For Shits & Giggles- Pet Sitting Addition

So, today I am pet sitting like I am most weeks in the summer. I have three adorable cats that I get to watch. The recycling needed to be taken out today no big deal I always take out the garbage and, recycling. Right as I’m bringing all of this to the curb it starts pouring and thundering. Yes, I do love the occasional down pour it is fun to get stuck in the rain however, while I went back to get the rest of the recycling the garbage can completely blew over. Yup, cans scattered all over the street I huffed at myself but, did not panic. I simply picked up the one box of papers and, the garbage can. Once I had secured all of that, I went and got all of the recycling that fell all over the street. If anyone was watching I’m sure they were getting a kick out of all of this. I thought I’d give you all a chuckle at the funny things that usually occur on a everyday basis in my life. If you care to follow my day come find me on instagram @foreverseekingwanderlust or @thatsabangsfitme I frequently post on both. I am also, thinking of letting you all into my snapchat world but, for now I’m going to keep that private for friends and, family. Stay tuned for more write-e-sodes of For Shits & Giggles.

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,