amazon and, consulting. He said he got $50,000 in investment for his Amazon and, it just grew expediently. To turn $50,000 investment into millions of dollars is not only impressive, it is smart. Now being only 22 years old I have zero collateral to be able to get this kind of money for an investment. I thought I would start out smaller with my goal but, to make it really happen and, blow my goals away, I will need to implement what I learned. Right now I am trying to get as many Freelance jobs as possible within my field and, try to make an extra $1,000 a month. With the $1,000 a month I would set aside $400 books, $40 phone, $30 gym, $200 NZ trip, $100 groceries, $200 savings, $30 spending money. You may think $1,000 isn’t much money but, to me it is amazing because it keeps my business and, life going. If you noticed I don’t have apartment expenses and, that is because  I am still living with my parents I also, do not own a car. I am in the middle of studying for permit/license yes, I realize I am old and, should have all of that already there is a short story to go along with that but, basically time got away from me. I have been putting time in to study for the permit so I’m hoping by the end of December I will be good to go to take the test. Once I have a license and, car it will open up more expenses but, it will also, give me the ability to travel to book sales and, be able to dog walk etc… But, back to the point you have to make this all happen for yourself and, so do I. My goal is to be solely reliant on myself and, nobody else. Like one of my favorite quotes says, “Your attention please , no one is coming to save you. This life of yours is 100% your responsibility.”

It is so true, you are responsible for you and looking out for yourself. 20 years down the road you don’t want to regret not giving yourself a solid platform for yourself. I am still planning on doing a woofing trip to New Zealand because I’m young and, I want to travel! Skys the limits because the only one in the way is yourself so, take control of you and, build a cushion for yourself, become a boss lady or gentlemen.

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,



Photo Credit First Photo Taken By Anna Kobeleva   :

Anna is a talented Photographer who just took some beautiful all natural beauty shots of me. She did such an amazing job!

You can look her up on facebook and instagram using her name



Is Zero Waste Worth It?

Hello Loves,

I have been trying to do a lot of zero waste research and, I think I have gotten distracted almost every-time. I am sure you all understand how much time it takes to put a lot of research into a certain category… It took me months to learn about veganism and, I am still learning. I was wondering to myself is it worth my time to study this subject and, finding if it completely do able for my lifestyle. My answer is yes and, no. Although, the environment is number one I would say the majority of the people dwelling on our earth could careless. This makes it difficult to become zero waste. I know it is far from impossible but, I feel I would have to have my own house to really give zero waste a 100% go. I am still going to role with it bit by bit but, just like becoming vegan it is going to take awhile to understand it fully and, adjusting. When I decide I am going to commit to something I really go in head first so, I will not do that just yet but, when I do eventually have my own apartment, house, van what ever I decide to live in I would like to try this set up of 100% zero waste and, see where it gets me. Like I have said in previous zero waste post I do still want to support vegan companies so, I do not think I will ever fully be at 100% but, if I can work my way up to 25% and, go from there it will only benefit my environment. There are a few concepts of living that I will be discussing this week. First I will watch a few more YouTube videos and, post before I talk about them but, I would like to try different ways of living. Trying new “things” is important to me and, going beyond my comfort zone is something I have tired to embrace more in life. If I am never uncomfortable or not learning then I will never grow and, understand what form of living I would like to lead for the rest of my life. Three blog posts about different ways of living should be coming at you this week. Don’t forget to check out my new YouTube Video below!

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,


How To Afford A New Camera


Ciao Tutti,

You may be seeing the quality of my YouTube Videos has elevated not only in the past year but, in the past several vlogs.  Well, that is because I got a new camera! I have been wanting one with a flip screen for awhile and, have not been able to afford it. In fact this is the first camera that I have purchased my other two cameras were Christmas presents. This camera was not cheap and, it is not solely mine. When I was looking to purchase the camera my brother decided that he would split the cost with me and, we would share the camera. Knowing, that I would be using it quite a bit more than he would he still decided that it was a good idea. We all know I am not rolling in dough as I talk about in almost every post… But, what we do know is that I like to hollar on a dollar. I am testing many ways to make money and, have been having an interesting time with that. If you want to learn more about that I will leave the link below. I really hunted for this camera and, so did my brother. I watched probably about 10-15 videos and, blog posts to find the right camera for what we needed without spending over $700. Finally we found the right one and, it was around $650. So, $325 each which is much more do able compared to $500-$700 by myself. Not only did my brother split the camera with me he said I only have to pay half and, he would make the other half my birthday/Christmas present. I mean, do I not have the best brother. So, that leaves me paying $162.50 for a over $600 camera… My advice is to split the cost of the camera with a family member or, you can do what I was going to and, save up for half then pay it over over the course of a couple of months. Make sure you don’t go in buying a camera that you will not be able to afford. If you can not afford a camera use your phone once you start to make money off of the video or pictures grow your cameras. It is funny I kind of think grow your camera with your videos. I kind of did the opposite kind of… My first camera I did have for four years before I got my first EOS last year for Christmas. It was my gift from the whole family as it is expensive. My first camera still works but, I needed a better quality as I was getting paid to do a few videos and, the filming was a nightmare… The focus wasn’t working for long videos you have no idea how many times I would lose footage, the camera won’t be recording and, how long it would take to set it up because I would have to replay the camera to see if I was even in the video and, adjust it… When I say nightmare I really mean a nightmare. When I learned that I could hook my EOS up to my laptop and, adjust it through there it was amazing… I still couldn’t see myself in the camera but, I could see myself on the laptop. For a year this is how I filmed and, it was not without its problems. Finally I have Cannon EOS M3 ahhh… If you watch it you will here in my video below that I am so excited about the focus. A true vlogger when you get excited about how clear your focus is… I have filmed vlog style and, filmed videos where I am just sitting and, I am in love with this camera. It is my favorite that I have used to film so far! The fact that I can flip the screen and film myself is just absolutely amazing! I defiantly recommend this camera if you need a new one. It also, takes beautiful pictures. Right now I only have one lense for this camera so, if I end up getting more at some point I will fill you in. I am currently in camera heaven, this camera has been such a dream so far.

How To Afford A New Camera List:

  1. If you can’t afford a new camera use your phone or find a inexpensive one at a garage sale or secondhand store
  2. If you are serious about filming grow the camera with your Channel or by how many clients you have
  3. Get a side job there are many online:http://thatsabang.blogspot.com/2016/11/making-300000-blogging.html
  4. Split the cost with a family member that you can trust
  5. Save over the course of the year
  6. Sell your pictures now or get some of your videos sponsored so, you can afford your dream camera
  7. Buy on huge sales such as cyber Monday

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,