Shut The Front The Door- Drinkable Water Alarming Decrease

About a year or two ago I wrote about the dyeing clothing and, how the fashion industry is destroying clean water overseas. With our #ethicalmovement we can prevent more water from becoming undrinkable and keep #waterclean ! I am taking steps as an individual by buying mostly second hand clothing and, when I can afford it I will be buying ethical clothing as well. If we all take a stand against #fastfashion we will be heard by the fashion industry. We are greatly to blame for the landfills increasing and, the drinkable water decreasing because we demand fast fashion therefore the companies have to find quick and, cheap ways to get there clothing out to you. If the demand was drastically decreased then the fashion industry would have to predict what is in demand and follow through. If ethical fashion is great in demand then you shall receive ethical fashion. The fashion industry relies on trends, fads, and predictions to make their next collection but, if the trend is ethical fashion and, their fast fashion items won’t sell they will stop making them. Although, some say it is about the creative process and, it may be, it is more about the dollars and cents. You can not create a collection that won’t sell because your company will go out of business. We all spend a lot of money on sale items that mostly won’t get worn and, we wonder why we do not have enough to spend on ethical fashion and, basic pieces that will last for years. My proposal is that we think before we buy and, avoid all malls to shop in. We should save up from the money we purchase on ten fast fashion items for one or two ethical pieces to add to our wardrobes. If we can get 10% of the world to invest in this type of buying the world and, water will be impacted a great deal. Let’s be conscious of our decisions because they affect this beautiful world that we are living on. Tomorrow I will talk about capsule wardrobes and, how they can help us move to a better future. I will also, talk about how to avoid your clothing going into landfills and, make money to put toward your capsule wardrobe. I know we all aren’t rolling in dough and we really need to think about our spending.

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,


My previous post on dyeing problem:

Screened: Hart Of Dixie

Hart of Dixie a great play on Zoe Harts name was a pleasure and, infuriating to watch. As the audience realizes who the characters should end up with it is heartbreaking to watch all the mistakes that are made. To not give to much away I will divulge some the story line. Zoe Hart is just graduating as a doctor and, something brings her to BlueBell not the town that this New York City slicker is used. Zoe’s quirkiness, style start to get the attention by many BlueBell men. She is torn between staying n this quaint small town or going home to New York City and, taking the job of her dreams. Will fate step in along, with Mayor Haines, George, Wade, Dr.Breeland. What will Zoe Hart choose and, what future lies before her if she stays in BlueBell. If you want to find out the series is on Netflix and, I really enjoyed watching it especially, with the Southern Alabama town of BlueBell and, there many interesting conundrums.

Have an enlightening and, adventurous day,


The Losing Game

I know summer is coming and, you all want to lose weight and fit into that bikini or those swim trunks but, what if I told you how to maintain that summertime body all year long? I am currently in the process of doing this and, I think it will be great for you all. As you know I have been vegan for a little over a year and, now with a grasp on the food part I can focus on the fitness. I will be taking a walk almost everyday along with yoga. I am going to try to stay as active as possible without tiring myself out.. The bike is the best way to lose weight and get into fitness! I have the bike and the rollers for inside the house when it is a rainy day or for the cold winter weather. Now, that it is getting into warmer weather I am so excited to try riding my bike for the first time in years. My goal is to ride 10-20 minutes on the weekends for the first two weeks and build myself up from there. Keeping active and, off the couch when my body has the energy and, staying on the couch or resting when my body doesn’t have the energy. I have found that there are keys to helping your body heal from the inside out and from the outside in! Listening to your body is number one if you need rest then rest and, I mean rest take a short 30 minute nap, read a book let your body chill it needs to repair itself. When you are bursting with energy use that energy do not let it go to waste move around whether it is; gardening, playing with your kids, walking in the park, playing a sport, volley ball at the beach, roller skating, ice skating, hiking, biking , the possibilities are endless! Do something out of your comfort zone and ride your bike to the park or walk to the park go zip lining. Go camping and hike while camping. It is really up to you where you body goes and, what it does so make sure you listen to it. The most important of all is what you are putting into your mouth that is what’s going to determine your bodies fate. You are what you eat and, if you are eating greasy junk you are going to feel like greasy junk. Pump your body with whole foods fruits, and veggies! These are what make you thrive in life and, I have noticed quite a change in my energy when I eat the proper amount of whole foods. It is extremely important for you to eat healthy and, in return your body will thank you for this by becoming healthier. There is no quick diet, trend, or fad that is going to help you achieve your long term goals. Freelee the banana girls older videos are a fantastic help when transitioning to becoming vegan and, she talks about everything! I really recommend binge watching her videos when she shows you what she eats in a day and how much you really do have to consume to be vegan. Now this dos not mean to eat over 3,000 calories and, sit on the couch everyday because that is not going to help you, you need to put in the work and find a form of “exercising” that you love. Once you find what motivates you to keep moving stick with it, incorporate it into your life, and then add something new in. Before you know it you will be a lean, happy, healthy, fit machine! My morning routine may help you on your journey to do what you love in life and, help you to wake up with positivity in the morning.

Check out this music it has become on of my favorite albums to lisen to if I want to stay calm or need some positivity in my life:

Pump That System

The lymphatic system is a system that is very important but, on almost no ones mind. To be able to give a broader view on the topic I have done some research in order to be as accurate as I can possibly be about the topic. I am not a doctor nor am I in the medical field and, I am learning about the lymphatic system which, I thought was important for you all to learn a little bit from me and then do research on your own. The inspiration for this post is from Lani Jane’s e-book which I will link below. She brings up some great topics as well as, has yummy raw vegan recipes. The lymphatic system is extremely important to the body because it helps it get rid of toxins, waste, and unwanted materials. The fluid getting filtered through the blood becomes clean because of the lymphatic system. The lymphocytes are fighters to the war against potential invaders. The lymphatic system helps to fight infections with a “…fluid containing infection fighting white blood cells, throughout the body”( It is important to pump that system because it only pumps through movement, you need to break a sweat and, get red in the face. Let’s get educated and learn about our body so we can heal it from the inside out and, the outside in. Continue to heal your body and, show it love.

  • Anything with chemicals or that is toxic toss it, it is not worth it
  • Get enough sleep and, listen to your body
  • Move around throughout the day
  • Take long walks in the park and breath in the fresh air
  • cycling is also, excellent
  • Of course you need to exercise but, it doesn’t have to be boring find something that you love to do and keep at 3-7 days a week
  • Drink lots of water and add some fruit such as lemon, berries etc.
  • If you have a trampoline that is highly recommended
  • Do vigorous exercising 1-2 a week
  • I do yoga everyday which helps me remember to breath ( when I miss a yoga practice I notice a difference in my day)
  • Working with you body is so important we forget to listen and, follow through with what our body needs and, wants

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,


Loni Jane’s ebook:






My Morning routine For Positivity & Light

When the sound of your alarm wakes you buzzz buzzz buzzz most people want to throw it across the room because they haven’t gotten enough sleep. Well, for me this could not be farther from the truth because I do not use an alarm to get up unless I know I need to be somewhere at a certain time. If you have an unfortunate 9 to 5 job and, you need an alarm set something soothing that will wake you up. I have a few songs such as Moon River, Summertime on my mind, something from Golden Lights but, I chose it so that it will be an easy transition to wake up. I always hear my alarm go off so, to those that never hear theirs I guess just set it louder and on vibrate.

Once you are awake turn on your favorite chilled out vibes song or a YouTube video. If you have roommate pop on those headphones so, you don’t disturb them. Head into the kitchen fill a very large mason jar or glass of water and sip on it while you listen to music or video. If you are oil pulling leave yourself 20 minutes before you have the water. While oil pulling I will watch YouTube videos or check emails etc. I check all my social media, Poshmark, and emails and of course reply. This may take awhile for me so, if you have work earlier in the morning and commute you may want to do this on the bus. My commute is very short downstairs to my office. I will lie in bed for about an hour waking up when my body feels it should get up. This morning I am pet sitting and I woke naturally at about 7:20 a.m. to feed the dogs. Then, I sat outside in the sunroom and, started my morning routine of looking through everything and, starting to work. My morning can vary quite drastically depending on if I am pet sitting, on a business trip, or just at home.

While watching YouTube videos I will have my fruit breakfast of a mono meal like mangoes or a smoothie. After eating my breakfast I will brush my teeth and, get my day started. I am usually not in a rush but, if I am I pick out my outfit the night before and, have it ready to go. If I am going somewhere special or feel like dressing up I will have saved hairstyles I want to do and a youtube makeup video. If I am filming a makeup video that is how my makeup gets done for the day. I always allot myself enough time in the morning to get ready so I am not rushed. Whether I need to wake up 30 minutes before or three hours before I need to be somewhere I am up and, ready to go. I never se my alarm to snooze and, that goes for my body alarm as well, if my body wants me up and moving I am up and moving.

Once I am all ready which most of the time is still in my pajamas I start working. Usually I will film or edit a video. While the video is rendering I will write a blog post, film, share my Poshmark closet, aor list on Poshmark. If I had been to a book sale I will continue to list books and get them ready to ship out.

That is what my morning usually consists of positive intent for the day and, a great breakfast! Throughout my day I make sure to move and I try to walk around the park at least three times a week. I forgot to mention I take Vitamin D3 an B-12. Share your morning routine or something you liked,enjoyed from my morning routine. See you all bright and early tomorrow where I discuss the lymphatic system and, how important it is for your health.

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,


How To Manifest What You Want In Life

Manifestation: clear of obvious to the eye or mind

display or show (quality or feeling) by one’s acts or appearance

Yesterday, I made my manifestation list and put it out to the universe where I want to be in life. I made my list pretty specific and, had lots of positive energy while creating the list. Sending light and positive energy toward this with a reminder that you want these to be peaceful transitions. Keeping a positive outlook on life defiantly helps the universe to receive what you want to manifest in life. As I said in yesterday’s days post ask and you shall receive. You are in charge of your destiny so, do something about and, create a positive surrounding. Any negativity get rid of it, it is only you dragging you done from where you want to be in life. This goes for the way that you are holding yourself as well. Channel positivity and light and, you will start to receive it from others around you. I will post some music and, YouTubers to follow to start fueling yourself with positvity! Tomorrow I will talk about my Morning Routine and, how I make sure it is packed with an abundance of light and, motivation. Wednesday will be the topic of the lymphatic system and, how I never realized how important it is.

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,



@lonijane  Her ebook is life changing her ebook is in Australian dollars so, it is actually a lot cheaper in USD

@ellenfisher Has a great YouTube Channel that focuses on being raw vegan and a natural mom. Her YouTube, Insta, and ebook  are inspiring and, very helpful. If you are an expecting mom/dad, a parent, or just want to learn about the raw/vegan lifestyle this is perfect. It is also, super uplifting to watch her video in the morning they really eminent positivity!

@itsallwaysbeautiful Has an amazing YouTube Channel where she talks about the struggles of life and, transitioning into the Maui life. Her YouTube Channel is extremely heartfelt and, she really thinks about her daughter Kaia when it comes to the YouTube community. Loving Kaia was Sara’s YouTube Channel name until recently and, I linked the video for why she changed the name to Its All Ways Beautiful. I can not wait for her ebook to be complete about there move to Maui. I just read on her website she wrote, published etc. a children’s book about her daughter Kaia. What an amazing life journey Sara is having!

@rawnourishment A truly enlightening channel as you watch Mel struggle on her journey and, finally receive what she manifested. Mel, is a vegan and is a great breath of fresh air to the vegan community. Her videos are extremely heartfelt and, all about the positivity and, manifestations. Her journey has inspired my life journey. My YouTube Channel was actually feature in an intro to one of her videos!

@mantrasandmangoes Mary is such a jet setter with all her travels as a vegan. She is currently living in Thialand with her boyfriend Bo. They just finished traveling for quite a few months and, her vlogs were absolutely amazing. The journey to many destinations has its up and downs and, Mary shares it all with us. You’ll defiantly want to check all her travel vlogs they are well worth it and, will help you on your journey toward light & positvity.

Positive & enlightening YouTubers:

Mel From- Raw Nourishment

Mary From- Mantras and Mangoes

It’s All Ways Beautiful

Ellen From- Mango Island Mamma






Saras’s Book:

Ethical Thoughts

Ethical Thoughts,

As you all know I am transitioning into a more ethical way of living and, I thought I’d talk about my transition and how I came to discover the ethical side. I know it sounds like a scene from Star Wars and going to the dark side except this time I am moving to the bright loving side of life. My journey has brought me to such an understanding and peaceful way of viewing the world.  You can say I have come to terms with life but, I am refusing to follow the everyday trend of not caring about others, the planet, or the animals. To often we disregard what is happening and make life like a gift wrapped up with a pretty little bow but, there are things happening that we need to acknowledge. The drinkable water around the world is at a rapid decrease everyday, the landfills are constantly filling, animals are dying, people are getting very little in wages working in factories. Yet, we still are shopping, shopping, shopping away without a care in the world. We have yet, to put ourselves in the place of others and, wonder how we change to help them. That is why I am vegan, and, am starting to live a more ethical life. So, what are you going to do the change the planet or do something you love. I have curated a manifestation list of what I want in life and I am putting it out to the universe. Ask and you shall receive and, that is exactly what I am doing.  One of my top “goals” is to do lots and, lots of traveling. If you have been reading my blog from the being you will know that travel has meant so much to me I love the people and, being immersed in the culture. How will I get to travel, by achieving my first goal to continue to boost my business. I do what I do because I love it so much. I love writing to you all and, talking to you on YouTube. It is amazing that one video or one blog post can make a difference in someone’s day. I know that instead of watching the news in the morning I watch YouTube videos because they inspire me to get moving and, work throughout the day. Almost every morning there is a video that I connect with and, I know that I am meant to watch YouTube. The news is important but, the access nonsense that they have on there isn’t. I try to stay updated and, out of the extra drama. My passion towards fashion has not changed only my view toward the industry has. That is why I am going to be featuring alternative ethical fashion that is perfect for your everyday and fashionable life. Tune in every week for a new post on ethical fashion or living and, stay updated on the topic. Remember to be the change that you want to be in the world and live with no regrets. Do what makes you happy and, be at peace with yourself.

As always,

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,


Ethical LookBook

#ethicallookbook coming soon to my #youtubechannel ! All #ethicalclothing is for sale on my #poshmarkcloset tops & dresses. I used @nativetrashion accessories for the shoot ❤Thank you to my friend @leanncoppola for modeling the clothing for me today! #ethical #ethicalvegan #ethicalliving #ethicallymade #ethicalfashion #ethicallysourced #ethicalshopping #ethically #ethicalstyle #ethicalwarrior #ethicalfashioninitiative #ethicalisthenewblack

I posted this on Instagram and really depicts how I feel about ethical living and, the fashion industry. Let’s be the change that we want to be in the world!

Do you care where your clothing is coming from, who is making it, how they live, and the impact that it is having on the environment.  Most people's answer would be NO. This however, closed minded view is the reason the fashion industry can get away with paying oversea workers .25-$4 a day to work just to make clothing for us. We who are careless in our purchases are hurting the workers and the environment. Well, I no longer stand for this injustice. I will not buy from unethical companies because I do not support how they chose to conduct their business. "We do what they want us to," a quote from a song by Bittersweet is all to accurate. Some of you will continue to buy your cheaply made clothing because you chose to close your minds and, if it doesn't directly affect you, you dismiss the problem. Although, it may not affect you directly it will affect future generations when this planet's water supply is unusable because we threw dye into it from fabric. And, when the landfills are stacked but, are now in our backyards because we consumed too much. "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."
Coco Chanel 
Lets not fall victims to being mindless zombies. #ethicalstyle #ethicalvegan #ethicalliving #ethicallymade #ethicalfashion #ethical #ethicallysourced #ethicalclothing #ethicalshopping #ethicaleating #ethicalbusiness #ethicalwarrior #sustainablefashion #sustainablestyle #sustainableliving #sustainable #sustainabledevelopment #sustainableclothing

Do you care where your clothing is coming from, who is making it, how they live, and the impact that it is having on the environment. Most people’s answer would be NO. This however, closed minded view is the reason the fashion industry can get away with paying oversea workers .25-$4 a day to work just to make clothing for us. We who are careless in our purchases are hurting the workers and the environment. Well, I no longer stand for this injustice. I will not buy from unethical companies because I do not support how they chose to conduct their business. “We do what they want us to,” a quote from a song by Bittersweet is all to accurate. Some of you will continue to buy your cheaply made clothing because you chose to close your minds and, if it doesn’t directly affect you, you dismiss the problem. Although, it may not affect you directly it will affect future generations when this planet’s water supply is unusable because we threw dye into it from fabric. And, when the landfills are stacked but, are now in our backyards because we consumed too much. “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”
Coco Chanel
Lets not fall victims to being mindless zombies. #ethicalstyle #ethicalvegan #ethicalliving #ethicallymade #ethicalfashion #ethical #ethicallysourced #ethicalclothing #ethicalshopping #ethicaleating #ethicalbusiness #ethicalwarrior #sustainablefashion #sustainablestyle #sustainableliving #sustainable #sustainabledevelopment #sustainableclothing

#govegan #veganforeverything ❤️ The Planet, The Animals, Yourself, And Each Other. #embrace

Indigo blouse vibrant blue upcycled natural cotton- hand dyed with natural botanical indigo extracts

Size: M

Ethical life store

Recycled Hand-painted Denim Headband/Bracelet- NativeTrashion

Jeans & Sandals from Leann’s wardrobe




Boho Eco dyed cotton natural indigo blouse-hand dyed with natural botanical indigo extracts

Size: XL

Ethical life store

Jeans: Bought secondhand on Poshmark

Sandals: Bought on sale a year ago at Payless






Indigo blouse top up cycled natural cotton- hand dyed with natural botanical indigo extracts

Ethical life store


Vintage1960’s Charm Necklace-Native Trashion

Recycled Hand-painted Denim Headband/Bracelet

Jeans & Sandals From Leann’s Wardrobe










Blue Wedding Top Eco dyed sheer mesh crochet- hand dyed with only natural pigments from plants and minerals

Ethical life store


Mini dream catcher/ Recycled Magazine Pendant-Native Trashion

Jeans & Sandals from Leann’s Wardrobe








Eco dyed cami halter top

Ethical life store


Recycled Hand-painted Denim Headband/ Bracelet- Native Trashion

Jeans, sandals, & tank top are from Leann’s wardrobe








Cotton lace t-shirt indigo dyed blue up cycled top

Ethical life shop

Size: S

Vintage 1960’s Heart Charm Necklace- Native Trashion

Jeans & Sandals from Leann’s wardrobe






Green boxy crop top handwoven eco friendly- made from hand woven cotton w/ small printed pattern of blue triangles

Ethical life store

Size: S

Skirt & Sandals are from Leann’s wardrobe







ethical boho dress- hand dyed upcycled clothing colored using only natural pigments from plants & minerals

Ethical life store

Size: L

Recycled Hand-painted Denim Headband/ Bracelet- Native Trashion

Sandals can be purchased on my Poshamark Closet

Natural Eco dyed green lace boho dress- hand dyed using only natural pigments from plants and minerals

Ethical life store

Size: 8 womens

Recycled Metal Buckle Dream catcher Pendant- NativeTrashion

Sandals are from Leann’s wardrobe






 Thank You For Watching

Location: Princeton University

Model: Leann Coppola

Me (Allison Vota)

Photographer: Allison Vota

Time Manager/Styling Accessories/Photographer: Ginnie Vota

Special Thanks to Leann and Ginnie (Mom) to take time out of your busy schedules to help make this lookbook possible and, help spread awareness for ethical fashion.

Leann Coppola: Is a student studying to become a nurse and, is currently in her third year of nursing school. Show Leann some love and follow her Poshmark: @leanncoppola

Ginnie Vota: Is a RN who now works as a Pet and House Sitter. Please check out her facebook page for Tag Team Pet and House Sitters LLC, Insured and bonded. She also, my mom who helps me with all my businesses when she isn’t busy with her furry friends.


My Poshmark Closet: @eyeheartedu

If you are new to Poshmark use my code HFNIS to get $10 credit for both of us








Wanderlust: Summer Palnning|Life Goals|Working Goals

Hello Loves,

This is going to prove to be an exciting summer with the prospect of growing all of my businesses and, a bit of traveling. Ahh, the thrill of the unknown and, new places to venture. Today, is a working/planning day for me as I need to increase my sales on Poshmark & Amazon. Along with those business goals I am also, trying to increase my views for my YouTube channel and of course my blog. With my new goals I am a little jumbled with how to get this all accomplished and, of course, intertwine my healthy life & helping the planet goals. Will all this on my mind, I have found I have become more exhausted and, have learned to listen to my body. One of the main reasons I am “trying” to work from home is because I do not have the energy for a normal 9 to 5 job. Some days I am thoroughly exhausted and I need a mid-day nap or a quick break. I am strategizing not only accomplishing my work goals but, taking my life & health goals into consideration. I would say most of the time we do not take care of ourselves and, it leads to health problems later on in life. I want to take care of myself now instead of 30 years down the road when I have worked myself down along with my health. Healing myself from the inside out is my main goal for my life right now. I follow many Vegan YouTubers and, when I wake up in the morning I look forward to watching their videos. Mel, from Raw Nourishment always seems to have the perfect video for what I need to hear that day. Her recent video about making a list and manifesting what you want in your life was just right. Although, her video was about her vegan boyfriend, that is not a high priority on my list this year because I am learning to heal my body, grow my businesses, and love the person I am. Each day I have grown to learn more about myself or my body and, it is fascinating. I no longer worry about what people think of me I am just myself and, I Love it. It is hard to express the change in the way I am because it is not  a physical change but, more of a self accepting change. I feel I have always been myself but, I feel I have actually embraced it. I am more determined and focused to accomplish my goals and aspirations. I am self aware and aware of the disturbance we are putting our planet through. Recently, I have talked about ethical clothing and moving my Poshmark closet into an ethical clothing closet and, possibly my own boutique. Growing my businesses helps me to grow as a person and move forward in my life. In the next two years I would like to get my own place and, travel. To be able to travel & get my own place I need to work ten times harder and longer to accomplish that. I think that everything that I need to get done I will and, my life will fold out when I least expect it to. Let me know how you are feeling and, if you have become enlightened within yourself. Thank you for taking the time to read and, if you enjoyed it please share it would mean a great deal to me.

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,


Black Strap Molasses & Health Benefits

Hello Loves,

Lately I have been enlightened about healing my body. How I need to heal from the inside out and from the outside in. I am sure, that you have seen me inch closer and, closer to holistic, ethical, vegan friendly living. How else am I going to cure myself from all the calorie restricting and, harsh chemicals I used to eat/wear… Healing my body in ward and out ward is my first step toward healing myself. I want to make sure I am filling my body with whole plant based food as well as, mentally healing myself. I am not taking about healing myself mentally as an illness; I mean healing my entire being with the appreciation of life and, everyday abilities. I mainly do this through yoga, mediation and, the embracing of life. Now, I am taking it a step further and, really listening to my body. If I feel I need to rest I rest, if I want to dance I dance, if I need to move I move, if I need tranquility I rest my mind. No longer is my body subject to the ways others live their live but, the way I want to live mine. I have felt so much better these past couple of days just listening to what my body needs and wants. I will be talking to you this week about how important movement is for our lymphatic system and, how we do not give it enough attention. I will also, take about skincare and, how important and imperative it is to use vegan products and, chemical free products for your skin. Today, I am talking about Black Strap Molasses and, why I decided that my body needed this item and, why hadn’t anyone mentioned it to me before… Black strap comes from sugar cane and is boiled three times. Unlike, refined sugar the health benefits are incredible. It is used for healthy hair, skin structure, diabetic sweetener, natural laxative, with vitamins, and minerals.

Minerals & Vitamins:

  • Iron
  • calcium
  • manganese
  • selenium
  •  Vitamin B-6
  • niacin
  • potassium
  • copper

Blackstrap molasses is important  because it has a high amount of iron which “helps transport oxygen to the body tissues.”(

Black Strap Molasses doe not contain fat and, the kind you want to ingest is Unsulphured Black Strap Molasses. If you would like to learn more about it there are many articles just google it and, you will find these facts and, more! So, my question is why didn’t we know about this sooner and, isn’t this a great replacement for a daily vitamin!? By the way, I tried it for the first time this morning and, it tastes like licorice! The texture may be a little hard to handle so, a tip is to put it into the fridge to thicken up.

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,