Give The Gift Of A Memory

Happy Holidays Loves,

In the midst of a busy season we tend to get caught up in the gifts and, not so much in the memories we should be sharing with one another. I made a video dedicated to giving a gift of a memory instead of giving a tangible gift because, lets be honest, the gifts we get aren’t as cherished as the memories we are given. Gifts of memories can be very simple to a simple moment of baking cookies or a walk in the park. It is the time taken to share with others that you will appreciate as you get older. Take the time to bask in the joy of being together!

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,

allie vLuv


Merry & Happy All Year Through

Ciao Loves,

I hope you are all having a happy holiday and enjoying the lovely giving spirit that comes along with it.¬†An update for you all I will be filming a week of ugly Christmas sweaters along with, blog posts! I haven’t really gotten into the holiday spirit so, this week I was like what the heck let’s get merry & happy! I will be posting for seven days giving you all gift ideas, DIYs, and makeup/hair tutorials so, lets get Merry & Happy together!

Dates Coming Soon…..

Love of Love,