Studying Blues

Ciao Tutti,

It has been over a year since I graduated from college but, I remember all of my late night cramming for an exam and, study sessions. I thought I could give you all a few tips on how to stay relaxed and ready for an exam. Luckily for me I was commuting back and forth so, the food I ate was healthy, unfortunately for most of you the food at your college is tolerable however, unhealthy. I am hoping you have a microwave in your dorm because I have a few healthy food options to keep your brain flowing. Thanksgiving is right around the corner so, while you are home stock up on these items or have a parent do it for you; almond butter, nuts, carrots, hummus, rice cakes, tea or coffee, bananas, chick peas, kidney beans, cliff bars. They can be made into quick snacks when you are pressed for time. For those that have a microwave, little blender, rice cooker, and, fridge, thank goodness; 5 minute oats, fruits, sweet potatoes, quinoa, rice, avocados, wraps, I like vegan sriracha mayo, Ezekiel bread, microwavable bags of veggies, Ramen Noodles ( The Edgy Veg Has some great dorm recipes with Ramen, Plant Based mylk, nutritional yeast, sea salt. Go on Pinterest, YouTube and, Instagram to help you get dorm recipes together on your tight college budget. Because you are smashed for time, take a break from the partying and, schedule in a grocery trip every 2-3 weeks. Make a list before you go to the store. Do not impulse buy remember you can’t afford it and, chances are it’s really not that good for you.

Now for being stuck eating a food plan from college, I feel sorry for you but, fear not, there are options.  Have your salad dressing, avocado, kidney beans and, or chick peas to add to the salad bar. Most colleges have a salad bar, stake it out and, see what your options are to put on the salad then, go to the store with a game plan for what you need to make your salad met all nutritional aspects. Fruit fridge? Get in all that fruit!! Take the fruit back to your dorm room, especially bananas, they pack the most amount of calories and, nutrition. Scout the room out for every available vegan option, that way you know what combinations you can have everyday to keep what you eat new and, exciting. You may still need to frequent a grocery store for certain things but, know your budget and, exactly what you need before you do.

Now that your food options are worked out, and you are feeding your belly, it is time to fuel your mind with studying. Your plan of action is always important when it comes to studying do not forget to sit down and, write your plan out for the week. It can be hard to stay focused with so many fun distractions going on around campus and, you may forget to study… Since you are going to college to get a degree, it is essential that you focus 60% on your studies and, 30% on your social life. College is meant for you to make connections and grow friendships. Get out your planner and, devote 2-3 hours to plan out your week. Include everything, classes, lunch, study time, free time, going out, time with friends, homework, extracurricular activities,  cleaning your dorm, and shopping. How you budget your time is solely up to you so, be proactive.

Checking off all the important ways to make adjusting to college as a student successful, there is one more crucial topic to check off the list . To make it easier, each week you study what you have learned, make a test for yourself to see what spots you need to work on. By making a new test each week you can add on additional questions until you have a complete midterm or final test to study from. Getting together to study in a group makes all of the difference. If you can have a study group for each subject it will help you to not only socialize, but learn even more. You can offer each other practice tests, new forms of studying and, new places to check out on and off campus. I suggest giving yourselves four fifteen minute breaks to talk and refresh your minds. If you are having trouble writing your paper and need some topic ideas here are two links you can check out ( , ).


College doesn’t have to be stressful, you can learn to balance yourself and, everything will fall into place. If you have any topics you’d like me to write about or more helpful ideas for college students make sure to post below in the comments.

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,