Ethical Holiday Toys For Children

With the holidays approaching, some of you may want to get shopping down early. These toys are all old-fashion ethical wooden toys. You may be wondering, ” what is an ethical toy?” An ethical toy, is fair trade, eco-friendly, and ethically made. Fair Trade means that everyone is paid correctly, and there are no sweat-shops, or child-labor. Eco-friendly toys are made to help, and not hurt the environment. Each wooden toy is made with eco-friendly wood, and non-toxic paint. For each tree that the business uses to make the toys, they also, plant a tree. Ethically made, means the “design, production, materials, retail, and purchasing the items are not hurting the environment, work conditions are fair, production is sustainable.”  By purchasing ethical toys, you are making a conscious effort to help the environment, and the people who are working to bring you the item. There is no child labor, or bad working conditions. Everyone is treated fairly, and the working conditions are good.

When finding this company, I was excited, and also loved that it is a family owned business, where they handmade all of the toys. How special is it to receive a toy that is made by another’s hand. Supporting an ethical business, that is family owned, is exactly what I had in mind when I was looking for children’s toys.

This holiday season, give the gift of a handmade ethical toy. Helping to support the ethical businesses. Each toy is made from sustainable wood. The wooden toys are old-fashioned, helping your child take a break from the tech-driven society.

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Screened: I Love Dick (Amazon Prime Original Series)

Odd                                                       Humorous                                                 Alluring

Season 1 Pilot

When I first scrolled through to see what to screen for my Screened addition blog post I hopped onto Amazon Prime as they have some killer Originals. The first thing I see is a bullet like lipstick case with a smeared streak of lipstick running across the screen and, the title ” I Love Dick.” Naturally, I was curious to see what the show was actually about. I didn’t read the description or reviews, I just pressed play. From the moment the show began I knew it was going to be a bit strange but, I found it alluring and continued to watch. As this middle aged couple made their way to Texas you could feel the underline tension of their relationship beginning to unravel. After we ( the audience) meets Dick his character is cunning and, abrasive. The letters written to Dick are out of spite but, also a release from the sexual frustration of the female main character. Dear Dick…..

The humor is not misplaced in this psychedelic and odd portrayal of each letter and, how the female main character interprets each encounter with Dick. The Director and filmmaker work well to capture an elusive reality within each scene.


Have an enlightening and, adventurous day,


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