REI Used Gear

I just logged onto REI, I have the app as I bought a few things from there for my Hawaiian adventures. I have been sheeding clothing from the last two places that we stayed. One, I left behind a top and bathing suit top, and the other shorts and a tank top. It’s awesome to be loosing weight, but since I have been moving around so much I couldn’t give them to anyone, or resell them. It killed me as I placed a tank top, and shorts into my Victoria’s Secret bag, and threw them away at the airport. I could’ve brought them with me, but I am traveling with one backpack, and a very small backpack; space is limited! Usually, I would resell on Poshmark, but since I didn’t have that option this time, I tossed them, or left them behind. While it felt amazing to let them go I wish there was somewhere I could’ve sent them, so that another person could benefit from having a new shirt, or shorts. REI now lets you return the item you bought, gently used, and they resell it. This is in attempt for the clothing to not go into a landslide, and a genius idea on their end, because they are making money from used clothing. It’s kind of awesome, because not only can you get used clothing and shoes, but you can also get used gear! This is the first time I have seen a company take an ethical stand, and want to actually resell used stuff from their store, so major props to them! If you purchase from REI you can send your items back to the store gently used, or you can resell them yourself. Either way you are helping in keeping clothing out of the landfills, good on you, and good on REI!

Grocery Bill Hacks

When asked, what did you spend your money on in Hawaii, you may think crazy things like jet skiing, or a helicopter ride over a volcano; and I wish I could say that was the case. One month in, and where has most of my money gone? You’ll never guess, food. Holy moley, food here is expensive! While I was staying near Sunset Beach in O’ahu there were three grocery stores that were closer to us by bus. We get around by taking the bus here because one, we don’t have a car, and it’s the cheapest form of transportation. With the bus it would probably take 3-4 hours to go there get groceries, and come back. My bill was never under $45 and I would have maybe a bags worth of groceries. I can not believe the expense of groceries for two people! Instead of trying to cope with the expensive groceries we tried a different approach.

This is a hack to saying money on groceries in Haleiwa, O’ahu. Okay, so you still need fresh produce, what I suggest is making friends with farms and buying in bulk. Unfortunately, we weren’t there long enough to make that happen, nor did we have the connections. What we didn’t go do was check out the farmers markets, but we were told they weren’t very good… I think it is worth checking it out just to see if you can hook yourself with a produce man, or women that you can get a discount if you buy it in bulk. There is also an option to grow some of your own food, like bananas, lettuce, avocados, etc.. After all, if you live here and have property, why not use it! Maybe you can grow enough to sell, and help supplement your grocery bill income.

There are also a few other ways, that many people have at there finger tips, but never think to use. It is to buy groceries online, and there are two stores I highly recommend using! One is Amazon, of course, I’m sure you knew it was coming… Amazon has a Prime membership, which means you can get free shipping on everything you purchased! What now?! Yes, in the long run you end up saving yourself time, as well as money by ordering from Amazon. You can buy items in bulk, which means you can create a list for the month search find the best prices, and check out. No driving, catching a bus, and it gets delivered right to your door. Can I get a hell yeah! Now, it can take one to two weeks to get to you, because the shipping is a little slower to Hawaii, as I have experienced. It is still well worth the wait, we saved so much money getting coffee, pasta, pasta sauce, tea etc. all on Amazon.

Then there is Thrive Market. I have been writing about this online store a lot recently, because its so good. The products are of the highest quality, for the lowest prices. There is a reason that Thrive is beginning to become my favorite online grocery store; their ethics are outstanding. If you are a lower income family, student etc. they will gift you a free membership, as well as a grocery stipend. This company just speaks to my heart, it is one I whole heartly believe in. The program is called ThriveGives, if this is a program you think you fit the bill for click ThriveGives. If you want to sign up for the membership, and help support Thrives’ mission, and save money on your grocery bill.

I will create a little guide to help you all build a menu to save some money using Amazon, as well as Thrive Market. Stay tuned for those posts coming to you soon.




In The Mind Of Dyslexia

Disclaimer: Yes, some of the words are not spelled correctly, this is to show you how the words actually sound to me, and look in my head. This is a huge problem for me still, but auto-correct, and being able to talk to the phone have helped so much!

For those that are keeping up with my trying to help myself develop more skills to help me cope with my dyslexia, wow I found out so much information. I have always been curious about how to go about helping myself sharpen my skills to push against this label of dyslexia. It is quite clear that I in fact, have dyslexia. I am in no way saying I was misdignoised, actually I couldn’t be happier to know there is a reason for why I was struggling in school. Boy did I beat myself up for not being able to complete homework, do simple math, and things that most children struggle through with dyslexia. Now, after learning skills to help with my dyslexia, I want to sharpen up, and help myself learn some more coping skills as an adult. It is funny, I read just a simple explanination of dyslexia, and one thing stood out the most,” Some dyslexic children might not follow a pattern of progression seen in other children. The child may learn how to spell a word and completely forget the next day.” ( )

It is not with only spelling that is occurs, well at least for me, it is with most things especially, text book learning. I learn hands on, and I mean you have to show me, and then I have to do the task, maybe mess up, and then I have got it. Unfortunately, with textbook learning it is all with listening to a professor/teacher, or reading. Well on top of dyslexia, I have an auditory processing disorder, can you say double whammy! Haha, it’s almost comemical to try to explain what it is like for me to learn. If I am not learning in a hands on way, or I can not see the image, or word in my head to be able to figure it out, you have lost me in the learning department. This made school quite a challenge, ,because even though I’d go to class, do the homework, and do a crazy amount of studying, it was as if I never learned about it. Now, I did absorb some things, but I do have a problem retaining information, and it has gotten worse over the years. Even though I did well in college, I worked ten times harder to be able to create a way for me to try to remember everything that was being taught to me. It’s quite a frustrating process considering, I absolutely love to learn. If I was able to retain information, in a normal compaticity, then I would have so much to talk about. I am always researching something, but unfortunately, I don’t always remember everything, so even though the entire thing that I’m explaining may make sense to me, to others this could be difficult to understand, because I am leaving out important information that I can not recall to explain what I have just learned to them. It is actually explained in this simple, but very accurate article, ” When a person with dyslexia expresses a sequence of ideas, they may seem illogical or unconnected.” I tend to do this a great deal, starting to talk about a topic I may have been thinking about in my head, but I explain it mid-thought, which can lead to some very confused looks; and then I realize, oh I didn’t actually introduce this topic, I kind of just started talking, but left out why I am talking about the topic in the first place. By the way, I may not realize I have done this, and usually the person has to convey their confusion. Just like I may have a perfectly rational thought, or idea that may make sense, but it comes out in the wrong sequence, and doesn’t make sense. This can also happen when I am talking just in a normal conversation, I may mumble, or say a word in a weird way, but I have no idea it’s coming out this way. In my mind I am speaking clearly, and articulating my thought. Usually my mind works about ten times faster than I can actually process what I’m saying, and it may come out in a weirdly worded sentence. I have found that writing has become a lot easier since taking up blogging. I am able to transfer my thoughts a lot faster. It’s not to say that I don’t mess up my spelling, and grammar, because that happens all the time. And, I am well rounded with my speech as well, I can conduct intelligent conversations, and hold them, it may just take me a few more seconds to process what you are saying, but you probably wouldn’t notice in a normal conversation, unless you were paying very close attention. And I tend to talk faster so I can get my thought out before forgetting it, I have been working on not cutting people off, I only would do this because I will literally forget to what I am going to say, and who knows, it may take me a few seconds, ten minutes, or a few hours to remember what I am going to say.

I have learned a lot of ways to cope with both of these diagnois, but I decided to really research. As you now know, I love to learn, I crave learning, especially if it’s a topic I am excited about. I don’t know if you read my essential oils article, but I talk about why I am so excited to research, and learn about essential oils. If there is something I am learning about, I am usually blogging about it. I started to blog to sharpen my writing skills, and help me acquire a stronger writing presence. I took something I wasn’t always comfortable doing, and forced myself to become better. I haven’t always loved to write, it was one of my major struggles in school. I would leave out vowels, and switch letters around; you would have to decode what I was trying to say. I also wrote my letters really big, I could not get the concept of writing smaller letters on the lined paper for the longest time. I still have a perception issues, usually with how much space I will need on a line to write out a sentence, or word. Writing signs is not my specialty at all because of the space recongization problem. These are all minor things though, it does not really hurt my everyday life, unless someone asks me to write, or paint a sign, and I start to get a little sweaty. Without outwardly showing it, these things do give me a bit of anxiety, because I know that it is a challenge, and I may mess it up. Asking someone to paint you a sign that has something written on it, usually would be a simple task. Because of my perception problem it is a challenging task for me. I only bring this example up, because this recently happened. Spelling may be one of my number one things I’d love to be able to correct. I have really done a 360 with spelling, and have even seen a change within the last year. Making myself write almost everyday, I tend to misspell a word until one day, I have misspelled it so may times, that I finally know the proper spelling. It is like I said, in the beginning I learn from hands on experience, and the repetition ( by the way, just corrected the word, “repetition” on my own, without spell check. To me this is a bit exciting, as I can now see the correct way of how to spell repetition in my head, which means I should spell it correctly from now on, so yeah!) of writing almost everyday has helped to improve these skills.

Well, I think I have given you all enough of an ear, well technically an eye full, since you all are reading this, haha. I will discuss this further, and talk about some more of my everyday coping methods; I usually forget they are coping strategies, since I have been doing them for a good portion of my life.



Easy Vegan Wrap

Aloha Loves,

If you haven’t read my new blog post, I’m in Hawaii! Yup, you read that right, the land of paradise. We only have one portable burner to cook on, so a lot of the dishes I have been making are all in one pan. I thought other w.o.o.f.ers , or just other people who don’t feel like making an elaborate dish. I hope you all enjoy the recipe, and watch out for other posts about how I am enjoying Hawaii, and my experiences so far.

Recipe: ( Makes for two wraps)

1 can of black beans (rinsed)

1 package of taco seasoning

Rice precooked 1 cup

handful of lettuce

Onion cut as much as desired

2 wraps ( You can even make lettuce wraps, totally up to your discretion).

Add some peppers, tomatoes, and veggies you have in the fridge.

Put the black beans in the pan along with the rice, and the package of taco seasoning. You can add a little water here and there if it starts to stick to the pan, non-stick pans are bomb, invest in one! After it is all cooked add it to your wrap along with veggies, and any toppings you’s like. I usually go for guac, salsa, and taco sauce. You can add some vegan sour cream, and cheese if that’s what you’d like in your wrap that day.

This is a super easy dish that is cheap, and you can make all the time! You can buy rice, and black beans in bulk to save money. Make your own toppings like cashew sour cream, guac, and salsa to save your self some cash. The point of this dish is to be super quick, so make sure to make that all in advance if you are going to be a baller, and make all of your own toppings.

Eat up loves!