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Hey Loves,

I decided I wanted to revamp my blog. I wanted my new blog to not only embrace my new found self, but have constant content for you all. My newly revamped blog will chat about essential oils, healing, healthy living, traveling, and ethical fashion. I will be taking a hiatus from this site for a few months while I research and write blog posts. So sad to leave you all, don’t worry though, I will be coming back with loads of content for you all!!

Have an enlightening and adventurous next couple of months!

~ Allie

Down To Earth

Today I walked 1.5 miles Down To Earth, but I thought I arrived in heaven. Down To Earth is a vegan/vegetarian grocery store, and little cafe. I know, I walked in with an overwhelming feeling of joy, like I belonged there. It was too good to be true, but it was real. If you aren’t vegan, or vegetarian, it may be hard to relate to why this was completely awesome. When I walk into regular grocery stores it is hard to find vegan friendly foods, yes there are veggies, and fruit that would work great, but this store targets everything vegan. They have a vegan friendly menu of food you can eat there, and a section of baked goods. This store,” I can’t believe I’m saying it,” was better than Whole Foods.

I thoroughly enjoy the feeling of shopping for food. There is something about going into a grocery store with a new set of recipes to test out, and everything available for you to complete these recipes. I think I spent an hour looking around the store, and taking it all in. Before I went shopping, I stopped to look at a menu, as it was lunch time and I had yet to eat anything. I picked up a menu with English and Japanese writing on it. I thought it was a little odd, but I was going with it. Once I picked out what I wanted, the lady behind the counter re-directs me to the all English menu. I chuckled at myself, and thanked her, because I could now read the ingredients that were in the food I was about to order. I placed my order, a vegan chik’n salad wrap, with a mocha iced latte. I’m making my own mouth water (haha). It was going to take ten minutes, so I grabbed a basket and browsed around the store.

Walking around the store was so calming, and at the same time overwhelming at the amount of options I was able to have. I went to the bakery section first, and picked up a corn muffin and oatmeal raisin cookie, before looking further into the store. I walked through all the aisles so excited by my choices, and the prices were better than in New Jersey! I was so happy to find a bunch of yummy goodies to have throughout my weekly stay at the Airbnb I am staying in. Airbnb is great because I can use the kitchen to cook! I save so much money cooking for myself instead of going out to eat. It is also a lot harder to find vegan options when you are traveling with someone who isn’t vegan, and you don’t want to push them to eat a vegan restaurant everyday. Instead, I save a ton of money, know everything I am consuming is vegan, and healthy for me. I compromise a lot with going out to eat, and it is a little worrisome to eat at places that aren’t vegan, because you don’t know if you are going to be able to find vegan options. So, I brought joy to my life by going to Down To Earth, and I am so grateful to the new friends that I made, who told me about this little treasure.

It was about a 35 minute walk there and 35 minute walk back, which I love because you are getting a great exercise in before, and after eating. I stopped in Target to get lettuce, and celery, which happened to be on sale, the cheapest I have seen lettuce yet! Such a win today!!

Shop The Pinterest Look Ethical Edition

This is one of my favorite outfits for a casual night out or, for work this summer. Of course the colors can be changed but, the whole idea of the outfit is the perfect mix between sophisticated and, sexy. 

Ethical Top Options:

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Ethical Shoes:

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Shop The Looks:


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Here are my favorite gems for traveling, saving money and, so much more!

Airbnb: This is my favorite way to travel. While in Italy we saved so much money using Airbnb and stayed in an amzing apartment. Airbnb is much cheaper than a hotel and, you can filter what you need for your trip. You can get an entire house or, a room in a house. It’s customized to your needs.

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How To Motivate Yourself

I’m gonna start out by saying sometimes you just need a break, a day to unwind but, it doesn’t mean stop doing everything. Take one day a week and, just chill because your body needs it. Now onto the motivational part which, can be a challenge. I know that it’s not always easy to get my butt into gear with working from home.. I do several things to keep my energy up and help my working day flow. Whether you have a 9 to 5 or a unique job these tips should help you stay motivated throughout the day.


Wake up to music or a podcast- Whatever you feel will get you hyped up for the day! I usually put on some music and jam out.

Plan- Write some motivational quotes in your planner. Your planner is actually really important because it tells you what you are going to do for the day. If you don’t have a plan then it leaves room for wandering and you’re not sure what to do. Plan ahead at least by a day!


Have a healthy breakfast- Breakfast is in fact the most important meal of the day. Fuel your brain with some great food that will kick start your work day.


Give yourself a little pep talk- Whether you need to get on YouTube and hear a motivational speaker or, you give yourself a little chat, you can do it! It may be challenging and hard work but, you are capable of anything you put your mind to.


Don’t be scared- You are your own motivation do not be scared to push yourself. Only you can find the motivation to achieve all of your goals. Set yourself up for success and, not for failure.


Stay motivated loves!


Have an enlightening and, adventurous day,


Here are my favorite gems for traveling, saving money and, so much more!

Airbnb: This is my favorite way to travel. While in Italy we saved so much money using Airbnb and stayed in an amzing apartment. Airbnb is much cheaper than a hotel and, you can filter what you need for your trip. You can get an entire house or, a room in a house. It’s customized to your needs.

How Most Bloggers Go From Making $0 To Making Some Cash As A Blog : Blogging can be a very challenging experience and, I have been working very hard to understand what I need to go from $0 to $50,000 plus a year. I’ve learned a lot has to do with affilate links and, marketing. It can get a bit confusing all you can do is research and, continue to learn.

Ibotta: Clip coupons no more! This app has all the coupons you want minus the many hours of coupon clipping. I even saw 1% off ebay! Ibotta helps you save money on groceries, mobile shopping, travel and, so much more! You also get $10 just for signing up through my account. 

Ebates: Get the best deals on Ebates while collecting money! Invite friends and, get $5 bonus for each friend that signs up. Who doesn’t love building up cash to shop!

Swagbucks: Earn Swagbuck for shopping or, taking surveys. Get rewards for shopping. 



Meal Prep What I have learned

Ciao Tutti,

It has been an interesting couple of weeks and, I have already learned so much. In regards to meal prep I moved toward a simpler kind. I found a meal prep on Pinterest that was simple, quick and, much easier. I also, found a recipe for a soup and, let me tell you I could not get enough it is so delicious. The first meal prep I tried took me over five hours to do and, I decided that was way too much time.  Especially, when I have so many businesses going on I need to devote more time to all of my businesses. I have also, learned to chill out a bit the weight loss will come when it comes. I stick to meal prep for most of the time but, if we are having a party or, family dinner I divulge a little bit. Well, this is about a month later when I’m writing this but, I’m glad I waited to add to it. I would say it has been even more enlightening to be on this weight loss journey. It has been amazing to not overthink what I am putting in my mouth. I still do meal prep but, not by days, I do it by having a few options to chose from such as, soup, pasta etc.. It is so much easier not to do meals by the day but, by what you feel like eating from a few choices. It also, is helping create less waste because I only have about three food items for each week. For example this week I made vegan mac & cheese, soup and, breakfast burritos. Eating when I am hungry is the only time I eat; on occasion I do snack but, that is a rare occurrence . I realized I was eating too much for my body and, it didn’t need all that extra food. I also, drink a chia seed drink every other day to flush out any extra fat that might be caught up. 70% of how you look is made in the kitchen and, the other 20% is made in the gym/working out. Boy have I really been getting into working out. I have work out classes four days a week. I want to incorporate morning and, nighttime yoga, working out on the weekends and, swimming. Trying to not overdue it but, still challenge my body. Yesterday I was in my zumba class and, my bum was on fire because the night before that instructor focused directly on glutes , needless to say I am in a constant state of being sore. It is amazing though, because I am defiantly seeing results. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next three months. Stay motivated, keep at it, and, don’t get in your head. If you are eating healthy, have a few things prepared you can grab at and, work out four-five times a week you should, be setting yourself up for success. More posts are coming your way very soon! I’m also, going to be eating specifically for my lymphatic system in April so, we shall see how that goes..

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,


Recap Of 2016 & 2017 Goals

Well, 2016 has been an eventful year my business is doing well, I finally got some kind of rhythm down when it comes to blogging, I am continuing to add YouTube Videos/hoping to grow my channel and, I finally went to Italy! This year has actually been very good to me despite the passing of our dog Maxwell which, was hard to come to terms with. He was a part of my life since I was in 3rd grade and, it was so sad to see how the cancer really got to him and, he was not able to eat etc.. It was a blessing he passed away on his own and, the memories of his loving, smart and, cheeky self will forever ever be cherished. Our Pet Sitting business has grown and, we L.L.C last year. This year we just launched our website and, are so excited to keep caring for our fury friends! After graduating from college there is always this awkward bit of time of what are you planning on doing for the rest of your life. Although, I had Amazon, blogging, YouTube and, pet sitting I am not making enough to be out on my own yet and, it is hard to transition to being home a lot instead of at school. I decided not to continue to get my bachelors degree in fashion for two reasons, one, I would not be able to get enough financial aid and, no one would have been able to co-sign a loan. Of course, I do not even have 1% of what it would cost to get the degree so, I decided against going back. The other people is my memory loss. Getting my Associates degree was a struggle because of my memory problem and, made it extremely hard to remember what would be on an exam or, to retain what I had learned. It is a problem caused by auditory processing disorder. I always said if I learned everything in a song there is no way I will forget it but, with having dyslexia and, auditory processing disorder it is hard to recall what I have just learned even though I am focused and, take notes. It is difficult for someone to understand how it is to have both of these when it comes to learning. Part of the reason for my blog was to help further my writing by practicing writing about different topics I enjoy. My YouTube Channel has a few reasons why it was started; for starters I just really enjoyed watching other YouTubers and thought others might enjoy my channel, at sixteen I had a chance to interview a friend for a reporter and, she said I had a knack and, was great on camera. The most important reason and, I don’t think I mention this often is to recall special events in life that I may not remember and, want to have that memory for me to look back on.  I wanted to practice my speech to have it come across clearer and, less mumble. It is also, a great practice for public speaking. If you notice some of my videos can be a bit choppy or my speech my come across a little jumbled that is actually me showing you how I speak or how my brain works. I know for me I can be a bit scattered, my brain works faster than me being able to process what I am trying to say. My progress is so drastic from when I was younger and, it is amazing I can write sentences and, actually read. It was a long journey and, I was determined but, anyway I was struggling with not going back to college because I actually thrive being around people I am such a social individual. I decided I was going to pour my heart and, soul into my businesses and, I really have. I thoroughly enjoy everything I do and, I think I made a great decision. 2016 was a big time adjusting and, trying to find more ways to make money while all of my businesses were growing. I have so many goals that I want to accomplish in 2017 and, I really need to sit down and, plan it all out. The problem with my planning is that I do not necessarily stick to it which is something I am working on. I just bought myself a 2017 calendar and, my planner will get used up until it is done. I will take two days to plan out everything I need to accomplish in January and, February and, then I will schedule it out. This takes a lot of time because I have three businesses, Poshmark, Freelance, Pet Sitting just on the business front. Then I have personal things like appointments, meeting friends and, then my whole workout schedule. I also, have to make sure I take one day off a week because I am a workaholic and, doing something work related while working. I really need to plan out one day a week where I do a detox, read a book, lounge, listen to music and, do maintenance like my nails/face masks etc. Right now I have Incorporated this a little bit but, I want to make sure I take an entire day.  We are so worried about others, work and, we forget to care for ourselves our bodies need a little time off. I want to make sure I have everything organized and, pick certain days to do laundry, clean and, meal prep. On the work front I need to schedule which days are for Amazon, Blog, YouTube and, Freelance. If I establish filming days and, I have my room/office organized I will actually be able to accomplish what I set out to do. I don’t know if anyone else has the learning disabilities I mentioned above but, if you do your room is probably a mess. It is hard to keep organized because my brain is constantly keeping busy and, is overactive which means I get distracted easily and, may forget that I was about to put my clothes away. Another thing I have been working on is keeping my spaces organized which will help me become more efficient when it comes to working. Writing everything down and, having a list to stick to will help me achieve all my goals for 2017. I will still be working on the way I speak because I am unaware when words jumble together or aren’t said correctly and, I do ask to corrected ( most people correct me anyway lol). My goals for my blog to have 3-7 blog posts for you a week with at least two series a month. I would really like to get the fashion side back as that is what I love to do.  I would like to have 500 subscribers by 2018 and, be making $100/month. YouTube although, saturated I think I have a shot. I want to find my niche and, talk about fashion every week. I would like to post 3 videos and, 2-4 vlogs a week. I would like to have 300 subscribers by 2018 and, be making $50 a month. My Freelance jobs are a great side income and, I’d like to make $2,000/mo. which is a lot my expectations may be a bit high.. Amazon, the business I have really took head on and, have tried to grow. I would like to make $1,000/mo. or $10,000 net profit for next year. I know it can be down but, I do not have $50,000 to invest so, it may take Amazon a little longer to grow. If we can have 20-100 sales a day I would be absolutely thrilled. Yes, I have made a business plan and, understand how much I have to buy to accomplish this. Personally, I would like my license and to be able to purchase my own car because no one else is going to haha… I would like to read two books a month, learn Italian, continue to take Itunes U classes, make my own clothes for summer of 2017, go woofing ( World Organisation Of Trade Farming)  for at least three months, be able to afford a house that I can rent out, maintain being healthy working towards my goal of slimming down by working very hard at it, come up with my own clothing line or something similar, singing on YouTube at some point, work on my approach to speaking to people, embracing others, learning from others, I would like to get more involved in helping charities and, being the best version of myself. I hope you all had an amazing 2016 and, we all my struggle but, we are here to pick each other up. If there is a topic you’d like me to speak about please leave it in the comments below I love hearing from you all. I read every comment and, reply.

Have an enlightening and, adventurous new year,





Starting An Amazon FBA Business

Ciao Tutti,

I have now been on Amazon for over two years almost, three and, my goodness have I learned a lot! Like everything you do you need a plan, follow through and, goals. Amazon FBA took a little time to adjust to but, now I am going to give you the tips and, tricks I have learned. Stay tuned for the next post where I give you the insight on what you need to purchase to begin on Amazon. If you are selling more than 40 products a month Amazon FBA is where you will want your business to be otherwise Merchant Fulfillment will not be making you money. The other down side to merchant fulfillment is that, you have to store all your items in your home; yikes, can that really eat up your house space quickly! With Fulfillment By Amazon or FBA you will be storing and, shipping all of your items to an Amazon Warehouse. Just to forewarn you that the items with disperse into different shipments so, it may take you longer to fill one shipment because, news flash it is not all going to one Amazon warehouse. This can get a bit irritating but, do not let it discourage you. Now that you are in the mindset of starting an Amazon FBA business you will need to come up with a business plan. Unlike other businesses Amazon can be a bit unpredictable about where you are purchasing from and, I still do not have a clear indicator of what is selling best.

To Start On Amazon:

  • Amazon Seller Central Account $39.99/mo.
  • Amazon Storage Fees: These fees will be changing as of Feb/March 2017 they are increasing                                  Monthly Inventory Storage Fee
    Month Standard-Size Oversize
    January – October $0.54 per cubic foot $0.43 per cubic foot
    November – December $2.25 per cubic foot $1.15 per cubic foot
  • Initial Cost Of All electronics You Will Need( I will be doing a separate post)
  • ScanPower or wherever you chose to list your items on: for two devices $69.95/mo. ASellerTool is what we use over the season $285 6 mo. for two devices
  • Money for start up to purchase books and items so far, I have spent about $9,000 over the past almost three years they recommend that you have at least $50,000 to spend on all your products to begin with but, I do not have they kind of money

Let’s say you need to purchase about $1,000 worth of inventory a month plus your other expenses you will need $1,109.94/mo. at least once you start shipping products you will also, being paying storage fees.

Ok, so where do you begin now that you are set up and, ready to go? Book sales, retail arbitrage, thrift stores, estate sales and, garage sales. You can also, ask you local library or the book sales if you can purchase all the books they are going to giveaway at .30/lb. That way, they are still making money and, so are you!

Book Sales: They are sales that you go to, to scan the books and, if they are worth purchasing you buy them. Most book sales only deal in cash so, go prepared. You will want to hit up all the book sales possible and, really pay attention to what is selling. Forget the non-fiction sections you do not make any money from them. Be polite at the book sales, bring your own bags and, check ahead to see if you are allowed to scan. Personally, I do not go to the book sales that don’t let you scan but, some really high rollers will still go and, just scan until someone tells them they are not allowed to. They are usually set up in schools, gyms or, libraries and, the ones that are big are really big! We go to two large sales that we stay for two days at a hotel. Of course, if you are going to stay in a hotel you will really need to hustle as you need to make enough to pay for the hotel plus the cost of the trip and, much more. Let me break it down for you

Hotel: $150/night

Gas: $18.24 roughly that is for a 2 hour drive

Food: $60 at $10 a meal

Cost Of Trip: $228.24

You would want to make 20 times that amount roughly

$4,564.80- At .50 you would need to buy 200 plus books most of them will be $2-.25 so,  that figure would probably be a little less but, you catch my drift I hope.

Normally, we will buy 600 books at a sale and, let’s say they average at making $20 a book you will have $12,000 worth of inventory in books. It all depends so, go with what you can afford. If you are able to get those 9,000 books at $20 a book you are looking at some crazy inventory $180,000. We have yet to get 1,000 books at a sale but, we are getting more efficient which means we will be quicker and, therefore, get more books.

You will be going to this site to find book sales:

Once you have made a schedule and, budget for how much you will be spending at the book sale it is time to head out.

You are looking to cut corners anywhere you go and, if your budget is $100 per book sale you will be going on box/bag day where it is  $10/box and, $5/bag. They will provide you with boxes and, bags so, you do not need your own. However, it is easier to have your own bags like these:

I use the bags and, then strategically pack the boxes so, I can get the most bang for my buck. Bring a sheet with you that you can put over each bag so, no one mistakes your items as part of the sale. Scan away and, be polite there is no reason for you to be rude it does not help your rep. when attending other book sales. Be patient when checking out the volunteers may be unfriendly but, keep a smile and, please and, thank you goes a long way. If you go to a preview sale you will be paying $10 and up plus premium prices for the books and, for the most part sellers leave lots of great stuff so, don’t let it bum you out.

Have a snack bag with water and, lunch/snacks. You will not have time to go out and, have lunch and, this will save you quite a bit of water. Take a break of 20 min. find a place to sit and, have your lunch. If you are at a sale for 8 hours or more it is hard to walk away but, trust me you need at least two breaks of five minutes and, a 20 minute lunch break. Your eyes may get tired and, you need quite a bit of stamina to last the whole 8 hours or more of, mostly standing. Wear comfortable sneakers, have short sleeves on and, bring a comfortable sweater. The place can be freezing one minute and, you could be sweating the next. You will need a descent sized vehicle and, need to be able to lift heavy boxes. If there are two of you that is perfect because there is a lot of ground to cover and, even with both of you, you will not be able to cover 25% if it is a large sale. Be prepared to work very long hours.. This is not a scam and, it will not get you rich overnight you have to work for it.

After the sale you will list the books and, then ship them out to Amazon. I will explain in this series about how I can afford to be an FBA Seller, where I work, how to ship the books, where to purchase inventory, finding a niche and, much more. There will be a bundle of posts containing loads of info coming your way so, be sure to look out for it. If you have questions leave them below or Tweet me @thatsabang! If you have loads of questions I will be happy to do a live YouTube video answering your questions so, comment away. As always, this is from my experience and, it is meant to help you. There are FBA Sellers who have been selling over five-ten years and, I will be linking videos for you to watch as well.

Have an enlightening and, adventurous day,


Zara Goes Ethical…

Well, I think the fashion industry has heard us loud and clear! Zara has made an ethical/ sustainable collection although, they were vague on the details, this is a step up for the mainstream fashion industry!  When I saw Zara launched an ethical clothing line my first thought was, ” Is Zara just trying to make money off of the ethical trend? ” To answer my question, I would say, “Yes, they are.” We can only applaud this because Zara may be starting a trend throughout the industry which will not only help spread our ethical message but, it will also, result in helping our planet. When you think about “earth” it is larger concept that some us may not be able to grasp. But, if you look at it as your backyard it is possible to conceive helping that little part of the planet. Now, think about others’ backyards all around the country, some of which are non existent because of  excess waste, and pollution. Imagine all of these things right in your backyard; your beautifully landscaped backyard no longer exist and, you helped in the destruction of not only your backyard but, many others. Now go to your sink and, pour yourself a glass of water this is a luxury that man countries do not have. Why is it that they can’t drink their water? The fast fashion industry that we made happen is one of the largest contributors. By using dyes that are filled with chemicals we are not only being extremely wasteful but, dumping the excess dyes into the water. A large population of the world turns a blind eye to all of the horrible methods of how our clothing is made. Some are unaware of the factories/water problem and, I feel it is all of our responsibilities to take action. By expressing the need for an ethical lifestyle we move companies like Zara, toward an ethical approach to their companies. Turning many companies into ethical companies should be one the many goals we set out accomplish on our journey to helping ours’ and others’ backyards.

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,






Waste Not Want Not: Plates, Bowls, Cups

Hello Loves,

This is the start of my series “Waste Not, Want Not.” I was inspired by a company I found on instagram and, I thought I would share it with you all. What if I told you that all of your plastic forks, cups and, plates that you use for parties are ruining the beautiful environment around you. If you found bio-degradable plastic ware, would you switch to it? Repurpose does all of this by making their plastic ware 100% compostable, free of chlorine, soy-based ink and, 3-4X Less CO2 ( which reduces your carbon footprint as well as, waste). Within 90 days of using your plastic-ware it becomes bio-degradable which means you won’t be contributing to the massive landfills. I talked about future generations who may live in an environment of pure garbage because we are not using environmentally friendly items. The items are cut resistant, BPA-Free and, heavy duty. There are 16 billion disposable coffee cups purchased in America every year with 4 billi0on pounds of CO2 released into the atmosphere when producing these cups. This information is based on paper cups which have a plastic lining on the outside which makes it impossible for the cups to be recycled. Paper and cardboard produce 40% of solid waste in our landfills. Imagine the impact the disposable cups are having on the entire earth. Repurpose is available on Amazon to purchase and, is an incredible choice for helping our environment become a better place to live.

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,


Business Shenanigans Day 1

Hello Loves,

Today I am chatting about my business trip and what happened the first day. It was chalk full of shenanigans now, I have a better idea of how to use my PDA and, what I need for it. Road trips to P.A. are always fun, it is a short distance, and usually pretty scenery once you get off of the highway. We landed at Bird-in-Hand ready to get to our room and jump in the pool. I always try to find places to stay that have a pool because, well, I’m a pool junkie. I like to swim as much as I can and, when I was younger if there was a pool I was in it and swimming around for hours. The way I feel when swimming is almost indescribable, I just love it. Well, we walked into the hotel to check in and, of course nothing can go smoothly, it turns out that we weren’t booked to stay in the hotel but, rather in the motel. If we weren’t paying $96 something a night I wouldn’t have been as upset but, since we were I was. I was absolutely not staying in a motel for $96/night if that was the case I would have booked a motel for $50-$60/night. We had booked through Expedia and, they IMG_3363booked us in the motel not the hotel. Apparently if you book through Expedia they can put you anywhere without you know where you are being placed. I was not aware of this when I was booking the trip and, of course was shocked when I got there to find out we were not staying in the same place ( I was not impressed at all.) After about two hours on the phone with Expedia we ended up paying an extra $70 to stay in the hotel. There was a major difference between the rooms and, I was not staying in the motel for that kind of price. We still have to speak to Expedia to at least get the extra $70 we spent back. When you have specific money set aside for this type of a business trip $70 can be a big hit on your wallet. We settled in the room, pool and, went to Panera for dinner. It can be difficult to eat as a vegan in Lancaster, PA but, I ha a much easier time, this trip. While at Panera I had a moment of sheer panic because I had left my laptop in my dads car which was at home in N.J. huge mistake on my part and, I immediately lost my appetite mid spoonful of black bean soup ( which is delicious and, one of my favorite vegan dishes to get from Panera). My dad ended up meeting us halfway, thank god, and we retrieved the laptop and splashed into the pool when we got back. Why was the laptop so important? Well, what you don’t know is that I have been trying to download aseller tool onto my PDA so I could use the PDA for the book sale and no longer use my phone. Asellertool is hella-expensive and, I wanted to get full use out of it. Now, to get the PDA to work I needed a scout which plugs into the top of the PDA ($250-$300 piece) I also, needed to have a compact flash that is 2-4GB which I didn’t know until the second time I talked to aseller. Then I needed a converter to plug the SD card to install the aseller tool unto the PDA but, we’lll get to that tomorrow. So, the laptop was crucial to get the asellertool onto the compactflash and, then onto the PDA. If you followed all that you defiantly get props because it was confusing even when I finally understood what I needed. So, I should mention that I had purchased the compact flashes on Amazon but, they weren’t arriving until the next day.. yeah.. So, because there was an option to download directly onto the PDA I tried that and the download was like an hour altogether. Now it is late like 10:3-11p.m. and, I have a book sale at 7a.m. the next day. I end up staying up until 3a.m. trying to get this to download and, it kept giving me an error. Or first day in Bird in Hand did not go as planned at all and, I’ll leave off that I woke up exhausted the next day. Stay tuned for the continuation of the business trip story.
Have an enlightening and adventurous day,

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