The Truth About Blogging

Hello Loves,

I thought I’d chat with you all on blogging and, what it really takes. I am still not making money off of blogging which, is partly due to my lack of posts. If you have never blogged in your life then you may not understand the demand that comes with blogging. You must have a boatload of posts ready to be launched every month. This isn’t to scare you or overwhelm you but, this is just the clear facts. A blog is a lot of work and, the benefits may not be seen for years.


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You also, have to dedicate your time to have at least seven posts ready a week. Most blogs will have two to three posts a day. That is 21 posts a weeks and 84 posts a month. Lets say it takes about two hours to write a blog post, add photos, add links and, make your cover photo that means an average blogger would need to devote 42 hours a week to their blog if they are posting 21 times a week. Don’t know if you caught that but, that is 2 hours over a normal 9-5 job… So, if anyone ever tells you that blogging isn’t a real job, that is a laughable statement. Okay, lets say you have those 42 hours now you have to add research, marketing and social media. Add about 10 to 15 more hours to that.

Well blogging may not be as easy as it looks.. Most blogs have people that write for them so, sometimes the original blogger isn’t even writing any content. I personally don’t want anyone else writing on my blog because I made it for a reason. Not having people create content for you is probably not the best business move because I can easily get burnt out or, not be able to turn over enough content. Although, I want to make money off of my blog I don’t want to lose the voice I have on the blog. The reason I created the blog was for a creative outlet. I am learning so much from reading other blogs and just, dedicating more time to creating content.

How Bloggers Make Their Money:

~Affiliate Links

~ Ads

~ Sponsored Posts

~ Other Jobs

Why Did I Start Blogging:

For The love of writing and hoping others would enjoy my voice through my posts

Has It Been Difficult To Blog:

I would say it hasn’t been easy there are may things you need to research, discover and, test. You are running your own business and, there is a lot of time that goes into and, so far no reward money wise.

What Does A Blog Entail:

  • Lots and lots of good/interesting content
  • a few niche posts- mixed in with
  • Ads
  • Affilate Links
  • Loads Of Time
  • A Schedule To Write
  • A Schedule To Promote Your Blog Posts
  • An engaging Audience
  • Passion for What You’re Doing
  • Patience For Not Succeeding Right Away
  • Basics- Interenet, Picmonkey, Pictures, Some To Take Pictures Of You, Some Money

What Makes Blogging Challenging:

  1. Not Always Creative: If you are a writer you understand that you do not always feel the creative juices flowing. This is not the best if you need to devote two specific days to write a post. That usually equals writers block and, that can get very frustrating to have to walk away from blogging because you are not in the creative head space.
  2. Content: Coming up with content can be a bit of a challenge especially if you haven’t scheduled out what you want to write about. Be warned that going into writing a blog post without an idea can be pure genius or create a large headache.
  3. Time: Because this isn’t my full time job it’s hard to poor in the hours needed for the blog. Sometimes I feel like I am neglecting my blog and, I have to, to remind myself my other jobs need my attention because unfortunately, you need money to survive. My pet sitting jobs really allow me a lot of time to blog but, I also, need to create time to dedicate to the pets, workout, shower, eat. Sometimes I can neglect what I need because I’m so focused on my blog. It eats up so much time. I have been blogging since 8 a.m. this morning and, it is currently 1:34 p.m. I’m only on my third post of the day. I did take the dog out a few times and, shower. But, I would say I’ve been writing for a solid five hours. Like I said you need to have a lot of time if you are the only one creating content.
  4. Needing Money: I’ve mentioned a few times now that I need money to survive and, blogging doesn’t provide me with any. This can be extremely frustrating especially if I have poured my heart into a blog post.


  1. Create seven blog posts a week- eventually get to 21 blog posts a week
  2. Give my readers awesome content
  3. Be helpful to the reader and, give them a few posts with information that they can use in their everyday life
  4. Write lots of travel blog while in Hawaii
  5. 500 Followers/Readers
  6. Make Money From The Blog That Will Allow Me To Dedicate More Time To The Blog
  7. Eventually Make A Living From Blogging So That Pet Sitting Money Will Be My Spending Money
  8. Sponsored Posts- That Would Also, benefit my readers

I hope you enjoyed some truth behind blogging. Please let me know if you start a blog I’d love to read one of your posts. Let me know in the comments if there is something specific you’d like me to talk about I’d be happy to write a post about it.

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,



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Freelance Writing

10-11.5 hour Work Days

Hello Loves,

As I am listening to some tunes and, catching up on some blog writing I thought I’d chat with you all. This week has been a week of extremely hard work. No, I wasn’t digging any holes or, building a house but, I was building my eBay store. Between ebay ( which, to be  fair is getting most of my time), Amazon, Blogging and, YouTube I am a bit exhausted. I actually enjoy being this busy and, it is such a thrill to try to get these businesses to where I would like them to be. Reality is that I have at least three loads of laundry to wash, a dirty bathroom to clean and, a dirty room to clean. They aren’t disgusting but, it’s getting to be where I really need to clean but, where do I find the time… Well, considering that I find cleanness a necessity I need to prioritize. I talked on my instagram story about the importance of balancing work and, life when working from home. Honestly, I am actually really lucky I am single, live in my parents house and, have limited responsibilities. A lot of resellers that work from home are parents and, do not have as much as me to dedicate to their business yet, they are extremely successful. It is funny how much work I have actually been doing and, how much busier I am since opening up my eBay store. It is also, exciting and, a challenge that I am really to take on. Waking up earlier is going to have to happen for me and, utilizing my book to schedule. My number one priority is my health and, fitness which, I always make time for and, I would say the other ranking priority is my business where I need the money to support myself. Adding into my schedule will have to be laundry and, cleaning. I will also, be adding in daily walks and, yoga in the morning and, at night. Since I am sitting a lot or standing there isn’t constant movement like, walking which is a must for me. I thrive when I take walks and, do yoga. Giving my body energy through exercise will help me during my very long work days. Today, was a rare day where I went to the park with my family for lunch and, got to play frees-bee.  That is how I want me days to be, I work hard and, I play hard. I also, got some stuff done for both my Amazon and, eBay store and, hoping that some problems will be resolved. My parents helped me by doing some excel spreadsheet item inventory which, will be a big help when I go to list all of my items. I posted promotions in all my stores because I am looking to drive traffic to them. I have run a few ads for the first time on Amazon which, had seemed to be helping, I will have to look into the analytics. I also, took pictures of all the items that are going to be listed tomorrow on eBay. And, the freaking Long Term storage Fee for Amazon had me so salty this week when, I had to pay to ship items that didn’t sell back to my house. Needless to say there has been an influx of boxes and, a shortage of space which, is why all those items will be listed on eBay; I do not play around I got right to work unloading them and, listing them on eBay. There are a lot of item and, it will take me awhile but, rest assured I will have them all listed. That promoted my $1 off 4 books promotion going on in my eBay store right now! I have been so concentrated on my typing I didn’t hear the music turn off finally realized and, it’s back. Anyway, I want to make sure I am not just listing books this week so, I will tackle two of the Goodwill Bin bags that need to be listed and, half of one of the boxes in my office of clothes. In case you didn’t know any excess inventory you have laying around is called a dead pile, I do not want dead piles, dead piles equal money sitting around. Right now I have at least ten piles between my clothes, goodwill bin bags and, books that just came in. Ahhh….. That is way too many at most I would want one small dead pile in case of an emergency and, even that pile I wouldn’t have lying around for long. I averaged about 52.5 hours of work in the past five days. That is a rough estimate and, I somehow managed to have enough energy to make every single class at the gym that I go to Monday-Thursday! I don’t think I understood what tired was… Of course, I want these businesses to be successful so, I try all ways possible through social media to promote them. I made a news letter for my eBay store today because I felt I needed one. I will provide the picture below if you all would like to see it. Guess what is coming up in March? It’ book sale season! I am beyond excited and, a little nervous about juggling eBay and, Amazon during the book sale season. The challenge is quite compelling though, and, I just love doing both. One of my goals is to save up for a liquidation purchase of clothing that I can sell on both, ebay and, Amazon. No, I didn’t forget about Poshmark or, Vinted where I have been putting all the clothing/shoes I’m selling on eBay on that platform as well. Let me know if there is anything you’d like me to talk about when it comes to my businesses or, reselling. I will try to answer your questions in an article at least once a week. Although, I have been swamped I have drafted a bunch of posts when it comes to selling and, I will be posting them throughout the Spring and, Summer so, get on the email list where it will notify you when, a new post is up. Fashionista’s I haven’t forgotten about you I will be bringing you some posts in March as well!

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,


How To Afford A New Camera


Ciao Tutti,

You may be seeing the quality of my YouTube Videos has elevated not only in the past year but, in the past several vlogs.  Well, that is because I got a new camera! I have been wanting one with a flip screen for awhile and, have not been able to afford it. In fact this is the first camera that I have purchased my other two cameras were Christmas presents. This camera was not cheap and, it is not solely mine. When I was looking to purchase the camera my brother decided that he would split the cost with me and, we would share the camera. Knowing, that I would be using it quite a bit more than he would he still decided that it was a good idea. We all know I am not rolling in dough as I talk about in almost every post… But, what we do know is that I like to hollar on a dollar. I am testing many ways to make money and, have been having an interesting time with that. If you want to learn more about that I will leave the link below. I really hunted for this camera and, so did my brother. I watched probably about 10-15 videos and, blog posts to find the right camera for what we needed without spending over $700. Finally we found the right one and, it was around $650. So, $325 each which is much more do able compared to $500-$700 by myself. Not only did my brother split the camera with me he said I only have to pay half and, he would make the other half my birthday/Christmas present. I mean, do I not have the best brother. So, that leaves me paying $162.50 for a over $600 camera… My advice is to split the cost of the camera with a family member or, you can do what I was going to and, save up for half then pay it over over the course of a couple of months. Make sure you don’t go in buying a camera that you will not be able to afford. If you can not afford a camera use your phone once you start to make money off of the video or pictures grow your cameras. It is funny I kind of think grow your camera with your videos. I kind of did the opposite kind of… My first camera I did have for four years before I got my first EOS last year for Christmas. It was my gift from the whole family as it is expensive. My first camera still works but, I needed a better quality as I was getting paid to do a few videos and, the filming was a nightmare… The focus wasn’t working for long videos you have no idea how many times I would lose footage, the camera won’t be recording and, how long it would take to set it up because I would have to replay the camera to see if I was even in the video and, adjust it… When I say nightmare I really mean a nightmare. When I learned that I could hook my EOS up to my laptop and, adjust it through there it was amazing… I still couldn’t see myself in the camera but, I could see myself on the laptop. For a year this is how I filmed and, it was not without its problems. Finally I have Cannon EOS M3 ahhh… If you watch it you will here in my video below that I am so excited about the focus. A true vlogger when you get excited about how clear your focus is… I have filmed vlog style and, filmed videos where I am just sitting and, I am in love with this camera. It is my favorite that I have used to film so far! The fact that I can flip the screen and film myself is just absolutely amazing! I defiantly recommend this camera if you need a new one. It also, takes beautiful pictures. Right now I only have one lense for this camera so, if I end up getting more at some point I will fill you in. I am currently in camera heaven, this camera has been such a dream so far.

How To Afford A New Camera List:

  1. If you can’t afford a new camera use your phone or find a inexpensive one at a garage sale or secondhand store
  2. If you are serious about filming grow the camera with your Channel or by how many clients you have
  3. Get a side job there are many online:
  4. Split the cost with a family member that you can trust
  5. Save over the course of the year
  6. Sell your pictures now or get some of your videos sponsored so, you can afford your dream camera
  7. Buy on huge sales such as cyber Monday

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,