Screened: I Love Dick (Amazon Prime Original Series)

Odd                                                       Humorous                                                 Alluring

Season 1 Pilot

When I first scrolled through to see what to screen for my Screened addition blog post I hopped onto Amazon Prime as they have some killer Originals. The first thing I see is a bullet like lipstick case with a smeared streak of lipstick running across the screen and, the title ” I Love Dick.” Naturally, I was curious to see what the show was actually about. I didn’t read the description or reviews, I just pressed play. From the moment the show began I knew it was going to be a bit strange but, I found it alluring and continued to watch. As this middle aged couple made their way to Texas you could feel the underline tension of their relationship beginning to unravel. After we ( the audience) meets Dick his character is cunning and, abrasive. The letters written to Dick are out of spite but, also a release from the sexual frustration of the female main character. Dear Dick…..

The humor is not misplaced in this psychedelic and odd portrayal of each letter and, how the female main character interprets each encounter with Dick. The Director and filmmaker work well to capture an elusive reality within each scene.


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Screened- The Handmaid’s Tale

I am back, screening some new T.V. series’

I am a little late with The Handmaid’s Tale but, I wanted to make sure I had a good grasp on the series before I posted about it.

First Thoughts:

I was a little confused at the beginning because of all of the advertisements I had seen I thought this was taking place in a different time periods. Then, I quickly recognized what was happening and, was in a bit of shock. Although, it is unlikely that our society would ever go to this extreme I have to say it was a bit eerie. It was like taking a complete step back in time especially for women. The thought that this could happen kind of leaves you with an unsettling after taste from the first episode.


Developed quite well I understand each character and, their development in the story line. The main actress Elisabeth Moss known as Offred in the show is terrific. They have her doing voice overs and, it is completely fitting with Offred’s character. I am interested to learn more of the story behind the eye and, the couple Offred is supposed to have a baby for.


Leaves you with a smile on your face when the outro music is defiant.


Did not realize that this series’ is based off of a 1990 movie.  I would be interested in watching the movie to do a comparison but, I do not want to spoil the series’ for myself.

Unraveling Story Line:

I like that we have no idea what has happened to Offred to start off with. The slow unraveling of how she got to where she starts is perfect. It leaves you wanting more and, gives her character a creative edge.

Star Rating: 5 out of 5

Recommendation: I highly recommend this series’ but, you are forewarned it’s a bit eerie.

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Is Gilmore Girls Returning

Oy With The Poodles already,

If you are a true Gilmore Girls fan you should understand that phrase above. But, seriously is Netflix trying to tease the fans with another season of Gilmore Girls with this tweet:

This is in reference to Apirl’s D.N.A test she conducted to find out if Luke was her father. Honestly, I think the father is Logan who makes the most sense especially according to the timeline. People are so set on Jess being the father however, Amy Sherman Palladino said that they were basing Rory’s story off of Lori Leis. It would make sense the Logan would be the father because he is most like Christopher Rory’s dad. Watching back the seasons of Gilmore Girls as an adult I actually liked Logan a lot more for Rory and, I think he was needed for her to grow as a person. Now, I think it is sad the way she is portrayed because I was really routing for Rory to be a journalist working in the middle east or on the presidential campaign. I was also, hoping she was in a stable relationship but, to throw her into no job and, no stable relationship it just didn’t really click with how Rory was. I do understand struggling in life as most of us do but, it seemed a little far fetched that she would not have an amazing journalistic career by her thirties. I did understand that they did tie in that she was so lost that she finally sat down and, wrote a book. It was clever and, I do like that Rory ended up at the Stars Hallow gazette. Boy did they leave us with a whammy when they decided to make Rory pregnant.  Here’s how I think it is going to go down, Logan is the father of the child but, Rory ends up with Jess because lets face it they have the best chemistry. But, if she doesn’t end up with Jess I hope it is Logan or someone her character really connects with. I think if Logan was the one they would have already been married. Anyway, fans are freaking out over this tweet and, there are so many debates on who the father is. In case you don’t remember who they guy on the right is don’t worry you are not alone. To the right is Paul, Rory’s boyfriend of two years she keeps forgetting about and, forgetting to break up with. We can all feel sorry for Paul but, I thought he was totally misplaced as Rory’s boyfriend… Anyway, she was cheating on him with Logan her old boyfriend from college. The random middle guy is one that is mentioned in the new series when Rory freaks out because she has a one night stand with a guy dressed up in a wookiee costume. Those are the three possibilities that we know of.. There is a possibility with Jess but, we simply don’t know. We shall see if Netflix sends out that they are releasing more of the series. I said as soon as it was over how smart are they for leaving a cliff hanger and, it makes it easier to continue the series. I do not know how many more seasons the cast want to carry on with this new Gilmore Girls series but, I hope it is episode by episode instead of season it feels a bit disconnected. I also, see that replaced Triston with another actor it is a shame that the original actor did not want to take part (p.s. we all noticed it wasn’t the original Triston). It would be interesting if they brought him back and, played a bigger role in Rory’s life I think they would have done well together if his character didn’t leave the show. It’s actually apropos that Rory ends up with Logan for most of the series of Gilmore Girls because he was very similar to Triston who she really ended up liking. What did you all think about the tweet and, new Gilmore Girls series?

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Screened: Hart Of Dixie

Hart of Dixie a great play on Zoe Harts name was a pleasure and, infuriating to watch. As the audience realizes who the characters should end up with it is heartbreaking to watch all the mistakes that are made. To not give to much away I will divulge some the story line. Zoe Hart is just graduating as a doctor and, something brings her to BlueBell not the town that this New York City slicker is used. Zoe’s quirkiness, style start to get the attention by many BlueBell men. She is torn between staying n this quaint small town or going home to New York City and, taking the job of her dreams. Will fate step in along, with Mayor Haines, George, Wade, Dr.Breeland. What will Zoe Hart choose and, what future lies before her if she stays in BlueBell. If you want to find out the series is on Netflix and, I really enjoyed watching it especially, with the Southern Alabama town of BlueBell and, there many interesting conundrums.

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Screened- Fuller House

Whoa the nostalgia,

Although, I watched Full House refunds because I was born in 1994 the debut of Fuller House brought me back to the times of sitting on the floor having snacks and, watching it with my brother after school. Now there is no waiting for series to be on T.V. because an amazing invention happened “Netflix!” Woohoo the entire first season is on Netflix. I am 4 episodes in and, I plan to binge watch as much as possible!

Episode 1: I enjoyed that the brought almost the entire cast back and refrained from being extra cheesy like the ne “Girl Meets World.” I think they the stuck to the roots/theme of Full House and DJ being a single mother brings on a new twist to the series.

After watching the entire first season I will report back and, let you know if I enjoyed it, plus give you some highlights. I have laughed out loud but, still feel like Full House is my first choice between the two. I can’t wait to experience it all and hope the episodes continue to impress!

Oh, and I can’t forget our favorite TV series song is back with a bit of a new tempo to kick start the 2016 series!