Coconut Oil is G

IMG_0559Hello Loves,

If you didn’t know already know Coconut oil can be used for almost everything! It is your lotion, makeup remover, deodorant and, oil pulling. Yes it is the holy grail of oil! I have been using coconut oil more and more and, I absolutely love it!

I have just started oil pulling and, I would like to update you all on my teeth and how they are doing every two months. It does take getting used to and, you may not be able to swish the oil in your mouth for the full 20 minutes. It was very interesting when I first used it and swished it in my mouth. I distracted myself by doing work or watch a YouTube video. When it hit my mouth I did want to spit it out but, after a few times I have no problem. If you want it to taste different you can use a mint essential oil but, I just use the coconut oil. I actually had a mouth sore that was gone within a couple of days after using the oil.

Note: If you have coconut allergies do not use. Opt for sesame oil

Gets rid of toxins and helps your teeth from decaying &gum disease “Yes Please”

Reduce bad breath

How To Use:

Do not eat before and only oil pull first thing in the morning

Heat oil on low take it off the stove top when it melts

When I get off the stovetop it usually cool but, if it is to hot do not put it in your mouth it will burn

Use a tablespoon and pop the oil into your mouth

Gently swoosh in your mouth for 20 minutes make sure you set a timer

When the time is up spit into the garbage *do not spit it into the sink it will clog it*

Then you can brush your teeth or have breakfast

You have successfully completed your first oil pull!

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,


Exciting News!

Hello Loves,

I just posted two new makeup videos and, one was featured on ! So grateful to my viewers and lovely people who share my videos. I can not wait to continue to give you all fun and, exciting content while growing my channel. Stay tuned for fashion blogs coming soon!

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,


Does Something Have To Suffer

Hello Loves,

Today I was posting my my facebok group ” The Entrepreneur Life” and, I wrote that I was filming and editing for YouTube, revamping Poshmark closet, and excited for our first large book sale of the season this weekend. I noticed that I left out the blog and, how it was doing. With all this our dog being sick, and helping grandma my time has been semi limited lately. Yesterday I had my schedule planned out for filming etc. but, I had to go to the doctor with my grandma which meant I didn’t get back until close to 5 p.m. Hmmm… a little hard to maintain a schedule when it gets interrupted. Ironically today, I filmed a bit of a video for My Intent series going on my channel in April. the ironic part was that it was how I keep myself motivated throughout the day to create my intent. Its funny because yesterday what I intended to do couldn’t get done. It lead me to the questions “does something have to suffer?” or “can we do it all.” It is an extremely loaded question that is hard to answer. On one hand if you expect to get ten things accomplished during the day and you only get half done does that mean that the rest have suffered because something got in your way? Well, that may be the case and, I know it is a bit true for me but, I intend to grow my businesses so, they have become a great priority. What trumps my business is family and when they need help I drop anything to help them. Does the business aspect suffer, I would say a bit but, with technology it helps us to keep on track. Going back to facebook I realized that I have been neglecting my blog a bit. I intend to write many post but, there are only so many hours in the day. And, our internet has been crazy! We are getting it looked at tomorrow and, hopefully they will fix it once and for all. My intention is to put a good amount of energy and, thought into the blog to create posts for you all. I want to get back into fashion posts and, environmental posts that are fashion related. As a fashion merchandising graduate I want to strive to help the industry become vegan, ethical, and environmentally friendly. Unfortunately we are killing our home “Earth,” and I’d like to create awareness. So, my answer is we can do it all maybe just not all at once.

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,


What Is Your Flower Personality

Flowers-SpringHello Loves,

With Spring around the corner I thought you all may like to take a fun quiz and, fin out what your flower personality is. Once, you find out share this post with a friend so, you can see what flower personality they are. For fun, exchange he flower or, put it in a vase somewhere in your house. Change is also good and, it may cheer you up while you are spring cleaning!

Did you ever wonder what your flower personality is, find out in the link below!

Poshmark Choices For Easter

Hello loves,

As Easter is approaching rather rapidly it is time to find an Easter or Spring outfit! I of course liked all of my favorite Poshmark items in many different closets and, will be putting a few outfits together for you all. Lets get started!

Outfit #1




Size: Large


Floral Lace Crochet White Wrap Dress


Size: 8


Carlo Pazolini white/rose gold wedge heels


Size: 7.5


Host Pick 2/24/2016 Cute Bird Choker Necklace



Cost Of Outfit: $148 plus all shipping costs

Outfit #2

Alfani Women’s Single Breasted Coat Large

Size: Large


[boston proper] lace button up blouse

Size: 8


FRNCH white pants

Size: M


Jessica Simpson Heels

Size: 7.5


Victoria Secret Tank

Size: Large


EASTER bunny earrings6 available

Cost Of The Outfit: $111

More outfits to come! Pass some love on to these Poshmark closet and share or like their closets and, items!

If you are new to Poshmark and want to receive $10 use this code: HFNIS when you sign onto to Poshmark. Don’t forget to come say hello and check out my closet @eyeheartedu.

How To Cope With Having A Bad Day

Hello Loves,

I know some of us get into a bit of a day slump and just tend to get a little emotional. This is a rare occasion for me and usually takes me off guard. But, with having so many happy and great days you are bound to have a few with hiccups. Today was not a bad day and, nothing set me off specifically except the connection of me feeling like a burden on everyone. Lately, I have been feeling as though it is a chore to talk to me and, I’m sure most of us feel like that on occasion. I lead a great life with entrepreneurial pursuits that I absolutely love. So, how do we pull ourselves out of this weird funk that is not brought on by anything specific…

  1. You are feeling that way for a reason so let yourself feel
  2. Now that you have had time to cope with your feelings learn from it
  3. What do you want to do, are there changes you need to make
  4. Do you- You are your own person so, do what you love
  5. Now take yourself away from the funk by reading, watching a movie, or doing something you love to do.
  6. Take a walk and listen to music
  7. Deal with it and move forward

My number 7 is happing right now by writing about it, because that is how I work out things. Do what makes you feel good and, don’t waste your day in a funk.

” We are merely humans, our minds wander, our hearts grow, we long to explore, and with so many emotions we are bound to fall into the quickening sand; it is our slow adjustments that bring us back to solid ground.”

~ Allison Vota

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,


Easter Picks From My Poshmark Closet

If you have been following my blog for awhile you’ll know that Poshmark has become not only a place to shop but, a place to sell clothing. I have been in love with Poshmark and the community ever since I joined. Today, I am going to walk you through the top Easter picks of my closet. Don’t forget to look out for my top Easter picks from the Posh community!

Let’s get shopping!

Other - Top Easter Picks


Relished Dresses & Skirts - Relished Blue Hawaiian Sleeveless Shift Dress

Price: $50  Size: S, M, L NWT

Relished Dresses & Skirts - Relished Floral Flurries Dress

Price: $55 Size: S, M, L NWT

Romeo & Juliet Couture Dresses & Skirts - Romeo & Juliet Couture Dress

Price: $65 Size: M NWT

Romeo & Juliet Couture Dresses & Skirts - Flashback to the 60s floral blue and white dress

Price: $50 Size: S NWT

Hal Rubinstein Dresses & Skirts - Disney Cinderella dress Hal Rubinstein

Hal Rubenstein Dress Price: $99 Size: M NWT


Signature Dresses & Skirts - Tropical Island dress

Price: $25 Size: L

Sharagano Dresses & Skirts - Off white dress, Easter

Price: $28 Size: L White Dress

Bee stitched Dresses - Pink flowing dress

Price: $12 Size: L

REBORN Dresses & Skirts - Black and white dress or cover up

Price: $18 Size: XL

Francesca's Collections Dresses & Skirts - Tickled Pink 

Price: $45 Size: M

No Boundaries Dresses & Skirts - Polka Dot Dress

Price: $10 Size: L

Xhilaration Other - Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit Price: $30 Size: L

Cynthia Rowley Tops - Laser-Cut Cynthia Rowley Top

Price: $15 Size: M

New York & Company Tops - Pink Flower Top

Price: $28 Size: L

Merona Tops - Work in it white blouse

Price: $18 Size: L

Forgotten Grace Sweaters - Forgotten Grace Sweater

Price: $35 Size: L

Max Studio Denim - Max Jeans

Price: $12 Size: 6

Lela Rose by payless Shoes - Picnic heels!! Summer Sale

Price: $15 Size: 8

Bandolino Shoes - Bandolino Taupe Heels

Price: $20 Size: 6

Francesca's Collections Clutches & Wallets - Clutch Straw


Francesca's Collections Accessories - White Sunglasses, Stunning Sunnies


New York & Company Jewelry - Beige Flower Bracelet


New York & Company Jewelry - Pink Blossom Ring


New York & Company Jewelry - Light Salmon Pink Earrings


I hope you all enjoyed going through my top Easter picks! Feel free to browse my closet @eyeheartedu on Poshmark to find more Spring and Summer items.

Happy Poshing!


If you would like to get $10 for credit to shop on Poshmark use my code HFNIS when you join

My Poshmark Closet:

My Poshmark Instagram: @eyeheartedu








Holy Benefits

Hello Loves,

I have recently been doing so much research regarding veganism and benefits from different “Super Foods.” This week I am focusing in on Coconut Oil and Spirulina. I am going to do a whole other post on Coconut Oil this week; the benefits, and many many uses. Today, we are going to focus on Spirulina and, what I have learned from reading about it. Just putting this out here now, I am not an expert nor, am I a doctor. I have read a few articles and, have tried Spirulina these benefits have been found in studies.

Benefits Of Spirulina:

  1. High In Many Nutrients:
  • Protein
  • Vitamin B (Thiamin)
  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Mangenese

It is known to be the most nutritious food on the Planet. Little Fact is that Spirulina became popular because NASA said it could be grown in space but, had already been used by the Aztecs.

2. Anti-inflammatory & Anti-Aging Properties

  • Protect Against Oxidative ( The combination of a substance with oxygen) damage

3. Can help to Reduce LDL & Triglyceride Levels

  • Lower Risk Of Heart Disease

4. Protects against cholesterol being oxidized

5. Protects against Cancer and Oral Cancer

6. Possible Reduction in Blood Pressure

7. Reduces Allergies

8. Protect against anemia

9. My improve muscle strength and endurance

10. Control Blood Sugar

The article that I pulled this information from I will link below. I thought that it is important for you all to know about all the benefits of Spirulina and, to act on it. I will be conducting a little test starting next Monday where, I will have a glass of water and then, a glass of water with Spirulina. I will continue to do this for two months and see if I show any improvement. After drinking the Spirulina today I felt energized and, overall felt better. For all of you that may not take it because of the taste I personal don’t think it tastes like much but, you can always add it to your smoothie. I will not be passing up the opportunity to reap all of the benefits of this amazing “Super Food.”