Recap Of 2016 & 2017 Goals

Well, 2016 has been an eventful year my business is doing well, I finally got some kind of rhythm down when it comes to blogging, I am continuing to add YouTube Videos/hoping to grow my channel and, I finally went to Italy! This year has actually been very good to me despite the passing of our dog Maxwell which, was hard to come to terms with. He was a part of my life since I was in 3rd grade and, it was so sad to see how the cancer really got to him and, he was not able to eat etc.. It was a blessing he passed away on his own and, the memories of his loving, smart and, cheeky self will forever ever be cherished. Our Pet Sitting business has grown and, we L.L.C last year. This year we just launched our website and, are so excited to keep caring for our fury friends! After graduating from college there is always this awkward bit of time of what are you planning on doing for the rest of your life. Although, I had Amazon, blogging, YouTube and, pet sitting I am not making enough to be out on my own yet and, it is hard to transition to being home a lot instead of at school. I decided not to continue to get my bachelors degree in fashion for two reasons, one, I would not be able to get enough financial aid and, no one would have been able to co-sign a loan. Of course, I do not even have 1% of what it would cost to get the degree so, I decided against going back. The other people is my memory loss. Getting my Associates degree was a struggle because of my memory problem and, made it extremely hard to remember what would be on an exam or, to retain what I had learned. It is a problem caused by auditory processing disorder. I always said if I learned everything in a song there is no way I will forget it but, with having dyslexia and, auditory processing disorder it is hard to recall what I have just learned even though I am focused and, take notes. It is difficult for someone to understand how it is to have both of these when it comes to learning. Part of the reason for my blog was to help further my writing by practicing writing about different topics I enjoy. My YouTube Channel has a few reasons why it was started; for starters I just really enjoyed watching other YouTubers and thought others might enjoy my channel, at sixteen I had a chance to interview a friend for a reporter and, she said I had a knack and, was great on camera. The most important reason and, I don’t think I mention this often is to recall special events in life that I may not remember and, want to have that memory for me to look back on.  I wanted to practice my speech to have it come across clearer and, less mumble. It is also, a great practice for public speaking. If you notice some of my videos can be a bit choppy or my speech my come across a little jumbled that is actually me showing you how I speak or how my brain works. I know for me I can be a bit scattered, my brain works faster than me being able to process what I am trying to say. My progress is so drastic from when I was younger and, it is amazing I can write sentences and, actually read. It was a long journey and, I was determined but, anyway I was struggling with not going back to college because I actually thrive being around people I am such a social individual. I decided I was going to pour my heart and, soul into my businesses and, I really have. I thoroughly enjoy everything I do and, I think I made a great decision. 2016 was a big time adjusting and, trying to find more ways to make money while all of my businesses were growing. I have so many goals that I want to accomplish in 2017 and, I really need to sit down and, plan it all out. The problem with my planning is that I do not necessarily stick to it which is something I am working on. I just bought myself a 2017 calendar and, my planner will get used up until it is done. I will take two days to plan out everything I need to accomplish in January and, February and, then I will schedule it out. This takes a lot of time because I have three businesses, Poshmark, Freelance, Pet Sitting just on the business front. Then I have personal things like appointments, meeting friends and, then my whole workout schedule. I also, have to make sure I take one day off a week because I am a workaholic and, doing something work related while working. I really need to plan out one day a week where I do a detox, read a book, lounge, listen to music and, do maintenance like my nails/face masks etc. Right now I have Incorporated this a little bit but, I want to make sure I take an entire day.  We are so worried about others, work and, we forget to care for ourselves our bodies need a little time off. I want to make sure I have everything organized and, pick certain days to do laundry, clean and, meal prep. On the work front I need to schedule which days are for Amazon, Blog, YouTube and, Freelance. If I establish filming days and, I have my room/office organized I will actually be able to accomplish what I set out to do. I don’t know if anyone else has the learning disabilities I mentioned above but, if you do your room is probably a mess. It is hard to keep organized because my brain is constantly keeping busy and, is overactive which means I get distracted easily and, may forget that I was about to put my clothes away. Another thing I have been working on is keeping my spaces organized which will help me become more efficient when it comes to working. Writing everything down and, having a list to stick to will help me achieve all my goals for 2017. I will still be working on the way I speak because I am unaware when words jumble together or aren’t said correctly and, I do ask to corrected ( most people correct me anyway lol). My goals for my blog to have 3-7 blog posts for you a week with at least two series a month. I would really like to get the fashion side back as that is what I love to do.  I would like to have 500 subscribers by 2018 and, be making $100/month. YouTube although, saturated I think I have a shot. I want to find my niche and, talk about fashion every week. I would like to post 3 videos and, 2-4 vlogs a week. I would like to have 300 subscribers by 2018 and, be making $50 a month. My Freelance jobs are a great side income and, I’d like to make $2,000/mo. which is a lot my expectations may be a bit high.. Amazon, the business I have really took head on and, have tried to grow. I would like to make $1,000/mo. or $10,000 net profit for next year. I know it can be down but, I do not have $50,000 to invest so, it may take Amazon a little longer to grow. If we can have 20-100 sales a day I would be absolutely thrilled. Yes, I have made a business plan and, understand how much I have to buy to accomplish this. Personally, I would like my license and to be able to purchase my own car because no one else is going to haha… I would like to read two books a month, learn Italian, continue to take Itunes U classes, make my own clothes for summer of 2017, go woofing ( World Organisation Of Trade Farming)  for at least three months, be able to afford a house that I can rent out, maintain being healthy working towards my goal of slimming down by working very hard at it, come up with my own clothing line or something similar, singing on YouTube at some point, work on my approach to speaking to people, embracing others, learning from others, I would like to get more involved in helping charities and, being the best version of myself. I hope you all had an amazing 2016 and, we all my struggle but, we are here to pick each other up. If there is a topic you’d like me to speak about please leave it in the comments below I love hearing from you all. I read every comment and, reply.

Have an enlightening and, adventurous new year,





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