e.l.f. Lip Stain Swatches & Review

Berry Blush

elf berry blush Berry Blush: I really liked this color a lot. I thought it was perfect for fall, winter, and Halloween. It was a brighter but, darker pigmented berry with hues of pink.


Crimson Crush



elf crinson crush

crimson Crush: Has a deep and sultry vibe with less berry and red undertones. It is still quite a dark pigment.

Nude Nectar

elf nude necter

Nude Nectar: Enhanced my natural lip color and also, kept to the red undertone theme. I thought this was subtle and, perfect for everyday wear.

Hot Tamale

elf hot tamle

Hot Tamale: Great for summer has a nice burnt orange look still keeping in the red tone family.

pink petalelf pink petal

Pink Petal: This reminded me of a rose color not red or pink but, somewhere in the middle. Lovely color for spring and, summertime.


  • Stay on your lips for a long time
  • Beautiful Pigment
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Love The Packaging


  • Very dry to apply so, must add moister over such as, coconut oil
  • Hard to take off which can also, be a plus
  • Similar colors but, just different enough that I might put it as a pro as well


Overall, I enjoyed this lip stains and at $2 I would say they are a bargain. I am interested to see how long it takes to loose the pigment or to dry out. I will continue to use them in my tutorials and, I hope you all enjoy them!


Video for these lip swatches: https://www.youtube.com/user/allie6424















Forever Seeking Wanderlust

I jotted down some words I wish to share with you all… I haven’t figured out if they are meant for a poem or lyrics to a song. I hope they add value to your wanderlust.

” Music spoke, we didn’t listen.

Thoughts spread, wanted no part.

Time speed, never leaving start.

Lapse In Taste,


Music spoke, we listened.

Mind clogged no more, the fog was lifted, thoughts embraced, shouting out now run the course.

Emotions filled the moment and the body bounced, breath quickened, now stricken by realities cold face.

Hate, greed, fogginess no longer the case.

Instead, freedom of thoughts racing to the pace of your beating tongue.

Sweat drips off your palms working toward what you seek. The wanderlust that was never meant to be seen.”


forever seeking wanderlust


Forever Seeking Wanderlust

My enlightenment has brought me here and you with me lets explore my accounts on what has taken place in my life and, mind. My ears are filled with the all too happy lyrical creation ” Feeling Groovy,” by Simon and Garfunkel.
” Slow down, you move too fast, you’ve got to make the morning last… lookin’ for fun and feeling groovy… Hello lamppost what you knowing… Let the morning time drop all its petals on me, life I love you, all is groovy…” ~Lyrics of “Feeling Groovy”
Of course, decoding this “Utopianistic” ( of or relating to Utopianism) lyrics may appear different to the listener. The meaning appearing to me is that, we should be living a simpler life such as, enjoying our company filled with laughter and love. Stuck in modern day we stray from life and, strive to be buried deep in the sorrow of entertainment to calm our troubles and, dismiss our craving for not only adventure but, greatness. Suppressed, by the burdens, feelings, and judgment of others, we have yet to dip our toes in the great waters or sands of time. Only when we have reached an understanding with how we want to live, then can we start living; no longer are we worried by others but, see the clear path we have placed ahead of ourselves. Now I understand the need to live and explore my wanderlust. I must, slow down and, learn with a great embrace & determination. For, I seek the truth I wish to find.
forever seeking wanderlust

Working Out & Throwing Up?

Ciao Tutti,

Yesterday in my Instagram post I said I would explain in further detail about why I get sick working out so, here it is! I decided to do a plyometric bootcamp workout and I felt so sick with about ten minutes to go. Background to me getting sick is that I have low blood pressure and, I get over heated. Great combination right?! When I do floor exercises like burpees etc. I always feel like I am going to throw up. Yesterday, there were a few burpees but, I chose to not do them as I know, they are big triggers of me feeling sick; I did a few floor exercises including planks. While doing the planks I was fine then bam, right after that the dizziness/nausea set in. Oh great, I can’t even finish the workout which almost always happens… I get to the bathroom place a cool wash cloth on the back on my neck, position myself by the toilet, sip coconut water, and hope for the best. I sat there for about ten minutes feeling absolutely horrible and then, I started to feel better. I slowly got myself up and proceeded to go downstairs and make myself dinner. I then recalled that I had forgotten to eat something substantial an hour/hour and a half before working out. I did not have enough energy to burn off because I didn’t eat enough. My blood pressure defiantly dropped but, I’m wondering if my blood sugar dropped as well. I used to use Gatorade for this problem now I use electrolyte water and coconut water. They are both healthier options and work just as well. Bringing you back to when I was in high school I used to have to have salt during the day because my blood pressure would randomly drop ( it was not a pleasant feeling). Now I keep pretzels next to my bed and, it happens less, now usually when working out. I have to remember to eat enough to sustain myself especially when I am going to work out. As a vegan, sometimes I am full and I forget to continue to eat until dinner. Today, I made conscious effort to eat as soon as I woke up and, throughout the day when I was filming. I filmed a taste test and vegan haul so, I had a little bite of sweets and savory snacks before doing a lighter workout today. My goal is to eat around 2,400 calories and, workout about 2-3 times a day. I would like to get back into my workout routine not only to be healthy and get in shape but, to help my RND as well. RND is reflex nerve dystrophy which is a disconnection with your brain and nerves if, you want I will explain about that and my experience in another post. The only way to help RND is to workout to help your nerves try to connect properly. I was in a program where I was working out about 5 hours a day with specific therapies to help RND patients that was a few years ago. For now, one workout a day and hopefully yoga in the morning or at night. I hope you enjoyed my little story feel free to comment below!
Have an enlightening an adventurous day,

Witch Hazel Loving

Ciao Tutti,
So, recently I have been reading about witch hazel and how it takes the toxins out of your body. I have been using it on my face and arm pits. I will be geeing my thyroid checked soon because I have been cold sweating (which means I sweat when I am cold). This problem has been extremely frustrated because my deodorant no longer works properly. I am usually home by myself working so, there isn’t a huge problem but, if I go out I do worry about it. I got curious and decided to do a small amount of research and came across witch hazel being used as not only a toner and face cleanser but, as deodorant. Pleasantly surprised, I started using it to try and regulate my body. I am trying to get back into completely natural ways to heal the body. Yes, heal because there is a built up of toxins from other deodorant brands I have used and I am working to clear my face of some acne spots and blackheads as well. I do wonder if waxing and not shaving the armpit would help to get rid of some of the hair follicles which would leave less room for toxin to develop therefore, less odor would occur. This is an odd occurrence for me because I didn’t have this issue until starting college three years ago although, cold sweating can be caused by stress it seems to not fit because I am out of college and, just working away. I am happy an love what I am doing so, I will be happy to get down to the cause of this. In the meantime, I am using witch hazel to see if I can balance my body to its natural form while decreasing the odor. Does anyone else have this issue, if so what do you do to help yourself. I am vegan so only vegan product suggestions please or natural remedies. I can’t wait to read your comments below. Last question, do you use witch hazel and, what do you use it for. The platform is now open for discussion so, ask and help away! Social Media will be linked down below don’t forget to tag me and #witchhazelmadness #theodorwithin .

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,

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30 Videos In 30 Days

Hello Loves,

I will be starting 30 videos in 30 day and I will be integrating it into my blog! Yay, you are finally posting , yes I am! I am so sorry it has taken so long to get my act together with the holidays and my brother coming home I wanted to spend time with my family. Between YouTube, Blogging, Poshmark and, Amazon that would have meant no time for them. Spending time with my family and friends is very important for me so, even if my schedule is jam packed I will make time to fit them in! Ok, “so why in the world are you shooting 30 videos in 30 day?” Well, I am shooting two series this month and am striving to make them both a 30 video series. I am ambitious so, we shall see how that goes along with filming Super Bowl videos an, Valentine’s Day….. Can I do it, I really don’t have a clue but, I am going to try. My first series is called What is your intent, and the second series is a vegan series explaining about my rawtill4 lifestyle, how I eat, why I choose it etc.. If you have any questions about either series now is your time to ask them below in the comments. So, I chose a word that is my intent for the year and I ask you to do the same. I will reveal my word of intent in my first video on my Channel allievLuv. The more you interact with me on here, YouTube, and my social media I can understand what you would like to see. In my vegan series ask questions about veganism, rawtill4 etc.. I am not an expert but, I am having you follow me on my journey to becoming healthy and happy. I think the key to our success in life is happiness. If you are happy then you are living life to your fullest potential although, you may not be happy all the time it is something we strive for and work together on! I will announce when my series’ are live! I hope you are just as excited as I am!


Have an enlightening and adventurous day,


80s Breakout

Ciao Tutti,

Just when we thought the 80’s trends were over they are back for 2017 spring/summer season. Lalo is has an advante garde approach to the 80s take back but, I am still seeing some hints of the 90s with the fabric. Lalo is giving me a chic, feminine and, strong design as the collection flows strong on the runway. Still embracing the flirtation between the 80s/90s in the ready-to-wear collection by Stella McCarthy. It reminds me of chic safari adventure with the loudness and, structure of 80s fashion. I have two favorities from Stella’s collection number 24 and, 16. I would love to incorporate this half shawl/vest combined with a dress look in my wardrobe. It is time for me to get out my sketch book because I have so many ideas flowing. Do not ditch your 90s clothing yet, because everything always makes a comeback. You should have basic pieces in your wardrobe and, then add trendy pieces so, you do not have constantly change out your wardrobe. If you read my other post I let you all know I will be sewing clothing for myself soon. It is always interesting to get inspiration from the runways and, then turn it into your own creation. Let me know in the comments which runway collection you would wear and, turn into an ethical collection?

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,