Simple Way To Save $500 A Year

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With traveling becoming a large part of the 20 “somethings'” lifestyle we are all looking at ways to cut out extra costs. Who couldn’t use an extra $500 in their savings account or to use for an airplane ticket. Where do you have to cut back in order to get it?

Yup, unfortunately those delicious soy frapps have to go.. We subconsciously are spending almost $500 on just coffee or tea. Can you imagine you have a virtual wallet and, it’s wiped clean by your insane need for caffeine filled mornings. With credit cards, debit cards at the ready their is not such a connection as their would be with cash. If you hand your card over you can pay it later as opposed to handing over your hard earned cash right then. A few ways to avoid this insane spending spree:

  • Make your own coffee and by a reusable cute to go mug that will motivate you to fill it with your own coffee
  • Load your Starbucks card with the allotted money you’re allowed to spend for the month
  • Get another job if you are serious about getting Starbucks every week

If you can kick the habit and still want to earn some dough to save for your travels here is blog post I wrote about recently that should help you find a side hustle:

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Here are my favorite gems for traveling, saving money and, so much more!

Airbnb: This is my favorite way to travel. While in Italy we saved so much money using Airbnb and stayed in an amzing apartment. Airbnb is much cheaper than a hotel and, you can filter what you need for your trip. You can get an entire house or, a room in a house. It’s customized to your needs.

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Ibotta: Clip coupons no more! This app has all the coupons you want minus the many hours of coupon clipping. I even saw 1% off ebay! Ibotta helps you save money on groceries, mobile shopping, travel and, so much more! You also get $10 just for signing up through my account.

Ebates: Get the best deals on Ebates while collecting money! Invite friends and, get $5 bonus for each friend that signs up. Who doesn’t love building up cash to shop!

Swagbucks: Earn Swagbuck for shopping or, taking surveys. Get rewards for shopping.

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