Merry & Happy All Year Through

Ciao Loves,

I hope you are all having a happy holiday and enjoying the lovely giving spirit that comes along with it. An update for you all I will be filming a week of ugly Christmas sweaters along with, blog posts! I haven’t really gotten into the holiday spirit so, this week I was like what the heck let’s get merry & happy! I will be posting for seven days giving you all gift ideas, DIYs, and makeup/hair tutorials so, lets get Merry & Happy together!

Dates Coming Soon…..

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Breaking News Starbucks Red Cups

Ciao Tutti,

Breaking News is happening all the time and I am covering it for you all. Have you heard about the Red cups from Starbucks? Did you know that this design was established in 1977 so, why is everyone freaking out about a red cup? Some Christians specifically Christian Evangelists are taking it a bit to far and decided that Starbucks is against Christianity and Christmas; when in fact that is not the case, Starbucks is taking steps to be politically correct. Although, I am Christian and love the idea of Christmas cups I am also, all for including everyone and standing to be politically correct. Is this the case where a cup in is in fact a cup and everyone needs to get over themselves, in my opinion yes. Starbucks is in 66 countries and should have their aim in a politically corrective sphere. With the holidays always having a vintage them and old fashioned feeling, Starbucks seemed to not know that this kind of rage would be taking place over a cup. Starbucks may have believed that people would be filled with the spirit of the holidays and not so focused on their red inspired vintage cup. If I was Starbucks and, I had known about the controversy ahead of time I would have done a snowflake cup; then no one has anything to say, snowflakes are not mixed with religions in which I feel they are neutral toward everyone. Like Taylor Swift has done which has made her millions Starbucks has their haters to thank for the free publicity and, no they did not right a song although, that’s a great idea.

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,

XO allie