Buzzed Coffee

I have been experimenting with some drinks recently, and I found one that I think is great for the fall weather. This drink is for those who enjoy coffee, chocolate, and want to get a little buzzed. You can make this coffee concoction warm, but I suggest making this an iced coffee drink. I know a cold drink is a little weird for the fall weather, however iced coffee just has a great flavor. I don’t know about you, but there is something about sipping iced coffee that gives me such a boost. You can throw this in a to go mug, but I suggest drinking it at home, because it does contain alcohol. If you aren’t feeling like getting buzzed, just take out the tequila, and bam you still have a bomb drink.


8 ounces of coffee

1 shot of tequila

1/4 cup of Hersey’s chocolate syrup

1/4 cup of your choice of milk ( I use rice milk, or almond milk).

I would stay away from coconut milk, because it has a unique flavor, which may not mix well with the tequila, but do whatever feels right to you. Let the coffee sit until it’s cooled off. Then add ice to your cocktail shaker, add all of the other ingredients. Shake, shake it up. Then pour it into a glass, and enjoy! Drink up loves, hope you all enjoy!

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