Buzzed Coffee

I have been experimenting with some drinks recently, and I found one that I think is great for the fall weather. This drink is for those who enjoy coffee, chocolate, and want to get a little buzzed. You can make this coffee concoction warm, but I suggest making this an iced coffee drink. I know a cold drink is a little weird for the fall weather, however iced coffee just has a great flavor. I don’t know about you, but there is something about sipping iced coffee that gives me such a boost. You can throw this in a to go mug, but I suggest drinking it at home, because it does contain alcohol. If you aren’t feeling like getting buzzed, just take out the tequila, and bam you still have a bomb drink.


8 ounces of coffee

1 shot of tequila

1/4 cup of Hersey’s chocolate syrup

1/4 cup of your choice of milk ( I use rice milk, or almond milk).

I would stay away from coconut milk, because it has a unique flavor, which may not mix well with the tequila, but do whatever feels right to you. Let the coffee sit until it’s cooled off. Then add ice to your cocktail shaker, add all of the other ingredients. Shake, shake it up. Then pour it into a glass, and enjoy! Drink up loves, hope you all enjoy!

I’m In Hawaii

I know I have been talking about wwoofing for months on my blog, but I finally made it! I have been here for 23 days. I landed in O’ahu on the 30th of September, with no expectations, a small amount of money, one backpack, and the hope to having an amazing experience. Life is funny that way, you always end up where you want to be if you manifest it, and visualize yourself in the place you seek. Although, it has had its challenges, I am so happy. I think you may be able to tell by the gleam in my eyes for every picture I post. I will certainly be posting some pictures throughout this blog, no worries loves. I don’t know if I’ve ever genuinely been this happy before in my life, it’s like I didn’t know what I missing until I finally found it.

It really started back in the summer of eighth grade with a list, and a C.D. My parents had brought back this C.D. “The Love Songs Of Hawaii,” when I was seven, and I somehow ended up with it in my C.D. collection. I would say fate played a major role, or just the events that lead up to me coming to Hawaii. Along with that C.D. was I believe, “The Nutcracker, and Mozart.” I was very big into classical music while I was reading in eighth grade; it may seem like a strange choice, but it was calming, and great background music for a summer night of diving into a good read. Like all soon to be high schoolers, I had to choose a book to complete for my summer reading. This book, actually became my favorite book I have ever had the pleasure of reading. For some reason, I really resonated with the book, and it’s almost like I went through the journey with the characters of the book. I got the book by accident, it was called, Homecoming. I thought it was going to be about a high school homecoming dance, or something to that effect. Haha, I still chuckle at myself, because it’s the best mistake I have ever made. Homecoming, was a tale of children who were abandoned by their mom, and they have to make it to their aunts house on their own. My life doesn’t resemble this story, but it spoke to me, with every turn of the page my eyes engulfed every word. While reading this book, I listened to, “The Love Songs Of Hawaii,” I have such fond memories of me listening to this C.D., and reading this novel. It took me a month to read Homecoming; it was the largest novel I had read at the time, but I was determined to finish it. I am still not the fastest reader, but if I love a book, I tend to gobble it up! What can I say, I love to read…

I still have the C.D. , which I recently found, and put on my iPod before making my way to Hawaii. I guess this has been years in the making, unbeknownest to me. It took us about a year to plan this trip, including saving money, contacting farms, and finding where we wanted to go. For some reason I felt a calling to Hawaii, and now I know why. So far it has been an incredible journey, teaching me something new almost everyday. I will write more in depth about how I saved money, what it took to get here ( contacting farms), how to pack for wwoof in Hawaii, what food we buy, some easy vegan recipes with one burner ( no stove, or oven), how I’ve felt since I’ve been here, the work I am doing, and some tips I think you could benefit from. I will also talk about where we live, and my exercise routine. I will try to post at least 2-3 times per week, but bare with me, as I am already working 3-5 hour days four to five days a week, writing for a magazine, trying to get outside/ to the beach, hike, and explore. I, also want to start vlogging, I brought only my phone with me, because lugging around a camera was not an option, my backpack is even too much, but I’ll get there. I hope you enjoy traveling with me.





How To Combat Acne With Tea Tree Oil

Recently, essential oils have been playing a large roll in my life. Unfortunately, I had to leave my essential oil book at home, which is kind of a bummer, since it was a big part of what I have been wanting to learn. Traveling with a heavy essential oils book,  with backpackers backpack, just wasn’t happening. So, I have been trying to research in my spare time about different essential oils. Learning about essential oils can be a bit overwhelming, mainly because there are so many “things” you can do with each one. I am still trying to comprehend what each essential oil can be used for, but I still have a lot to learn ( sigh, of excitement/ holy crap there is a lot to learn). Tea tree essential oil is one that is my current focus, honestly I took an interest in it about four to five months ago, when I learned it helps to eliminate arm pit toxins. This was actually great news, considering I hadn’t found the best vegan deodorant to use at the time, and spoiler alert, I finally found an amazing deodorant! I put that stuff on everyday probably about three times, since I’m mostly outside sweating, but that’s for another blog. Back to the amazing possibilities of essential oils, I recently found out that tea tree oil can help combat acne. I was like, “shut up!” This just proves to me, that uncovering more into the mysterious world of essential oils will have quite a positive effect on my life. Trying to move out of the world of “Western,” medicine as much as possible. Not to say there isn’t a time, or place for Western medicine, because there are times it comes in handy, but with my lifestyle, I’d like to be as drug, and toxin free as possible. This is why essential oils, ( excuse the pun), but have become an essential part of my life.

Tea tree essential oil dries out the acne, and can help very oily skin, which I actually just learned about. Your skin produces this substance, seborrhea, this is what makes your skin oily. The seborrhea, comes from a hormone, and comes out of your pores. Your skin starts to break out from the oils, usually when you are going through puberty. It’s funny, in high school I had extremely clear skin, I started to break out in my 20s. Now, like everyone else, I have tried to figure out how to keep my skin as clear as possible, without any harsh chemicals. The tea tree oil seems like a step in the right direction to dry out any acne on the face, or body. Of course, the tea tree oil needs to be diluted, and I have seen it recommended all over, that you use witch hazel. Here is an easy recipe for acne spot treatment. Make sure that you only do this one to two times a week, as to not dry out your skin. Never use your fingers, and make sure you clean your face before applying the acne spot treatment. I will be trying this method in a few weeks, once my bank account goes back up, and I’m on the big island of Hawaii.  My tea tree oil broke when it was in my backpack a.k.a. luggage ( very sad about that), so I need to purchase another one. Please let me know how well this method works for you, after you try it for one to two months. If it doesn’t work for me, or you I will test out a new recipe. It’s kind of fun testing this all out, let me know if you enjoy it as well.


20 drops of tea tree essential oil

1/4 cup of witch hazel

Pour into a small glass jar, and use a q-tip to apply to your acne. Do not double dip, and do not use the same tip of the q-tip for all the acne spots. One side of the q-tip per acne spot; this will prevent your acne from spreading.