Down To Earth

Today I walked 1.5 miles Down To Earth, but I thought I arrived in heaven. Down To Earth is a vegan/vegetarian grocery store, and little cafe. I know, I walked in with an overwhelming feeling of joy, like I belonged there. It was too good to be true, but it was real. If you aren’t vegan, or vegetarian, it may be hard to relate to why this was completely awesome. When I walk into regular grocery stores it is hard to find vegan friendly foods, yes there are veggies, and fruit that would work great, but this store targets everything vegan. They have a vegan friendly menu of food you can eat there, and a section of baked goods. This store,” I can’t believe I’m saying it,” was better than Whole Foods.

I thoroughly enjoy the feeling of shopping for food. There is something about going into a grocery store with a new set of recipes to test out, and everything available for you to complete these recipes. I think I spent an hour looking around the store, and taking it all in. Before I went shopping, I stopped to look at a menu, as it was lunch time and I had yet to eat anything. I picked up a menu with English and Japanese writing on it. I thought it was a little odd, but I was going with it. Once I picked out what I wanted, the lady behind the counter re-directs me to the all English menu. I chuckled at myself, and thanked her, because I could now read the ingredients that were in the food I was about to order. I placed my order, a vegan chik’n salad wrap, with a mocha iced latte. I’m making my own mouth water (haha). It was going to take ten minutes, so I grabbed a basket and browsed around the store.

Walking around the store was so calming, and at the same time overwhelming at the amount of options I was able to have. I went to the bakery section first, and picked up a corn muffin and oatmeal raisin cookie, before looking further into the store. I walked through all the aisles so excited by my choices, and the prices were better than in New Jersey! I was so happy to find a bunch of yummy goodies to have throughout my weekly stay at the Airbnb I am staying in. Airbnb is great because I can use the kitchen to cook! I save so much money cooking for myself instead of going out to eat. It is also a lot harder to find vegan options when you are traveling with someone who isn’t vegan, and you don’t want to push them to eat a vegan restaurant everyday. Instead, I save a ton of money, know everything I am consuming is vegan, and healthy for me. I compromise a lot with going out to eat, and it is a little worrisome to eat at places that aren’t vegan, because you don’t know if you are going to be able to find vegan options. So, I brought joy to my life by going to Down To Earth, and I am so grateful to the new friends that I made, who told me about this little treasure.

It was about a 35 minute walk there and 35 minute walk back, which I love because you are getting a great exercise in before, and after eating. I stopped in Target to get lettuce, and celery, which happened to be on sale, the cheapest I have seen lettuce yet! Such a win today!!