The Age Of The “20” Somethings

Lately, I have been questioning my life choices as, I think all “20” something year olds’ do. Simple thoughts like, ” Am I on the right path?”  ” Did I make the right career choice?” ” Would I have been better in a corporate environment?”

Makes me wonder about the “20” something mentality of YOLO or, original Latin phrase Carpe Diem. Are we so revolutionized that our future is not as important as, seizing the day or, that exact moment. Or, are we so worried about thinking past the present that we use those phrases as a crutch. I have been stressing out a little more lately than usual with the financial element of going to Hawaii, saving for a car, apartment and, all of my business expenses. As many jobs as I do have, the income can tend to be flaky and, I invest most of it back into my Amazon business. Money, seems to be a main stress among-st most people but, I don’t see people of “20” something generation stressing out about it as much. Is this because it will ruin the “carpe diem” idea or, because we’d rather not dwell on something that doesn’t hold as much of importance to us. Money comes and, goes but, the memories will last forever and, that seems to be where our focus is. Of course, you have the heavy party-ers, 5-9 workers, entrepreneurs and, some that are in-between.  Is it just me worrying about the unknown or, is everyone else just internalizing their fears?

The fear of completely striking out doesn’t bother me but, the fear of not being semi-financially secure and, able to solely take care of myself is a number one concern. I am going to be applying to a few waitress jobs and, I’m kind of excited/nervous. I do not have a background in waitress-ing but, I am hoping that they will give me a chance to tackle the job and, do it well. Once, I am working somewhere that allots me a steady income my insides will be a bit more at ease.

When I pass people on the street just walking I wonder about their life story. Did they have a dream they never pursued? Have they traveled? Do they live with any burdens? Do they have any advice for me about life? What are they thinking about? Are they wondering the same thing when I pass them by? We really have no idea where we are going to be five minutes from now let alone five years from now. I read an article that said would you rather own a $1,000,000 house with debt and no money in the bank or, own a smaller house with $5,000 in the bank and, no debt. My question I ask myself is, “would I rather be rich in experience or, have a rich bank account.” No, it’s not a trick question and, I have the answer for myself, I’d rather be rich in experience; I’d rather be rich in friendships, relationships and, in love with living life to the fullest. I am wondering, ” Is that a “20” somethings mindset or, are we just in-tune with how we plan to live our lives?”

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Shut The Front The Door- Drinkable Water Alarming Decrease

About a year or two ago I wrote about the dyeing clothing and, how the fashion industry is destroying clean water overseas. With our #ethicalmovement we can prevent more water from becoming undrinkable and keep #waterclean ! I am taking steps as an individual by buying mostly second hand clothing and, when I can afford it I will be buying ethical clothing as well. If we all take a stand against #fastfashion we will be heard by the fashion industry. We are greatly to blame for the landfills increasing and, the drinkable water decreasing because we demand fast fashion therefore the companies have to find quick and, cheap ways to get there clothing out to you. If the demand was drastically decreased then the fashion industry would have to predict what is in demand and follow through. If ethical fashion is great in demand then you shall receive ethical fashion. The fashion industry relies on trends, fads, and predictions to make their next collection but, if the trend is ethical fashion and, their fast fashion items won’t sell they will stop making them. Although, some say it is about the creative process and, it may be, it is more about the dollars and cents. You can not create a collection that won’t sell because your company will go out of business. We all spend a lot of money on sale items that mostly won’t get worn and, we wonder why we do not have enough to spend on ethical fashion and, basic pieces that will last for years. My proposal is that we think before we buy and, avoid all malls to shop in. We should save up from the money we purchase on ten fast fashion items for one or two ethical pieces to add to our wardrobes. If we can get 10% of the world to invest in this type of buying the world and, water will be impacted a great deal. Let’s be conscious of our decisions because they affect this beautiful world that we are living on. Tomorrow I will talk about capsule wardrobes and, how they can help us move to a better future. I will also, talk about how to avoid your clothing going into landfills and, make money to put toward your capsule wardrobe. I know we all aren’t rolling in dough and we really need to think about our spending.

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