How Tobias Stays Fit With A Hectic Touring Schedule

Get to know a little about Tobias in his bio:

Bio: “Tobias is a pop and hip-hop artist. He taught himself how to write, record, and produce his own music at a very young age and has since developed into the artist he is today. Although he has always created his own original music, his performance career started in 2011, performing as a back-up rapper. He has since developed as a solo artist and created a whole different sound for himself. Tobias has toured across the East Coast at some well-renowned festivals, events, and venues. He has a true passion for music and loves delivering his fans an exciting, high                                           energy performance.”

You may know Tobias from his infamous song, “Want You,” where you will be sure to find yourself with the lyrics, “ Girl, you got me going crazy, crazy and I really really really want you,” stuck in your head, and possibly belting out the chorus in the shower. Tobias recently released his new song “Robber,” and rest assured the lyrics and beat are just as catchy. If you want to check out Tobias’ music videos, head over to his YouTube Channel Tobias Sound. With his hectic schedule as an artist, Tobias wanted to show his fans his health takes just as much priority.


Tobias’ schedule is a bit chaotic in a true artist form. He wakes up around 7 or 8 a.m. , and chows down on some breakfast before heading straight to the gym. Building up a sweat is Tobias m.o., making sure that he targets a different muscle each day. He takes working out extremely seriously and says, “even though I have a busy schedule, my workout is one thing where I refuse to cut time.” With long hours on the stage performing, Tobias finds it crucial to get his full workout in six days a week; after all, huffing and puffing on stage, while performing is never a good look. His workout routine looks something like this; he begins with 15 minutes of cardio, targeting his muscle of the day, and ending with 20 to 30 minutes of abs. We all know we want to be kicking it in the gym, so make sure to get on Spotify and put some of Tobias’ tracks on your playlist. After his workout, he heads for a quick shower because each day is busy, as he fills his time with  recording, producing, writing, meetings with his label, Bently Records; networking or, promoting his music. And, this all happens in-between his touring schedule.

20% of health starts in the gym, while the other 80% is made in the kitchen. Tobias works with his personal chef, Emily from the company, Good Eats. Tobias is usually hard-pressed for time, and is unable to cook, which is why the design of the ” grab and go” meals are perfect for him. His meals are custom designed for him; each meal is low in fat, high in protein, with simple carbohydrates to keep him in shape, and healthy. He finds the meals to be, surprisingly delicious. Like most humans, Tobias enjoys one cheat day a week, where he checks out the latest restaurants, and savors all of the delectable bites.

By staying active, and healthy Tobias is able to give his audience an amazing performance . He says, ” I just don’t feel the same if I don’t get a full workout. When I workout and eat healthy, I feel happier and more energized and I can do more.”

When asking Tobias questions in regards to the article, I decided to ask a fun one!

What are some quirky things people don’t know about you?

Tobias answered, ” I’m crazy about shoes, especially athletic shoes, and especially Adidas. I probably have more than 40 pairs of shoes and I’m always getting new ones. A lot of my shoes are just the same shoe in all different colors. Having my gym outfit and shoes on point motivates me to have a great workout. I also can’t workout unless I have headphones and they have to be great headphones and great music. I have rose gold beats solo headphones that I use at the gym. They’re wireless so I can put my phone down while I’m working out.”

Tour Merchandise:

We all have a bit of a fashion fen in us, which makes watching artist’s chose their style, so enticing. Very exciting news for Tobias’ fans, he is collaborating with a blacklinxinc to give you all some dope clothing to wear on his upcoming tours.



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