Breaking News Starbucks Red Cups

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Breaking News is happening all the time and I am covering it for you all. Have you heard about the Red cups from Starbucks? Did you know that this design was established in 1977 so, why is everyone freaking out about a red cup? Some Christians specifically Christian Evangelists are taking it a bit to far and decided that Starbucks is against Christianity and Christmas; when in fact that is not the case, Starbucks is taking steps to be politically correct. Although, I am Christian and love the idea of Christmas cups I am also, all for including everyone and standing to be politically correct. Is this the case where a cup in is in fact a cup and everyone needs to get over themselves, in my opinion yes. Starbucks is in 66 countries and should have their aim in a politically corrective sphere. With the holidays always having a vintage them and old fashioned feeling, Starbucks seemed to not know that this kind of rage would be taking place over a cup. Starbucks may have believed that people would be filled with the spirit of the holidays and not so focused on their red inspired vintage cup. If I was Starbucks and, I had known about the controversy ahead of time I would have done a snowflake cup; then no one has anything to say, snowflakes are not mixed with religions in which I feel they are neutral toward everyone. Like Taylor Swift has done which has made her millions Starbucks has their haters to thank for the free publicity and, no they did not right a song although, that’s a great idea.

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Breaking News: Social Media Controversy

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With Social Media Marketing at it’s highest why are Instagrammers/YouTubers sharing their stories and, why is it such a big deal? We have all heard Essena Oneill talking out about how all her post were fake, she was starving herself, and she hated herself but, she was making bank off of her Social Media posts. What happens when the person you are following and looking up to on Social Media has created this fake façade that they don’t even like and, better yet why are they standing for it? Is it the fame, money, and attention… I would check all of those boxes because people who are speaking out about it seem to have done Social Media Marketing in the wrong way taking what ever is offered to them and, not testing the products to see if they actually like them. So, it is not technically a fault of the person but, more of a cry for attention that is desperately needed because they are unhappy with the way their life is going, or people just really enjoy making a ton of money. Either way, Social Media Marketing should be taken seriously and done only for products that the individual enjoys and thinks that other individuals will enjoy as well. Younger girls are extremely impressionable and, hold these socialites on a higher pedestal then themselves; making it extremely easy to sell products to them. If done properly Social Media Marketing can be a platform for products that you love to get attention and, attention that is well deserved. Think about if you posted about a product you hated and said you loved it and, lets say you had 10K followers on instagram tha company is likely to sell over 1,000 of those products at the least. That is 1,000 unnecessary purchases for a product you hated and they are most likely not going to like either. It is not always about making yourself and the company money but, about standing up for what you believe is ethically correct. Instead of just mindlessly posting, post because you believe in the product and you will still believe in the product five years from now. This mindset of ethics will show your followers that you care about them/yourself, and will not have you in bits when your morals catch up to you and, you end up deleting your account and,all that work. Remember that this is a job and as long as the person you are following has products that you both enjoy they should not be criticized for  getting paid.

How I approach Social Media Marketing:

Although, I do not have a big enough following to get paid to promote products on my Instagram I have posted them anyway. I only post about products, people etc, that I love and believe in. My Instagram ranges quite a bit and now that I understand Instagram I have created more Insta account to separate things I love.

@allievluv originally eyeheartedu was transformed this year as to not confuse my YouTube Followers

@allievluvplans was created because I decided I love planning and wanted a platform where other people could relate.

@eyeheartedu Created when I decided that I wanted to further promote Poshmark and my closet. I also, feature other Posher’s closet if I enjoy items that they have. I also, try to show how I am there for my customer and have their best interest in hand; I do these by showing how I package and item or coupons I send. I also, package my items with love, care,and a little something extra for my customers enjoyment.

@thatsabangsfitme My only locked Instagram page as I want to give all of you that are following me on fit me exclusivity to my posts. If you have read the Fit Me posts you know their basis are for motivation but, I will be doing segments about meal prep etc. to keep you all interest. I have already posted on here sharing some motivation for you all so, defiantly head over to Instagram and follow me.

I am going to take you through my Instagram and Step By Step Through all the products I just can’t stop blabbing about. And you know I am in love with it if it ends up on my YouTube Channel, Instagram, or SnapChat.

-Poshmark: I am in love with the Poshmark app and that is because it allows you to make money and buy clothes at the same time! This occurs constantly throughout my Instagram page and did I get paid? Nope, not one penny… I love it so much I created my own Poshmark Instagram to promote my closet @eyeheartedu .

-allievluv YouTube Channel: I am always talking about my YouTube Channel because I love being a YouTuber. In fact, I am rendering a video right now and, I figured why not multitask and get a blog out for my bloggers. YouTube is not only an extreme passion of mine it is also, something I hope to turn into a career. I will be working hard this November to get a post out everyday. Which, was suppose to start this Friday but, I am sick. I am still getting my YouTube Channel and blog content although, it is not the content I hoped for.

-Friend’s Businesses: I also, support my friends and if you look through my whole instagram you will find posts about my friends businesses. As you know I have never got paid to promote a business/product through my YouTube Channel so, it is strictly because I love and support what my friends are doing.

-Other YouTuber- If I like your YouTube Channel it is most likely featured on my Instagram at some point. Even though these YouTubers are bigger than I am doesn’t mean I don’t support my fellow YouTubers.

-Veganism/Vegan Products: I have not been Vegan my entire time on Instagram so, not all my posts hat are food related are Vegan but, ever since I turned vegan I have defiantly promoted the lifestyle! I will never go back it is amazing and makes me feel so much better. I promote vegan products like 100 Percent Pure that has my favorite lotion Vanilla Bean which I purchased after receiving a sample in my first purchase from them.

-Whole Foods, Fruit, Rawtill4, Fashion, Trips, Lookbooks, Makeup, Makeup Artist & Photographer for my lookbook, letote, Candles, Tea Mugs, DIY Projects, Welledia, Canon Camera Just Being Myself.

I promoted all these products, places, people, things without getting paid so, can you imagine how amazing the product etc. would have to be for me to accept being paid. If you continue to be yourself within posting have fun with it the paid post will be just another symbolism of yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did share & follow me! I would love to chat with you down in the comments.

Fit Me

Are we ready to be Holiday Hotties? I am! Just to get you started I will give samples about what this post is going to be:

Here are some of my ideas and what you will see over the next month. If you all enjoy getting fit together I will continue the series! I am not a nutritionist nor am I a fitness instructor however, I am motivated to get fit and will motivate you all throughout the week! I plan on having some Youtube videos throughout the week so, you can see I”m working hard at my goals and, hope you will be inspired. I am not in great shape but, isn’t that why you clicked onto this post, to get in amazing shape? That is why I am writing! If you all would like me to create an instagram and pinterest for you all to keep you on track and motivated, I will surely do so! Your input will help me know what works for my readers and, suggestions are surely welcome! I will be posting updated pictures on my progress and you all are welcome to share your progress, recipes, and tips. Please keep in mind that I am vegan so, all my food plans will be vegan. Eat what feels right for you and remember “chips” aren’t considered healthy but, I don’t feel depriving yourself of something you enjoy works. If you are not having at lIMG_0918east 2,000 calories a day then get on it girl! Anything below 2,000 calories is technically starving yourself and can lead to eating disorders. This blog is all about motivation, eating healthy, and pushing yourself to do the best you can! No deprivation here I am a calorie queen!

Here Is What You Have To Look Forward To:

~Meal Plans: I will put together a meal plan that works for me and you can try it or take recipes from it, do what you feel comfortable with

~Workouts: I will show you one of my favorite workouts or come up with a workout routine ( This is varied to change depending upon what you, my reader enjoy the most).

~A collage of me working out during the week, sweat and all. I am not a professional it is a way of holding myself accountable. This may be featured on my YouTube Channel or Instagram.

~Workout Plan: This is what workouts I plan on doing during the week.


I hope you will enjoy my month of Fit Me and I can’t wait to motivate each other!

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,



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Work Bitch!

Ciao Tutti,
I just graduated college with my associates degree in fashion merchandising and, to enable my next step I need to save up about $18,000. I am doing a test run to see if I can make $18,000 within 10 months with my Blog, Youtube Channel, Amazon and side jobs. I am testing to see if it viable and if my followers can do the same. So, I am challenging myself to make $1,800 a month using all of these methods. Right now I make pennies from blogging, and YouTubing; on Amazon I break even… It is a huge challenge and I am going to work the hardest I can to see if it is possible to make $18,000 in 10 months. Do you think I can do it? If you have any suggestions leave it in the comments and begin to start the chatter! I will be updating you every week with exactly what I am using and what I am making off of each job. Fingers crossed! Polimoda here I come!

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