Meal Prep What I have learned

Ciao Tutti,

It has been an interesting couple of weeks and, I have already learned so much. In regards to meal prep I moved toward a simpler kind. I found a meal prep on Pinterest that was simple, quick and, much easier. I also, found a recipe for a soup and, let me tell you I could not get enough it is so delicious. The first meal prep I tried took me over five hours to do and, I decided that was way too much time.  Especially, when I have so many businesses going on I need to devote more time to all of my businesses. I have also, learned to chill out a bit the weight loss will come when it comes. I stick to meal prep for most of the time but, if we are having a party or, family dinner I divulge a little bit. Well, this is about a month later when I’m writing this but, I’m glad I waited to add to it. I would say it has been even more enlightening to be on this weight loss journey. It has been amazing to not overthink what I am putting in my mouth. I still do meal prep but, not by days, I do it by having a few options to chose from such as, soup, pasta etc.. It is so much easier not to do meals by the day but, by what you feel like eating from a few choices. It also, is helping create less waste because I only have about three food items for each week. For example this week I made vegan mac & cheese, soup and, breakfast burritos. Eating when I am hungry is the only time I eat; on occasion I do snack but, that is a rare occurrence . I realized I was eating too much for my body and, it didn’t need all that extra food. I also, drink a chia seed drink every other day to flush out any extra fat that might be caught up. 70% of how you look is made in the kitchen and, the other 20% is made in the gym/working out. Boy have I really been getting into working out. I have work out classes four days a week. I want to incorporate morning and, nighttime yoga, working out on the weekends and, swimming. Trying to not overdue it but, still challenge my body. Yesterday I was in my zumba class and, my bum was on fire because the night before that instructor focused directly on glutes , needless to say I am in a constant state of being sore. It is amazing though, because I am defiantly seeing results. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next three months. Stay motivated, keep at it, and, don’t get in your head. If you are eating healthy, have a few things prepared you can grab at and, work out four-five times a week you should, be setting yourself up for success. More posts are coming your way very soon! I’m also, going to be eating specifically for my lymphatic system in April so, we shall see how that goes..

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,


Holy Benefits

Hello Loves,

I have recently been doing so much research regarding veganism and benefits from different “Super Foods.” This week I am focusing in on Coconut Oil and Spirulina. I am going to do a whole other post on Coconut Oil this week; the benefits, and many many uses. Today, we are going to focus on Spirulina and, what I have learned from reading about it. Just putting this out here now, I am not an expert nor, am I a doctor. I have read a few articles and, have tried Spirulina these benefits have been found in studies.

Benefits Of Spirulina:

  1. High In Many Nutrients:
  • Protein
  • Vitamin B (Thiamin)
  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Mangenese

It is known to be the most nutritious food on the Planet. Little Fact is that Spirulina became popular because NASA said it could be grown in space but, had already been used by the Aztecs.

2. Anti-inflammatory & Anti-Aging Properties

  • Protect Against Oxidative ( The combination of a substance with oxygen) damage

3. Can help to Reduce LDL & Triglyceride Levels

  • Lower Risk Of Heart Disease

4. Protects against cholesterol being oxidized

5. Protects against Cancer and Oral Cancer

6. Possible Reduction in Blood Pressure

7. Reduces Allergies

8. Protect against anemia

9. My improve muscle strength and endurance

10. Control Blood Sugar

The article that I pulled this information from I will link below. I thought that it is important for you all to know about all the benefits of Spirulina and, to act on it. I will be conducting a little test starting next Monday where, I will have a glass of water and then, a glass of water with Spirulina. I will continue to do this for two months and see if I show any improvement. After drinking the Spirulina today I felt energized and, overall felt better. For all of you that may not take it because of the taste I personal don’t think it tastes like much but, you can always add it to your smoothie. I will not be passing up the opportunity to reap all of the benefits of this amazing “Super Food.”