The Truth About Blogging

Hello Loves,

I thought I’d chat with you all on blogging and, what it really takes. I am still not making money off of blogging which, is partly due to my lack of posts. If you have never blogged in your life then you may not understand the demand that comes with blogging. You must have a boatload of posts ready to be launched every month. This isn’t to scare you or overwhelm you but, this is just the clear facts. A blog is a lot of work and, the benefits may not be seen for years.


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You also, have to dedicate your time to have at least seven posts ready a week. Most blogs will have two to three posts a day. That is 21 posts a weeks and 84 posts a month. Lets say it takes about two hours to write a blog post, add photos, add links and, make your cover photo that means an average blogger would need to devote 42 hours a week to their blog if they are posting 21 times a week. Don’t know if you caught that but, that is 2 hours over a normal 9-5 job… So, if anyone ever tells you that blogging isn’t a real job, that is a laughable statement. Okay, lets say you have those 42 hours now you have to add research, marketing and social media. Add about 10 to 15 more hours to that.

Well blogging may not be as easy as it looks.. Most blogs have people that write for them so, sometimes the original blogger isn’t even writing any content. I personally don’t want anyone else writing on my blog because I made it for a reason. Not having people create content for you is probably not the best business move because I can easily get burnt out or, not be able to turn over enough content. Although, I want to make money off of my blog I don’t want to lose the voice I have on the blog. The reason I created the blog was for a creative outlet. I am learning so much from reading other blogs and just, dedicating more time to creating content.

How Bloggers Make Their Money:

~Affiliate Links

~ Ads

~ Sponsored Posts

~ Other Jobs

Why Did I Start Blogging:

For The love of writing and hoping others would enjoy my voice through my posts

Has It Been Difficult To Blog:

I would say it hasn’t been easy there are may things you need to research, discover and, test. You are running your own business and, there is a lot of time that goes into and, so far no reward money wise.

What Does A Blog Entail:

  • Lots and lots of good/interesting content
  • a few niche posts- mixed in with
  • Ads
  • Affilate Links
  • Loads Of Time
  • A Schedule To Write
  • A Schedule To Promote Your Blog Posts
  • An engaging Audience
  • Passion for What You’re Doing
  • Patience For Not Succeeding Right Away
  • Basics- Interenet, Picmonkey, Pictures, Some To Take Pictures Of You, Some Money

What Makes Blogging Challenging:

  1. Not Always Creative: If you are a writer you understand that you do not always feel the creative juices flowing. This is not the best if you need to devote two specific days to write a post. That usually equals writers block and, that can get very frustrating to have to walk away from blogging because you are not in the creative head space.
  2. Content: Coming up with content can be a bit of a challenge especially if you haven’t scheduled out what you want to write about. Be warned that going into writing a blog post without an idea can be pure genius or create a large headache.
  3. Time: Because this isn’t my full time job it’s hard to poor in the hours needed for the blog. Sometimes I feel like I am neglecting my blog and, I have to, to remind myself my other jobs need my attention because unfortunately, you need money to survive. My pet sitting jobs really allow me a lot of time to blog but, I also, need to create time to dedicate to the pets, workout, shower, eat. Sometimes I can neglect what I need because I’m so focused on my blog. It eats up so much time. I have been blogging since 8 a.m. this morning and, it is currently 1:34 p.m. I’m only on my third post of the day. I did take the dog out a few times and, shower. But, I would say I’ve been writing for a solid five hours. Like I said you need to have a lot of time if you are the only one creating content.
  4. Needing Money: I’ve mentioned a few times now that I need money to survive and, blogging doesn’t provide me with any. This can be extremely frustrating especially if I have poured my heart into a blog post.


  1. Create seven blog posts a week- eventually get to 21 blog posts a week
  2. Give my readers awesome content
  3. Be helpful to the reader and, give them a few posts with information that they can use in their everyday life
  4. Write lots of travel blog while in Hawaii
  5. 500 Followers/Readers
  6. Make Money From The Blog That Will Allow Me To Dedicate More Time To The Blog
  7. Eventually Make A Living From Blogging So That Pet Sitting Money Will Be My Spending Money
  8. Sponsored Posts- That Would Also, benefit my readers

I hope you enjoyed some truth behind blogging. Please let me know if you start a blog I’d love to read one of your posts. Let me know in the comments if there is something specific you’d like me to talk about I’d be happy to write a post about it.

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,



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Zero Waste Baby Wipes

To all the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends etc.:  Zero waste baby wipes, yes, it is a thing…. Wipe toxins are at 5-7 out of 10 for regular wipes. I looked this up when I was asked to bring wipes to a friend’s baby shower. I was alarmed at the toxin rate looked up a zero waste method and, found one! I bought chemical free, bleach free, harm free wash clothes for babies they were bamboo wash cloths. Here what you need:

Recipe: Boil 221ML of Water. Mix the coconut oil with warm water before putting them in the jar. Put wash clothes into glass container. Put cooled water into glass container and, 1TBSP of coconut oil. Close glass jar and, shake. Bam zero waste wipes. Once you use up the wipes you wash them and, the jar and, then reuse. There is no chemical harm, ph problem etc… And, you are not wasting wipes. If you want more zero waste tips please put it in the comments below and, I will write an article on what you request.

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Amazon Raises FBA Fees

Ciao Tutti,

Amazon just released there fee changes for 2017 and, Amazon FBA sellers are freaking out… Now, it does change a few things when it comes to selling as an FBA seller but, they change their fees every year. Amazon is trying to weed out the FBA sellers that aren’t committed to really selling on Amazon and, honestly I couldn’t be happier. Although, I am not that thrilled about the fees which, I don’t think any seller is, it just changes how I will be selling on Amazon. Instead of having lower priced books I will have to stay within $10-$15 at the lowest instead of $6-$8 at my lowest. For some reason this is not registering for other sellers and, they are fed up with Amazon claiming they will go switch to ebay. I have been doing quite a bit of research and, ebay is not a bad place to sell although, I haven’t done enough research to really sell on ebay. I have tried to sell on ebay and, it was a bit of a bust so, research is necessary to sell at least for me. I also, need a niche when selling on ebay. It is a good idea not put all your money into one item or one place it should be spread out in case it does not work out. I have been only selling on Amazon FBA for two years seriously. I have a business plan set up for each year which, tells me how much I need to purchase of each category and, how much money I will need each month to do so. With not having a large amount it is quite difficult to accomplish but, I will talk about how I semi-support myself while trying to build up my Amazon sales in another blog post.   So, my strategy this year will be slightly different more expensive books for full price book sale, half price will be a little cheaper and, box day will be $10 books instead of $5-$8 books. Adjusting with the price change that happens every year is important especially with gas changes etc. Just like we have to adjust to the economy so do our businesses. So, if you are an FBA seller take a breath and, adjust as needed just like every year especially if you want to continue on with your business.

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,